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curt quesnell

TRF fishing derby awards

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Wow! This was really a good time. Big numbers of entries,

fishing was good and the weather was perfect. I am sure

it will turn out to be a sucessful event for the Lions

Club. Hats off to the Lions and Justin Kjos who spearheaded

the event.

Walleye Div

Chad Paulson 3.21 pounds

Steve Phillip 3.57 pounds

Richard Rud 5.88 pounds


Alex Thibert 4.70 pounds

Joe Borchardt 5.96 pounds

Dave Jenson 7.08 pounds


Shannon (the CatMan) Martin 7.02 pounds

Mark Rislov 10.11 pounds

Ron Lund 14.79 pounds

In each division the big fish was worth 500 bucks (paid in

100 dollar bills). Second big fish 250 and 3rd 100.

Winner of the 4 wheeler in the raffle was Mark Helgeland

Virginia Hedeen won 250 bucks playing HI 5 money bags.

Huge event! Huge

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Curt, that was a very well put together deal.... My hats off to all of you fellas for all the hard work.. Cant wait till next year.

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Hey what do ya know...I placed? I started the day trolling cranks in 10-12ft of water in town, after about a 1/2 an hour I gave up because of all the floating grass. Then decided to jig a while in 16ft of water with a couple small pike and alot of little nibbles. After that we started tossing spinnerbaits along a weedline on close to deep water. We only fished a small area and landed 20+ Northerns, nothing big, but atleast my 26" Pike got me 5th in the Northern Catagory and a new rod/reel combo.

After that we decided to jig some more in a little shollower water near some structure. We only ended up catching a couple small suckers, so it was time to try something else.

At about Noon, we loaded the boat to head below the dam and try to catch a bigger fish for the "other" catagory. I was hoping to hook up with a big carp, but ended up with a 7lb Catfish caught on a gob of crawlers. We caught tons of fish, but couldn't up the Catfish though.

I wasn't sure what to expect fishing this derby, but in the end I had alot of fun. I stuck to my game plan and it worked well for me. I knew I could easily catch a 26" Northern, but had no idead it was going to be big enough to win something? As for the Catfish, I know there are some nice Cats swimming down there, but really wasn't targeting them. The Cat was one of those skill/lucky catches. I put a bait out in a good spot and was lucky enough to have one bite.

I'm already looking forward to next year. It was run great, Justin, Curt and the Lions did a great job on this. There was a huge turn out, and I think everyone had lots of fun.

Talk to you later

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congrats to ya on the placement. Im still pouting you did not call me to tell me you were heading down to the dam.. how was the crowd? That is the only thing stopping me from going with out knowing.

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I would have told you, but I didn't see you anywhere when we loaded up, besides it's not like the catfish were jumping into my net down there. Infact after I caught the Catfish, I cut up a big sucker I caught and tryed that for bait for about an hour and had no success?

My plan was to go below the dam after 12:00 - Noon, if it wasn't going really well above the dam. I called my wife and had her go see there was any room below the dam for me to fish "my spot". She said there were a few people in the area, but no one right where I wanted to fish, so off we went. We caught alot of Drum, a few rock bass, a really small, small mouth, a couple redhorse suckers and one kitty. The couple hours were awsome, but it was very slow for the last couple of hours, even after we moved down the shore a little, it didn't pick up?

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    • drscholl14
      I've been out shore fishing a couple times at Hidden Falls and Minnehaha up to the dam.  Been really slow for me too.  Going out again this morning for the first time in a couple weeks.  Hoping to find a better bite as I've been hearing slightly better reports from boaters in the area.
    • ZachD
      Well I ended up picking up the Cabelas zone specialist on sale for $160 plus I had a coupon in the mail for 20 off A $150 purchase
      Picked up a new chair and a power owl call ( Im pretty sure I can call better with no call than that thing) I had a 200 gift card so I walked out of there with 17.00 credit
      Not bad I say I really liked the blind I sat in them all that were set up with my chair and I grabbed a bow from the archery department. I know people will probably disagree but dare I say from what I seen I like it better than the bullpen even.
      It seems to me to be made of a good material too and I can see it lasting awhile as I will take care of it and I am not going to leave it out for days on end. We will see how it is to hunt out of soon.
    • mrpike1973
      I love my 6 inch K Drill however the blades seem to dull faster to me once I figured it out. Happy as a clam. I do regret selling my power auger. I bought a 8 Eskimo power auger for when I go to Mille lacs. the K drill will work just fine but I liked having the 8 inch hole for eyes up there harder to turn there head in a six inch hole. I know you can drill 2 holes together but for me it just worked. Short story Rick G is right on I love my K drill. Would recommend to any one and it's so much lighter when runnin and gunnin.
    • northspear
      tipupsonly it was very hard to just sit and not fish. Yeah it was very very warm up there. I'll walk out if I have to!!!! It'll be my 3rd weekend up in a row.  Love this time of year. 
    • Tony S
        Just wanted to share info on what I know about how those USGS stream gages work.  The stream gaging station will not reflect accurate readings of stage and discharge while ice cover is present.  If you are looking at USGS stream gages you will see a little note in the data table that says "Ice Cover" if this is the case.  They won't be useful until the ice is gone and "Ice Cover" is not showing up next to the readings.  They work on water pressure to estimate the height of water above the gage.  More water flowing under the ice creates more water pressure, so makes the estimated gage height and corresponding estimated discharge go up.  The USGS gage at Manitou should be accurate (no ice cover).  The higher flow will draw the fish in better than low flow.  Another good one to check is the LWCB gages for Rainy Lake and the tailrace below the dam(s).  That will help determine if it's the Forks affecting water levels or just more water coming out of Rainy, which is nice and clear.  Hopefully it won't get muddy!  Maybe see you out there DucksnBucks.  T-Rock-1.