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Weekend Update

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My father and I had decided to take a long weekend up to the cities for a long weekend of fishing. We stayed at a campground called Bakers Park just east of Maple Plain (near Lake Independence). We left Rochester around 11:30 and got to our destination close to 2. With the tent up, and the boat ready to roar...we decided to head out for a relaxing evening of fishing on Lake Independence. We only fished for a couple of hours...but boy did we have the luck. The fish were mostly within the top 2 feet of water. We each caught some massive bass; some of the biggest bass that either of us had caught. My dad also landed a 6ish lb northern (with the help of my netting skills). Needless to say...we thought that this weekend was off to a great start. Saturday came around and we decided to try the little fishing hole of Lake Minnetonka. This was our second trip up to the cities fishing on these two lake; and the fish were so hard to find on Minnetonka. The views around the lake were a lot better than the fishing. So, in the afternoon we decided to pack up the boat and head to Lake Waconia. There we had a little luck. We each caught some fish at both lakes, but nothing like the night before. We decided to leave the lake around 6....Sunday came with a heavy fog that seemed to coat everything in a misty haze. We both decided that we should try out Independence for the day since we had the best luck there so far. It wasn't such a bad turn out I would like to say. The fish weren't jumping in the boat, but one fish was worth the wait. It was about 10:30 and my fingers were about to fall off my hands because they were so cold....we were geared toward bass again and nailing the shorelines with everything we could find in our tackle boxes. It seemed that the fish like the white spinner we stuck with them for the most of the day. Well....there was a crane on a dock and it flew over the next area that we were going to fish, something in the water made a little swoosh (neither of us thought anything of it). Well, my dad through his lure between the two docks, and I saw this massive fish make a bee line right towards it. BAM!!! his lure got nailed by this monster and right away...I knew what it was. I huge musky had just engolfed his spinnerbait and my dad was beside himself. I grabbed the net and threw it in the water every chance I got when my dad was able to muscle it near the boat. It jumped in the air twice....and I swear it jumped atleast 3 feet in the air each time. After about 10 minutes of fighting it and pulling it from under the boat..I was able to get half of the fish in the net and scooped it up and placed it in the boat. We took a few measurements, weighed it and snapped a few pictures and let her go. It measured out to be what we could guess to be around 43 inches (the tape only went to 40) and weighed over 20 lbs (scale only went to 20...and the needle was burried). I would like to post some of the fish for everyone to see. If someone could let me know how to do it, I have the pics on my digital camera still.

Lake Independence has been such a great lake to fish, and it's only a couple of hours away. The campground was beautifully maintained. Warm showers, excellent facilities just a wonderful place to relax, fish, and spend some quality time with the people you care about. If anyone would like some more info on the place, I would be more than willing to share my information.


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Tyler Holm

Try this link...

How to Post Pictures on FM

Looking forward to seeing the photos. Sounds like a great couple of days on the water. Congrats.

PS. If all else fails on posting your pictures and they are within the forum policy guidelines, you can email them to me and I'll get the posted for ya.

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Dan Thiem

Nice post Chad. Times like that make memories that last forever. Thanks for sharing.

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Down to Earth

Baker's Park Reserve is an awesome campground facility. Our family went up there for a weekend in June and really enjoyed it. My time was wrapped up with a half iron triathlon so I didn't get to fish at all. Would like to return next year for a few weekends. Glad you had good success with the fish.


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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • mrpike1973
      Thanks for the replies heading up tomorrow.
    • Fishing Frenzy
      There is open water almost up to the 23 bridge as of yesterday.
    • Horseshoe_Don
      On Horseshoe the icw is in great shape.   Snow pack is mostly melted and frozen.   Any 2wd vehicle can move around easily.   Don  
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      Grundy, I have the Navionics  lake app on my phone and it works great! I have also seen the OnX  phone app in action and it is very helpful! I ordered the chip for my hand held G.P.S. from Garmin on line. Not sure what the cost was. Cliff
    • OhioVike
      I am sure that would be interesting...
    • grundy
      If you have a smartphone you can download the OnX  hunting app. Gives all landowner names and land boundries. Also gives all state land, wildlife refuges etc. There is also a Navonics  app for downloading to a smartphone. It gives all the lake contours for fishing. These apps cost a little but you don't need to buy a gps or a chip for the gps. A lot cheaper IMO and you don't have to carry around another gadget.
    • PRO-V
      We've used it on a 19' ProV side by side with our friends Ranger. It holds the Ranger way better since it is a bit heavier, sits lower in the water catching less wind. Same model motors.
    • leech~~
      Cliff, where did you get that and what was the cost? That would come in pretty handy for hunting spots and talking with land owners.
    • Borch
      I love a box call for windy days but like Chris said rack call h as it's place.  Even changing strikers can make a difference.
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      I bought the Garmin hunt/view map for my hand held GPS. It shows the property lines and property owners. It seems to be fairly accurate in the areas that I have used it on. You will have to check to see what area you will need to get it for. Personally, I paid the $700 to have one of my property corner pins surveyed. You then have a legitimate and legal starting point to start from.  Cliff