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Bobby Bass

I fished Chub Lake the other day and even though they just came through and redid the landing they must not have tried to launch a boat from it. Nicely paved parking lot and plenty of parking for trailers, Shoreline has been planted for habitat and temporary fence up. This of course stops you from launching your boat from the beach as the landing is all of 2 feet deep. I have a shallow draft bunker trailer and I do expect to have to get out an push my boat off from time to time but here I had to push off all the way to the end of my 17' trailer as there was no water. I know the lake is down but it has been down for several years. How much to you think it would have taken to have a back hole dredge out a few feet for a launching hole. Yes I know as time goes by the hole will fill up again. I did launch my boat and I did fish the lake. My point being it would be very hard if not impossible for an older person to get their boat in the water, And in a few years I will be in that age group. shocked.gif Just thinking for the money spent when the DNR is done with these projects maybe they could test them out. As I was fishing the lake I did see another boat trying to launch and they gave up and left. I think this just makes Chub a little more private for the lake owners. Nothing wrong with that but I think all anglers helped paying for the improvements. Just my two cents.

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Yea, it isn't easy launching there at all. It probably won't get better any time soon either. I asked the DNR docks guy if they were going to make it deeper but he said the same thing it will fill in right away. Digging it out may be a temporary solution but how often would you have to come back and dig it out? I also think that as soon as you dig it out your launch pad is going to start shifting and then trailers get hung up.


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I live on West Chub lake road, which is about 2 miles from the landing. I tried launching my 16' runabout and could not get It in the water by my self. it would have taken a few guys to push it off. We have fished the lake in a friend of mines 14' lund at that was a pain in the (Contact Us Please).

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    • fowldreams
      There was a couple mixed in the bucket. They were big shiners 5 to 6 inch range. The shiners would be down for 6 hours or so each time and we never waited that long for a sucker to be taken. Just our experience. If a guy could have both I say try and see.
    • Wanderer
      Call ahead for shiners.  I’ve heard there aren’t any left in the state.  At Mille Lacs 2 weeks ago I asked for some and the guy looked at me like I was stupid. Of course I blame that on the question... 
    • Jplante
      Fowldreams, did you have shiners? Just curious if preferred them over shiners, or thats just what you had.
    • fowldreams
      suckers, suckers, suckers. This was the only bait that worked for us last weekend and when the fish hit the rattle reels line spooled fast.
    • Flash
      Thanks! Flash "Set the Hook"
    • MN BassFisher
      What surprised me about the fishery in SE Florida is that it is mostly live bait (Shiners). There are so many fish in those channels that the Peacock's won't chase a bait for long. I guess they can be caught on the fly but your casts needs to be very accurate and your hookset quick because they spit the flies fast. Our guide said artificials could be done but you're going to spend all day to maybe catch a few fish. Watching the videos of those Amazon Peacock's destroying topwater plugs and jerkbaits looks like a riot!!!
    • Alex wilhelmi
      Thanks again guys! Much appreciated!  
    • Nordern
      Smaller suckers and shiners.  One hint is that you may want to get your bait prior to getting close to the lake.  A lot of the area bait shops having a hard time getting the suckers and shiners in the past weeks.
    • Wanderer
      Has your tip up been in deeper water, shallower or the same? I’m hoping to get some iced this last weekend of the season. Devils Lake in ND is a good bet.
    • Mark
      Catching a lot of them in 34 feet
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