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Taylor Falls Info

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I hope to get to the Taylor Falls area i the near future, will be launching just north of town. Plan on doing the smallie thing and then maybe waleyes. Questions, how scary to navigate? Are their enough walleyes to justify fishing? Any other concerns or tips?



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The smallies are starting to stack up in the basin just above the dam and can be caught with heavy metal and some meat the eyes are a bit shy but can be had as well if you look into the right areas. The goodnews is that there are some really nice crappies that are haunting the upper croix. For the eyes look to the rocky island areas towards the dam the crappies look in the 18-22' range and for brush or rocky areas. They seem to suspend more up there then on the lower Croix. Upriver from te put in areas can be a bit dicey depending on the rig you have but just go slow and learn the area if you plan to head upriver. The smallies can be had shallow right now holding along shoreline cover towards evening as they ar bulking up on everything they can get. Jig and minnow deep will get you bit during the day with a surprise cat or?? thrown in as well. Hope this helps!


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    • relax
      Hey @jlang_04, i'm looking to take my kids down that area and was curious how's the ice for a 3/4 ton with a ice castle 8x24. I'm sure the ice is thick enough but I also know some lakes are aerated or have current and the ice can be soft in some spots. So I just want to be safe with my family. Also, how's the fishing down there?  Thanks, Justin
    • Pat McGraw
      Thanks guys.
    • Pat McGraw
      Up until about seven or eight years ago we were on Head-o-lakes bay. Minimal to no Rustys. Just the old school guys with the big blue boxer-mit claws. We were seeing rounded gobies.  We're on Frazer now. Wow! It's indescribable how many of those buggers there are. We've been trying to do our part by having frequent crawfish boils. Haven't made a dent but fun and tasty to try.
    • ANYFISH2
      will definitely be hunting turkeys again this year.  Love chasing these birds. Intend to go the archery route this year for the first time.  I have 2 kids that always are excited every year, until a couple of early mornings wain thier enthusiasm!  Figuring archery will allow me go on those days the kids dont want to wake up and I think I have something figured out.  Hope my skills will be up to the challenge.  
    • hookie
      I've had very good luck with them also. Always pick some up before heading out on the lake.
    • steel hunter
      Was thinking about heading up the shore for some open water fishing. Was just wondering if their is alot of ice floating around and if not wat kind of wind would make it difficult to fish from shore? Thanks
    • SRMrK2
      Please send photo's, thank you.
    • monstermoose78
      There is a bunch of walleyes in Mille lacs and for the first time in a long time there is  bait fish for them to eat. Mille lacs is a son of a gun to fish if there is a bunch of bait for walleyes to eat. It’s still one the best walleye fisheries in the world. 
    • gimruis
      Wait until open water season.  It was ranked #1 in the country for bass for a reason.  Its also ranked #6 in the nation for muskies too if you have enough patience to target them. A recent review of Mille Lacs was conducted by an independent Biologist from Lake Erie and found that what the DNR has done with that lake has been fair, accurate, and appropriate in terms of regulation/harvest/restrictions.  Course, some business owners might say otherwise but the science and data has been found to be true.
    • gimruis
      I did not draw an early season permit.  I may be able to snag a surplus season B, otherwise it will be a later season for me this spring.  The birds are getting SMART.  They have refused to listen to any calls and they are decoy shy so I haven't been using calls or decoys for a while now.  Rather, I just sit there and wait on a travel route and hope they walk within range (sort of like deer hunting I guess).  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.  Scouting is obviously important.  What has also really helped is the use of Winchester Longbeard XR ammo.  I have harvested turkeys out to 60 yards with it in recent years.
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