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Tyler Holm

Willow Wonders

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I dropped by Willow Creek tonight for about 30 minutes just before dark. Fish were surfacing which made me wish I would have grabbed a different rod, but I still game them a go with what I had. My first couple casts yielded bites, but no hookups. Then I put that one in the tree, so I put on the old Exude Micro Shad green/black with a lime green glitter 1/32 oz jig. The fish would bang the lure and zip the bobber down, but I was a split second late on the hook set on several occasions. I did manage a few of those tini bass and a pile of gills ranging from dinks to around 7” I also hit a crappie prob around the 8.5" mark.


All my fish came from about 8" under a float. I would get several bites right next to shore, but those were those dink bass and gills.

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    • Rick G
      Soooo many spots to hit, your going to love the yak, JC!   And Royce is right about an anchor. This would be my first investment.   
    • lawman
      My unit is not a link unit. I thought they worked the bugs out of these units. 19 years ago they recalled all of these when almost all of them failed. Fingers crossed I guess.  
    • Cret Jigs
             Hi guys - went out on Blue lake yesterday .... water temps around 61 -62 on the surface.    Tried for some walleye with ripple shads in the weeds with no success, did manage a nice Bass.  we switched to crappies and managed keeping a nice meal.  Let a nice monster Blue Gill go (9.75") and kept some nice Sunnies for the frying pan.   Pan fish were pretty active if you hit the right spots.  A lot of people out there and the access was not a place to be in a hurry!!   We had to work for the crappies and the ones we caught were 9"-10" crappies full of eggs.  I would guess that although the ice was out early, many of the species are now late and delayed on the spawn.   if this weather don't warm up quick, i think the bass will drop their eggs and it won't be a good year for bass spawn this year.    Talked to some anglers out their bass fishing and they thought it was very slow and were puzzled.   Cret
    • Sushilicious
      I apologize for my word choice. I'm from chisholm n most of my camping trips growing up were decided after work on Friday n we can't do that now. The only positives that have come from the reservation system is ppl who have never been 2 the park (5%) now don't have 2 worry about a spot n the fishing guides don't have 2 worry about finding a place 4 shore lunch.
    • Wanderer
      Sorry I had to edit your title.  I've been hearing some people are upset about the change.  But I also heard there were some positives about it too.  I can't say anything one way or the other since I'm not affected.
    • Wanderer
        It does have lakers but I think they closed it for harvest.  I thought I read it was due to those lakers being a different strain and getting fished down a little too much.   That laker Rob caught was a hawg!  Too bad he got it taken away.
    • Sushilicious
      The fact that ppl have to reserve a campsite is absolute BS. The only thing the park accomplished by making ppl reserve campsites is lowering the amount of ppl who visit the park.
    • slammer
      Ive had the same issue.  I turned both the motor and remote of for 30 seconds or so and then worked fine.  it has happened twice for me.  Hope its not reoccurring which would be very annoying.  For the cost,  this stuff should work.  I wonder if they are I-link motors?  Mine is.
    • eyeguy 54
    • slammer
      How has the bite been this weekend?  Not able to fish this weekend due to graduations.  Shiners still working?