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Fall Lake Entry Point Report

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Took my wife, Molly, into the BWCA last week, the first time she'd been in the wilderness since before our first kid, 1998. I thought I'd go easy on her & take portage wheels up the four-mile portage into Ella Hall Lake for a three-night stay. Ha!

I decided to rent portage wheels, which were nothing like the lightweight, fold-up aluminum ones I saw in Twin Cities stores. This one had what looked to be a full-sized truck axle with rock-hard, sixty-year old lumber on top & weighed, well, a lot. Getting to the landing, I found it wouldn't fit in the the canoe without sticking waaaaaay up over the gunwales. Considering my wife isn't an experienced canoeist, I decided to leave it in the Jeep & hump the canoe for the nearly two miles to Ella Hall. I've only had one map problem in all my years going into the BWCA, & lo & behold, I have two errors on the map in the span of a couple of hours while trying to guide my wife (really, honey, I can read maps!) - the four-mile portage being about a half-mile off where the map stated, & a portage on four-mile that wasn't on the map leading us into the wrong lake. Good thing I had a compass!

Suffice to say my 37-year old shoulders were tired by the time we reached the lake. If I hadn't gotten off my *ss a few years ago & started working out, I don't think I would have made it intact.

Anyhow, enough gobble about the travel. The fishing on Ella Hall was good. Not a numbers lake for us, but the pike were respectable & the smallies good-sized. Our first smallie came in a shallow, weedy bay. My wife hates weeds, so I tossed her a Jitterbug so she could fish topwater. A few casts later, explosion! And the fight was on. My wife's a competent fisherman, but the smallie was more than she knew how to deal with - rod bent double, shaking it's head violently, peeling off line, juking under the boat. After a couple of minutes she eased it up next to the canoe & I grabbed it - an 18" fish! Her biggest bass ever. She sat & shook for a couple of minutes afterwards. Fun to watch!

I managed to top her the next day out in front of our campsite with a 19" smallie, but we couldn't find the elusive 20" fish.

All in all a fantastic trip, even with the unexpectedly long carry & the beaver dam built across the portage. The weather cooperated (thunderboomers at night, party sunny during the day), there was never more than one other party on the lake, & the fish cooperated. In two days we caught plenty of fish, with the largest the 19" smallie & a 30" pike. More than anything, it was nice to get out of the Cities, relax in the canoe, throw some baits, & spend a couple of days with my favorite wife!

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    • 13 hours ago, Big Kype said:

      Northern Minnesotans are strong supports of the SS rule. Shoot and shut up.

      I thought it waqs 3 s         shoot shovel and shut up  :shhhh:

    • eyeguy 54


      probably eagles if fishing. I think the fultures like highways. :):) 

    • monstermoose78


      Thanks for the heads up as I  grouse that area and my dog is very young. I know I will be carrying my 40 cal when I go up grouse hunting.

    • Perhaps immature eagles?  I don't believe they get their white head until 4-5 years of age..

    • I second the Vermilion Club-great food and they always welcome the dog (black lab) on the deck and give her water. We have been over on major holidays (July 4th, Memorial day, etc) and can always squeeze in somewhere and if not, there's "the kid" who charges $10 for "their dock" the place! 

    • monstermoose78


    • You are right, it's a grouse.

    • BringAnExtension


      I am not a hunter and I live in southern Minnesota, so I don't know how to identify this bird.  It walked into our campsite at Tettegoche State Park last week.  I am thinking a grouse?


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    • BringAnExtension

      Posted (edited)

      I don't have much to report, as I have not been fishing much lately, but wanted to add a topic on our quiet forum.

      I finally got a chance to go out on Mazaska this past weekend.  I tried my usual methods with almost no luck.  Fatheads on a jig and under a slip bobber.  From 9 feet down to about 25 feet.  I had a couple of bites, but that was it.

      Water temperature was still a balmy 68 degrees and a stiff wind was coming out of the southeast.  Even though I caught nothing, it was a beautiful day to be on the water last Saturday.

      One day closer to hard water season ...

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