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Whopper Stopper

Our Thursday and Friday Musky Trip

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Whopper Stopper

Had a great time fishing Mille Lacs on Thursday and Friday. Thursday was a little windy with our boat doing some good rocking and bobbing. I hooked into my first Musky about 6:21 AM, it was a nice 44" that tried hard to give my wife and sister-in-law a show worth paying for. After about a 3-5 minute fight and a quick picture we were back to fishing by 6:35. About 9 am I hooked into my next one which turned out to be a beautiful 42" that gave us all a good rush and offered us a chance to snap a couple of pictures before watching her slip back to the sea. We stopped fishing about 11 and headed back to the Red Door for some lunch and a nap. The weather got a little too rough for us on Thursday night, so we took a ride into Brainerd for a pizza and a look around at Reeds. Friday AM we were back on the lake at day break and I started out with a musky hammering my bait and giving me a 2 min. fight before spitting the hook and leaving me talking to anyone who cared to listen. I had about 4 other strikes that either missed my bait or were on for just a couple of minutes before getting off. About mid morning, my sister-in-law hooked into a dandy 41.5 inch that once again had us all pumped and excited. Again another couple of pictures followed by a quick release and the fish was good to go. We headed in for a while and returned again for fishing at about 4 in the afternoon and with the winds calming down we had a beautiful afternoon and evening of fishing. We all had several follows and again I had a couple of hits but always some dang thing happened to screw me up. For example, I was using a Suick and just as it was coming in a Ranger boat came up behind us. For whatever reason I turned around and looked at it (as if I would have known them anyway!) and when I turned back to my Suick a big old hog was mouthing my bait and when I went to set the hook she just swam off. Another time, I had a small over run and when I was plucking away at the line, a Musky took a shot at my Suick that was just laying on the surface with 20 extra feet of slack line out. It is actually funny the things that can escape out of your mouth when something like that happens. Just before dark, I was pulling in my Suick when a monster nailed it. I set the hook and it peeled the line out from my drag without any problem. The wake from that hog was unlike any I had witnessed thus far and unfortunately after probably 30 seconds she came off. I can now see why people use 100 + pound leaders when fishing on Mille Lacs. By days end we had a bunch of follows and a numerous sightings and without question a fantastic day on the water. Saturday we were again out at first light and for the first hour or so all was pretty quiet. Some time around 8, we started spotting fish laying in 2-3 feet of water. For the next couple of hours we looked at well over 70 fish, sometimes 4 at a time laying together uninterested in anything we tried or offered. The sky was clear without a cloud and from the looks of it the only thing the fish were interested in was hanging out and not being bothered by us. What an experience for us to see! We headed for home about 11 AM, laughing, reminiscing and already are making plans of a return very soon.


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Sounds like you had some great luck. Were you on the noth end the whole time. Just courious because I have been having most of my luck in viland bay this year. My other question is what is a suick I am kind of new to this whole musky thing. Thanks for all the great info.

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The suick is one of the classic baits of all time...a flat style jerk bait with a metal fin on the rear for adjustment. Been around for decades.

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    • DonBo
      Toying with the idea of heading up there Saturday morning. Only been there a couple times, never on the opener.
    • JBMasterAngler
      Anyone go out on the opener? I usually wait a week before heading up there, so curious to hear some ice/fishing reports.
    • Roscoe010
      Did any of you check out the pits for winter trout opener last weekend? Thanks!
    • leech~~
      Well hopefully you can still get out with Dad another weekend yet this winter. Building memories are things that last.
    • AaronTC05
      I upgraded from my Little Buddy to a Portable Buddy (not a Big Buddy which seemed like over kill for a 2-3 man portable).  I figured that would work best for my needs.  Turns out I was right.  The heater warmed my 949i enough that I could fish with my gloves off which was nice.  I definitely noticed though as soon as a tank ran out, it got chilly quick since I had a few holes open to allow some fresh air in. My dad chickened out since he would be coming from WI and it was snowing over there still the roads were slick (as they were here also).  Also made sense since we didn't know how well the shack would stay warm.  So I stayed close to home.  I was going to head to Cedar Lake near New Prague since it appears to have a healthy pan fish population to keep me entertained, but the guy I talked to at Prior Lake Bait & Tackle said Prior was a better bet, so I took his advice.  I started fishing about 10 am after finding a spot and getting setup in about 20 FOW in the basin away from the crowds.  I only managed to connect on a few dink perch, one that was borderline keeper size that I threw back just before heading home about 5:30.  I didn't mark a single suspended fish in my spot.  I drilled some holes in various depths not far from my shack but still didn't find any marks and got cold and headed back into my warm shack. I had a fathead on a tip up in case a hungry walleye came by but had no takers.  A tip I heard recently was to hook them through the butt and out the side, which makes them sort of upside down which they hate so they continue to struggle and move in the water the whole time trying to right them selves.  I dropped by camera down and watched this and it seemed to work to keep it moving, although I didn't catch anything so who knows if the fish actually like it.
    • cookie129
      Not sure what's going on  but I'm still loosing track of days. Bouncing around in the red baron, checking on customers ,enjoying the football game at Hillmens Tall tale Tavern man was that fun, getting a few games of pool in last night to practice for my next match. Playing a round of texas hold em with the wells fargo boys in north dakota, visiting with all the customers, moving houses, plowing new roads, plowing old roads, battling mother nature, the winds were howling  sunday night after another small dumping of snow.
       I wrote in my note book on Wednesday the 17th CLOSED.
       The fishing has been crazy good? Not sure what's that all about but will take it as its so nice to see everyone catching more then a  few.
       Stevejames won my giveaway on Minnesota Outdoorsman, I have been giving a way a free night as a prize on there fishing challenge for a few years. He arrived Friday for old Minnesota with his buddy Mike and there 2 boys Nolan and Ayden. They rented one day so they were here for 2 nights and did real well. I got a great pic of there stringer of fish, It was a treat seeing the kids  outside playing ,enjoying the great outdoors.
       Terry, Sarha ,Carl and Kenny were in florida for 3 nights. They also had a grand time on a grand lake. This was there third year with me. They said they will be back again next year if I will have them? There such nice people, I was able to visit off and on wth them as they fed me breakfast burritos , French dips after the Viking game. Carl got 4 deer  so they also brought me a care package of venison. I'm making my coleslaw for them next year and may treat them to a night of my cooking to boot. I mentioned to Sarah the first day she should tie a string to her fishing pole? OOPs darn if it did not go down a hole.
       Scott the wells fargo boys have also did well, they went to Westwind for fish and the Viking game and also had a hoot. Then when they got back to the house Scott got treated to "yes a elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie" A beautiful 14 a half inch masterpiece. Another great group of guys and they got my 10 dollars last night. I played a little to loose and lost all my chips.
       Mel, Dan and Dane arrived for old Minnesota sunday, I told Dan get a line down first thing. Before they were unpacked they had 2  in the bucket. Yesterday Dane was catching fish on the rattle wheel from the top bunk. They enjoyed Fish for dinner last night as Mel is a master chef, she also fed me hodgepodge for breakfast yesterday. They have been coming up here for 14 years summer and winter.
       Snowbear Josh headed home for a couple days so I'm taking care of a couple of his guest and they were slaying the fish the last two days.
       I just talked to Jarred and his buddie Jim they were in montana last night and got there 8.
       Angie and here hubbie and there friends were in montana sunday.  I think they ended up with 9 with there friends, The kids fished in one of Joshes 2 man houses and there friends went home sunday eve,.
        Mother nature has been kicking my but. Yesterday I plowed off and on all day, cleaning up the drifts. Buddy Hillmens Highway is again in great shape. I expect we will be making more main roads in the next day or two.
       I did here form Brandon I had set up in a secret spot and they also did real well Friday eve,
      Ken and his buddies also did well where I plowed them a spot. Throwing darts and hitting bulls eyes feel good. Well its past my starting time. we start at 9, so again its time to check the fluids and hit the ice on such a Grand lake that owes us nothing! Nothing!  
    • leech~~
      Needle valve is sticking open or bad diaphragm.
    • sparetime
      Seems to be flooding out.  I have pulled the plug after trying to restart and its wet, so yes flooding out. 
    • Surface Tension
      After it dies pull the spark plug. Is it wet or is it dry. 
    • leech~~
      oilandwater Welcome to the forum.  Thanks for the report. Any Loopers in the mix with the Coho's? 
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