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Archery setup-what are you shootin!

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Alright we've got about thirty hours until archery season so let's see what everybody's setup is.

Here is my rig:

Mathews Switchback XT-- 30" draw length and 58lbs draw wt.

Cobra Sure-loc Sidewinder Ultra Pin(5 pin)

Schaffer rest

Carolina Archery Products Lore stabilizer

Cobra Pro Caliper release/buckle

Carbon Express Terminator Hunter-4560

Wasp Boss Bullet and Wasp SST Hammer 100 grain

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Mathews Switchbackc XT 28"draw


Cobra Sidewinder Sight*3Pin*With light kit

CAP Deluxe Wisker biscuit

Vibracheck Stabilizer

Gold Tip Pro Arrows with Tight Point Shuttle T Lock Broadheads

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Hoyt HavocTec Cam and 1/2 (27" draw at 70 lbs)

Trophy Ridge 3 pin sight

CAP Whisker Biscuit

Sims Stabilizer

125 grain Grim Reaper Bheads

Carbon Express Arrows

TRU Ball Tornado Release

As much sound dampening as I can hang on it.

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Matthews Switchback XT 70lbs 29 inch draw

Cobra sidewinder three pin sight

Vapor Trail String

Qad Ultra Lock-Down arrow rest

Gold Tip Pros 5575 cut down to 28inch.

Muzzy 4 blade 100 grain

My first season of archery hunting...cant wait....

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Hoyt Trykon 28.5" 70#

Schaffer TEC-1 rest

HHA XL-5000 Single pin

Fuse detachable quiver

Easton A/C/C 3-40/360 with 100 Gr. TEKAN-II Mechanical Broadhead

Vibracheck Isolator stabilizer

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Mathews Switchback 28" 67lbs

Gold tips and blazers

Wasp 4blade and slick tricks

HHA 5500

Mathews dropaway rest

Mathews quiver


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Golden Eagle SplitFire bow, 29" draw, 58 pounds

Easton ACC carbon arrows

100 gr. Thunderheads

Tru-ball release

Fiber optic sight, don't know what kind.

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Parker BuckHunter bow

Deluxe Whisker Biscuit QS rest

Lore Stabilizer

Fiber obtic sight (also not sure - came with bow)

Easton carbon arrows

100 grain muzzy 3 blades

Tru-ball release

Several limb savers and string silencers

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PSE Infinity SRL500 27" draw at 60#

PSE top gun 3-pin sight

Beman ICS 400 at 29" with G5 montec 100's

Fletchunter Release

The stuff except for the arrows is around 10 years old, but it's accurate as all get out...

and the only "up to date" item: summit bullet backpacker

No hunting for me this weekend....too hot!!


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Mathews Switchback XT-- 30" draw length and 70lbs draw wt.

Cobra Sidewinder 3 pin

Schaffer MAT-1 rest

No stabilizer <- My XT Doesnt need one smile.gif

Cobra Pro Caliper release

Carbon Express CX300

G5- Montec 100 gr.

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Call me old school...most of my gear is from around 1990.

Pearson Ultra, 65lb, 30.5" draw

T-pins (3)

2216 Gamegetters

100 grain Thunderheads

Trophy hunter pro release

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Extreme RT900 sight

Ripcord rest

Carbon express maximas

Doinker D-2 muti-rod

Slick tricks 100gr. broadheads

Scott wildcat release

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Bowtech blackhawk (30" draw at 64lbs)

Trophy Ridge matrix 3 pin

Trophy Ridge Dropzone

Bowtech stabilizer

Blackhawk Vapor 4000 arrows

muzzy 100grain 4 blade

and bowtech hush kit.

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    • leech~~
      My live well has an adjustable shut off valve in side for filling and running fresh water. If I don't turn it down to a tickle when I have fish in it, it will over flow into the boat once full because the pump is pumping faster then the overflow can keep up.  Not sure if you have one of them in yours?  I've even had a few big eyes flipping around in there hit the valve open more.
    • BobT
      I believe minnows are a class of fish that remain small throughout their lives. They are part of the food chain and because of their small size we take advantage of their position in the ecosystem and use them for bait. There are exceptions of course but, as an example, for the most part adult golden shiners will typically grow to about 3" - 5" long. Adult fathead minnows will be 2" - 3" long typically. 
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      If the hoses or hose connections are not leaking check : Live well intake connection, make sure that it is screwed on tight into the transom and that it is sealing. Could be live well splash over also if you are in rough water, but probably not with your type of leak. It may still be leaking rivets as they may not leak unless you put a lot of water inside of the boat. It does sound like you have a bad connection in one of your live well connections! Cliff    
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      Just wondering if any one will give me pointers on this lake??  Not specific spots.  Going to be at Pocahontas Resort July 1 - July 8th.  I am bass guy for most part but have kids (6 & 4) that love to fish for panfish and want them to keep entertained.  Any tips or information would be greatly appreciated!!!  Thanks! 
    • Mossy19
      Hello FM family!!  I HAVE A 2000 18.5' Fisher DXV boat and am having problems of water getting into the boat.  I have filled up the bottom of the boat with water to see if something is cracked on the boat itself and have found nothing.  It seems like the only time water comes in is when I use live well pumps. I have a guy replacing all the hoses that would have water going through them to see if one is cracked.  The water that comes in is enough that I have to run the bilge pump about every half and hour.  If I forget to run bilge then I have so much water I can't get up on plane when I take off.  Once the hoses are replaced and water still gets in, what would be my next step??  Cracked livewells??? I have two of them in this boat.  Any ideas??  Thanks!
    • birdguy
      I'm doing a day trip there on Saturday, will post afterwards. I plan to just fish the big basin area humps and points.
    • Poutwhacker
      Just looking for general advice... Taking our grandson on his 1st Rainy Lake boat camping trip, 7/01-7/05. We'll be near Kempton Entrance on the east side. I've been here many times before, but never over the 4th. Plan to target all species, but want 'eyes for supper. Are the walleyes on the reefs yet or still transitioning? Depths? Leeches or minnows? Bass/pike still in shallows? Main goal is to give him some opportunities for some fish. Thanks 'Pout
    • Luttes
      Hay Creek in Red Wing is probably your closest option.  Otherwise the Kinni, Rush, etc, just over the boarder in Wi is a good fishery. 
    • paceman
      I was kind of restless last night so since it was a bit windy I decided to go for a quick trip to a nearby small lake that I rarely go to. Tried lindy rigging leeches but the sunfish were on the chomp! I eventually went to a shallow weed point and marked a bunch of fish. Started pitching small jigs/plastics and absolutely pounded the crappies. I have never in my life caught so many small ones. Lots of 5-7" with the occasional big one 13-14" mixed in... I did not feel like cleaning fish so tossed all back. Should be a phenomenal crappie lake in a couple years...
    • Cheers