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some fish picts from this summer

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some guiding and fish picts from the past year. Hope you like them.

client and a 30" walleye


client and a 25" walleye


Night Trolling client and 26" walleye her first walleye ever


Clients and a couple of night trolling eyes 27" and 25"



Jeremy Anderson of Jones' Guide Service and a leech lake 36"


My Roommate and his first Muskie a Mille Lacs 38"


Me and a Mantrap Smallie 19"


Me and a Mantrap Ski 36"


Me and a Mantrap Ski 40" sorry about the bad pict i was solo and had to wing the photo thing.


Me and a Mantrap Smallie 20"


Dick Winter of Dick's Fairly Reliable Guide Service and a 30" walleye


Smoked Perch and a 40" on Trap


Me and a 48" on the trap


Morning sunrise this is what i live for.


hope it was fun to look at i sure had a blast getting the Picts this summer. Jonah

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Nice pics, Musky. Did you feed your left tennis shoe to that 48 incher? It was nice talking to you last Saturday at the shop. Sorry your goose hunt got busted up a bit. Good luck with the books and maybe I will run into you again in Oct.

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Great pics Jonah; nice work!

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hook you have no idea how intense it gets in the boat sometimes. for good luck some times i have found removing your left shoe can turn on a bite. hahahaha i wish. thanks for enjoying them. back at school now and there are lots ove birds down here its just really hard to get on fields. but hey thats hunting right. Jonah

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Hey Muskybug,

Nice fish and some big smallies and some nice walleyes.

Also some nice muskies including a 48 inch muskie I might

have to try some night muskie fishing on the trap next summer. Good luck at school this year and get out and do

some hunting and fishing this fall.

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Wow Musky Bug those pics are sweet! I'm new to this site any helpful hints?

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Hey babe, way to be sneaky and join the site. i would like to introduce you all to Jenna, my G/F of about 4 years. as you may have seen earlier in the summer she does out fish me from time to time. its great to have you here Jen. hahaha


Jonah Winter

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*laughing hard* Ya caught me babe!

P.S. I love that pic!

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    • certified jumbo
      Good reports guys.   We were up Wednesday to Sunday.   I second you on the weather, rain and wind got old.  Not to mention bugs were terrible.  No see ums bothered us the most.      For us luckily the fishing was great.   Limited on bows and Lakers.   Had several stellar meals too.
    • ifishwalleye
      Hi, I'm looking for a fresh report from the North end.  Thanks!
    • Fish Head
      Refresh my memory... If we just go into Trout Lake for the day, we are not required to get a permit in advance. We just fill out the form at the portage. Is that correct?
    • Avid Angler
      Yeah that is the one.
    • ifishwalleye
      Thanks for the information!  Whenever I'm moving, I use a ram mount to secure my bow mount. I just got the Ulterra this spring.  I had a Terova on my last boat. I was going across the lake in 3 footers and the locking mechanism failed and the motor deployed. Ever since then, I secure it for a piece of mind. 
    • DLD24
      One of my trolling motor batteries decided to take a crap on me so it didn't have enough power to go into the wind so  that made it tough...we tried a few drifts in areas that looked good for eyes, but didn't pan out....We went to a different spot and started catching nice sized gills on the rigs so we decided to just say screw walleyes and go for gills (I could tell the gf wasn't digging the 20mph wind in the face lol). So we went to a spot I've fished in the winter and ended up catching a 20,24"...We caught them not to long before we left right in the same area.... I've never fished it in the summer before so I wasn't expecting much...The look on my gfs face when she caught the 24 was priceless though so I was happy.
    • White-tips
      Thank you very much Outy22! 
    • TNtoMN_HuntFish
      In no way am I trying to fire up a catch and release vs catch and grease fight.  Admins, please delete any comments like that. I am curious about everyone's thoughts and knowledge on mercury in fish.    It seems Walleye are always the riskiest fish to eat via DNR and MDH surveys but I know the fishing for eyes is such a tradition up here. A lot of walleye are eaten in Minnesota every year as well as Pike and Bass which also can be high in mercury because they are high on the food chain. Does anyone worry about it or is this something that is overhyped? I'm a bit careful where I fish because my wife is pregant and I don't want her eating too much mercury. I'm still kinda new to the state so I trust the knowledge of locals more so than DNR in a lot of situations.    For example, in TN (where I moved from) our DNR says do not eat ANY fish from the Mississippi river. I'd say it's pretty nasty by the time it gets that far south but there are river rats as far down as Louisiana eating catfish and bass all year long and you don't hear of them dying from mercury poisoning or having other effects of it. At least not thay I've heard or read.    I'm very curious to know your opinions on the matter. I don't catch many walleye anyway but I do love eating Pike and other fish. It's so satisfying to work hard for a fresh meal but do I have to continue to be super cautious of what lakes I eat a Pike from? Seems like the closer to the metro, the more dangerous it can be...or is it? Some of the huge lakes up North are full of mercury too. 
    • Mossy19
      Well it end up being 2 broken live well pumps being broken.  The pumps would pump water into the live wells but also be spraying water into the back compartment of the boat.  That's where my water was coming from.  I would like to thank those that replied suggestions back.
    • HugeHogChaser