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Lobster Topwater Muskies

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My dad and I were out on Lobster today and missed some topwater fish. The first was on a LowRider right off a weedpoint and missed that one. Big ol' splash and flop but no fish on the hook. So we kept fishing the point and then left it and headed down the weedline a bit and then turned around and came back to the same spot. This time, I was using a Bert jerkbait and three twitches into the retrieve, WHOOSH another huge splash, rod bent and then lure was on top of the water, no fish! SO after that and only 1 other follow, the day came to a close. Why would a fish possibly smoke two different baits and not get hooked? Between those two lures there were 15 hooks that could have gotten into its jaw somewhere along the line. I do sharpen and file my hooks so I know they're razor sharp. I'm assuming the fish missed the lures, but was trying for them? Anyone have any tips/pointers/similar experiences?

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    • DLD24
      What needs to be in the boat, to be legal to fish Superior. I've been trying to find it in the book with no luck. 
    • monstermoose78
      I just went through it. Now my pup is a giant lab, but it is fitting. There is a lot of knowledge here with raising pups. Just ask and you will get great help
    • monstermoose78
      Welcome JB to fishing Minnesota! Great looking pup! Just keep training short and enjoy it
    • Pzswenj
      I've tried to look for the source of this supposed information that the crayfish in Vermilion are high in mercury and same as the others - found nothing but stories like this on forums, etc...  In fact, I've typically found posts from someone on different forums, same name with that story.  In those cases, they state they talked to "someone" at the DNR in Tower who gave them that information...  roughly dating back to 2002-2005 time frame.   I'd like to think if this were actually true, there would be some data for the public to see to support it...   In the meantime, we catch em and boil them up every year.  Good eating when done right!  We figure we eat them once or twice a year, shouldn't be an issue...
    • monstermoose78
      Wow I need to call my buddies in Wisconsin