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Single or Double Cam

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Time for a new bow -- I've shot a Hoyt single cam in the past and was ok with it -- now wondering whether I should consider a double cam -- interested in others thoughts on the advantages of each.

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Well, thats a can of worms... I have a couple of 2 cam bows.. and I have a cam.5 or a cam 1/2 but not a solo cam bow. The advantages of a single cam bow is tuning. Straight out they are easier to tune! The advantages with a 2 cam bow is speed...With todays bows, and how fast the solo cam bows are and the cam.5 bows are, I think the easier tuning drew me in. I still have my 2 cam bow for 3D, where speed is everything.

A 2 cam bow usually has a harder "wall" that some people prefer. But that isn't always the case either.

Get out to the shops ans tart to shoot them... you will find one that just "feels" right to you.

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Like Dietz said a single cam bow has less parts to adjust and less aprts to fail. They are easier to tune, but conversely, they are less tunable.

A dual cam bow or a cam and ahalf design (I have a Darton cam and a half) and they simply have more adjustability and more tunability. I prefer the multi cam designs for that reason. Nowadays, any of the top of the line bows are done be exactly that, top of the line. The right bow for you is the obe that you shoot best with. Its not like buying a car or boat.

Get out there and shoot as many as you can. Find the designs you like and do well with and then find the one that fits your price range and your style.

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    • Wanderer
      Don't go giving too much notice there Royce!    Been kinda wondering if a yakking GTG would pop up some day.  Would be a great time to share a paddle and see how others rig their gear for fishing, or whatever.  And maybe do some demo paddling in other kinds of yaks than what we're paddling now.   Now, who might be able to put something like that together?? 
    • eyeguy 54
      anybody up for a float from sartell to sauk rapids?   smallies should be great. 
    • jkrash
      I heard Casey retired and sold his boat.
    • Rick G
      Gills should be on or real close to beds. Crappies are on beds on some lakes, done spawning on others. Btw, welcome to Fishing Minnesota!
    • bowhuntingboy1
      It was on the opener last year.
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      Frazer Bay is as far as I venture West but that bay can be very good at times. I prefer Lindy Rigs with a 5' leader,#2 or a #4 hook, red or green bead by the hook, and a 3/4 oz. sinker. That time of the summer minnows and leeches work best but do not be afraid to try 1/2 crawler on this rig! Like PSU said, look with your electronics for the fish, then fish for them! 12" to 32" depths. Cliff
    • LoonASea
      Fished the big lake this morning ,,, Weather didnt start out nice but the fishing more then made up for it ,,, Got my first double and triple in the new rig today ,,, There is a lot of mud covering this side of the lake but finding clear to tea colored water paid off ,,,Natural colored sticks took a majority of hit today and the cohos have grown 5 inches in the last month ,,, I had one 23 inches today 
    • Fish Head
      Welcome to our Forum Muzzy!  You may want to consider hiring a guide for a day or even 1/2 day to start your trip.  They can give you a lot of good information that will help you put fish in the boat for the rest of your trip. Cliff & Casey are regular contributors here and members of the Lake Vermilion Guides League.    Good Luck!
    • PSU
      Hello Muzzy,   Lots of good spots close to Oak Narrows. I will let the experts pipe in, but I've been doing well in 20-30 feet of water in the Frazer / Smarts Bay area. I would trust your sonar and find spots off reefs and follow down to 20-30 feet. Either jig or Lindy has been working for me with a Rainbow minnow 
    • Mike89
      2nd Lucas thoughts