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Rapala Linecounter help?

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Hello, I had previously posted this on the walleye board, which I realized is prob. the wrong forum:

I'm going to be doing some trolling of cranks, but my Daiwa is the model without the accudepth linecounter. I found a couple Rapala lighted linecounters on Ebay cheap, but they didn't come with any directions. Has anyone used these things? How do I rig the line, and how does the line release work? Is the tension knob for the line release?

Sorry if I'm being dense, but any help would be much appreciated! Here's what they look like:




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Pretty simple setup. Attach them to the rod insert the line into the line counter by switching the off switch to on with the line inserted let the line out and start fishing. The line tension is for various line diameters. I have found that when fighting a fish or after a strike the line will pop out of the counter by itself so you can fight the fish unencumbered. Hope this helps!


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