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Down to Earth

Twins-Tigers Post Season Awards

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This could really be a big time sweep by the Twins and Tigers with post season awards if thing fall the way they should.

AL MVP- Morneau

AL CY YOUNG- Santana

AL ROY- Verlander

AL Manager of the Year - Either Leyland or Gardenhire

Just checked this morning and Santana is leading the league, not just the AL, for the Pitcher's Triple Crown. Does anyone know has this been done by a pitcher before?

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AL MVP - Jeter, Definately worthy of the award has been really good for a long time. MVP you usually have to have a number of good seasons before you win this award.

CY - No brainer

ROY - Verlander

Manger of Year - Flip a coin between Gardy on Leyland. Could go either way no matter who wins division. I'd probably give it to Leyland.

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I agree with the guys mentioned, however would add that if Liriano stayed healthy would have been the ROY lock!! Especially with the batting practice Verlander has been tossing lately.

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Good read Buzz. Did you happen to see the Quote of the Night on the right hand column?


"It's kind of exciting. We're actually rooting for the Chicago White Sox. Can you believe that?"

-- Twins center fielder Torii Hunter, after his team pulled within a half-game of the Tigers, who lost to the White Sox on Tuesday.

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Lot of us in Hunter's corner on that one.

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Does anyone know has this been done by a pitcher before?

2002 NL Pitching Randy Johnson ARI 24-5 2.32 334 SO

1999 AL Pitching Pedro Martinez BOS 23-4 2.07 313 SO

1998 AL Pitching Roger Clemens TOR 20-6 2.65 271 SO

1997 AL Pitching Roger Clemens TOR 21-7 2.05 292 SO

1985 NL Pitching Dwight Gooden NYM 24-4 1.53 268 SO

1972 NL Pitching Steve Carlton PHI 27-10 1.97 310 SO

1966 NL Pitching Sandy Koufax LAD 27-9 1.73 317 SO

1965 NL Pitching Sandy Koufax LAD 26-8 2.04 382 SO

1963 NL Pitching Sandy Koufax LAD 25-5 1.88 306 SO

1945 AL Pitching Hal Newhouser DET 25-9 1.81 212 SO

1940 AL Pitching Bob Feller CLE 27-11 2.61 261 SO

1939 NL Pitching Bucky Walters CIN 27-11 2.29 137 SO

1937 AL Pitching Lefty Gomez NYY 21-11 2.33 194 SO

1934 AL Pitching Lefty Gomez NYY 26-5 2.33 158 SO

1931 AL Pitching Lefty Grove PHA 31-4 2.06 175 SO

1930 AL Pitching Lefty Grove PHA 28-5 2.54 209 SO

1924 AL Pitching Walter Johnson WSH 23-7 2.72 158 SO

1924 NL Pitching Dazzy Vance BRO 28-6 2.16 262 SO

1920 NL Pitching Pete Alexander CHC 27-14 1.91 173 SO

1918 AL Pitching Walter Johnson WSH 23-13 1.27 162 SO

1918 NL Pitching Hippo Vaughn CHC 22-10 1.74 148 SO

1916 NL Pitching Pete Alexander PHI 33-12 1.55 167 SO

1915 NL Pitching Pete Alexander PHI 31-10 1.22 241 SO

1913 AL Pitching Walter Johnson WSH 36-7 1.14 243 SO

1908 NL Pitching Christy Mathewson NYG 37-11 1.43 259 SO

1905 AL Pitching Rube Waddell PHA 27-10 1.48 287 SO

1905 NL Pitching Christy Mathewson NYG 31-9 1.28 206 SO

1901 AL Pitching Cy Young BOS 33-10 1.62 158 SO

Not A lot but it's happened before. It's still an awesome feat for a pitcher.

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It's also a great list to share company with.

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    • nmitchell17
      No idea the brand, it's an 8 inch, it's in good shape needs a sharpening I would imagine.  Haven't used it for a couple years
    • otterman91105
      Hey guys heading up to the canadian side in a few weeks just wondering when fishing over rocks what works better 1/4 or 3/8 for jigs to stay out of the rocks?
    • ANYFISH2
      7/20 day 6 Today was was the feast day. Spending most of the day hanging on shore visiting and eating the weeks catch of fish for lunch and burgers and salads for supper.  Some water time for the kids and the wife.  Avas' parents also drive up to spend the evening around the fire.  It was quite the family affair.   Fishing today was targeted towards finding the big panfish for my folks to catch.  This plan was an utter failure.  Both boats out this evening and no one could find the panfish!  Frustrating to say the least. I decided late in the evening to go back after walleyes to try and put the folks on some fish.  I ended up boating only 1 northern 20", Dad landed a 18", 17", and 14" walleye, while mom boated a 14" walleye, and 2, 8" bluegills.  Not bad for a fall back plan the last hour and a half.   7/21 day 7   Today was a day to say goodby to My folks and the borther and sister inlaw.  As well as to start to sad action of packing up and being ready for our trip back home early the next morning. Our late afternoon was interupted by a nice strong thunderstorm that would rattle cabins, dump a ton rain, and light a couple of trees on fire around the lake from lightning strikes!  Also leaving us without power for 7 hrs.  It was a good storm. With the kids off to a movie, and the in laws on shore with boat.  It was just me off to lake for one last fishing outing after the storm.  With only a little over an hour fish i hit our standard walleye spot.  With old faithful providing me with two small walleyes 12" and 14".  The darkness came and fishing for the week was over.    
    • curt quesnell
      I was to Graceton a couple of times and saw the boats but never saw the fish. I really like that are but missed it this year. Bouncers in reeftops is hot as heck right now. Lemms was loaded with big biters yesterday. Good plan. I have been jigging out in the mud, more and more fish out deep every day. Good luck
    • srj
      Hey Curt, not me. But I might get over that way tomorrow as I'm coming up this afternoon. Depending on the wind, I hope to go reef hopping pulling bouncers rather than trolling. I'm curious if the big school is still sitting over east of LP, more or less in front of the Graceton cut. It was a big bunch of fish. A week or so of stable weather would sure be nice. The only  time the wind seems to blow from the same direction for more than a day is if it is somewhere out of the north.
    • curt quesnell
      Nice fish and plenty of them is what has been happening this week. Almost as many slots as keepers.  We have been jigging but pulling spinners or cranks works great too. One of the attached pics is what is showing up in the deep mud, mostly Saugers now but more Walleyes and tons more fish piling in the next few weeks. Joe Paradis from Plummer Mn out with me this morning behind the fish board and, from Thursday fishing buddy Mike Lindholm with the biggest, fattest, best looking 25 incher I have seen in a while. Having plenty of fun fishing in the wind
    • curt quesnell
      Thanks for the reports. Steve, were you at Long Point today? I saw a Stratos
    • certified jumbo
      Bugs have been brutal all summer up their.   Glad you had fun!!!
    • JBMasterAngler
      Well, we went back up there to make up for last month. There was no making up anything! Bugs were horrendous, and the fishing was slow to nonexistent. The biggest point of going back up was to fish West Bearskin and Two Island lakes, and we didn't make it to either this time around either.    We still had lots of fun. Did a lot of hiking and sightseeing, particularly on the way up and he way home. Seen a lot of things I've never seen before. Was nice to sit out by the harbor and eat Sven & Ole's. Definitely a lot more people up there in July, as opposed to June. Well, we'll be back in October. 
    • monstermoose78
      Yeah I like decoys this thread used have some on here. I will try to hit a show Thank you