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Good to be back!

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Hey guys! It's good to be officially on the site again. I've been away for awhile (about a year). I was on this site formerly as RockBasSlayr. I've been lurking for about the last month and finally had to jump back in. No real point to this post except to say I really lookin forward to talking to you guys in the future.

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    • Big Kype


      Northern Minnesotans are strong supports of the SS rule. Shoot and shut up.

    • Cliff Wagenbach


      I have never had a bad meal at the Vermilion Club!

      Great pizzas, wings, steaks, etc.!


    • Capt. Quicksteel


      This thread makes me glad I'm on the east end!!  :)  Nobody has mentioned the Vermilion Club. Not fancy but we always enjoy the pizza etc

    • Great report.  I will be fishing Fri, Sat, Sun with high school buds and we are looking forward to good fishing and good catching!!!

    • Ya I think my dog would want to go after them he gets really excited around other dogs. That's why I will never hunt him without his e collar because I know I can stop him in his tracks with it. My dog likes to hunt close and I never let him push out way in front of me so at least I have eyes on him at all time and can give him the command to come to me if I see a wolf. I always keep a slip lead with me as well so I can put that on him and not have my hand tide up reaching down holding on his collar.

      I had a couple run in with wolves last year in the Longville/Remer area but that was just with me on foot with no dog.

      The one thing that gets me is "Only agents of the government are authorized to take wolves if pets or livestock are threatened, attacked or killed" 

      I don't think I could just stand there and watch my dog die.

      Anyway did you hunt a different area? Any birds I have only been out once in the mille lacs area and didn't see any. Going to Nemadji this weekend and should see some.


    • smalliehunter


      A friend and I will also be up chasing smallmouth this weekend!!!

    • slammer


      Add Sallie to the list.

    • BlackArrow1


      Went up north of Tofte last weekend camping/looking for a few grouse and to see the fall colors. Was in the region of the grade and 600 road. Pulled off on a walk only trail to run my lab and see if I could kick a few. Anyhow, my lab sits and barks like hell with anticipation at me every time I'm getting the gun out and getting ready to hunt her. So for about 5 minutes she's harassing me loud barking with excitement. We start walking down the trail maybe 50 yards and I see all this brown commotion jumping around ahead of us about 75 yards. At first I think we startled some deer. Then one came out full on the trail and stood watching me/dog. They were timber wolves. That one slunk off in the woods and another came out and just sat there looking at us for about a minute or so. When I noticed they were wolves I grabbed the dog by the caller. They seemed interested in my dog. Her barking must have drew them in. They ran off after looking us over a bit. I turned around and left that spot to avoid any issues. I'm thinking that maybe some younger bird dogs would be enticed to chase after wolves that show this kind of interest in them. In my opinion that would be bad and a dog may not come back alive, given their boldness and interest in my dog. It was fun seeing them, but we didn't just walk up and surprise them, they were coming to see the barking dog. Just curious? Maybe. Looking for an easy meal, maybe. I'm just putting this out there to inform bird hunters up there what I saw, so they can be aware if they have dogs. And no they were not coyotes. 

    • ANYFISH2


      Made it out yesterday evening, SAW 4 deer. The same small buck and 3 does.  They sure seemed skittish with the wind.

      For the fact I am getting very few daytime pics of any deer, I am at lest seeing a few every sit.

    • delcecchi


      The crescent and south switch meet all the criteria, except for boat access.   And they even usually have some sort of craft beer on tap, like surly furious etc. 

      The only place near the lake that has upscale food that I am aware of is the casino.    We try to get to the wilderness grill for lunch a time or two.   And daughter and husband will sometimes go there on date night while they are up, although the pull to the east is less now that the quilt shop in tower shut down.