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Recurves and hunting

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Just wondering if there are many guys/gals using them? and what do you use for string silencers and can you use a release on a recurve?

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I am currently researching recurves, specifically making your own. I think I want to try and hunt with one- every thing from the bow to the arrows hand made. I think that would be more rewarding...

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I shoot a 50# Browning Nomad Stalker Recurve. I put the good old whisker silencers on it and it is pretty quiet. I have never heard of using a release with a recurve but that doesnt mean that it can't be done; maybe check with an archery shop.

tealitup, I have a friend in Illinois who makes long bows and wood shaft arrows; beautiful stuff. I havent had a chance to try ether but my father-in-law shoots the wood arrows with his Pearson recurve... they fly as true as any carbon/compound set up that I have seen. Plus like you said, it would be very rewarding to hunt with somthing that you made.

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Check out Trad Gang for more answers.

From what I have heard, there are a few folks that use a release with a recurve but I think that using a release would require different spined arrows than when shooting with fingers.

There are lots of "Traditional" shooters, using recurves and longbows for hunting. More and more every day. I hope to harvest a deer this year with mine if I decide that I can shoot well enough consistently to take it to the woods. I missed a jake turkey at 10 yards in Nebraska this spring with the recurve when my top limb hit the inside of the ground blind I was in and the arrow kicked high. Aaargh. Would have been my first "Trad" kill!

Traditional archery, especially shooting Instinctive, without sights, is a challenge for sure and takes a lot of practice to get good. Obviously, it's not impossible, just takes a commitment of time. Really makes you feel good when you get in the zone and start hitting where you are looking. The more practice I do, the longer the "zone" lasts. Check out Trad Gang for more info and oodles of "you can do it"'s.

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thanks to all who replied. Tombow yes I know what you mean by good feeling when your in the zone. I got that this afternoon while practicing I just hope that zone stays with me thru deer hunting. Sorry to hear about that turkey . I've not shot a deer with a bow yet so I'm going to challenge myself this year. thanks for the info

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Glenn_S
      We have a couple openings if anyone is interested…We will be capped at 15 boats.

      2018 Schedule
      June 2, 2018 – Farm Island
      June 16, 2018 – Upper/Lower Mission
      July 7, 2018 – Clearwater
      July 28, 2018 – Lobster
      August 18, 2018 – Big Birch
      September 8, 2018 – Championship, Lake TBD

      $25 membership per person
      $400 entry per team
      Big Bass $20 per boat at the ramp

      Rules, Payouts and other information listed on the website
      We are a club that has a ton of fun and we don’t take ourselves too seriously.
    • tca12
      The tip-up was in slightly shallower water but the difference was probably about two feet.  Sounds like Devil's Lake is the good bet but that's quite a jaunt.  I have heard that water clarity is a big issue out west and that would really stink if you get somewhere and can't see.  Might soak some suckers on Mille Lacs since it looks like the pike angling season is extended again this year.  Good luck this weekend!
    • monstermoose78
      Decoys sure have come along ways from the foam things my grandpa used. I bought some Avian X decoys and retired grandpa’s foam things. I have noticed I am getting more birds into range with the better decoys. 
    • nlayne882
      Lot of ice on the shore, only place to fish as of Thursday is two harbors breakwall
    • Wanderer
      I found a great bait selection at the Baxter Fleet Farm today.  3 sizes of suckers, multiple sizes of golden shiners, and of course fat heads and crappies. The first bait shop I tried only had fat heads and crappies.
    • mrpike1973
      Been very slow around here any luck anyone? don't want the lake but just general feeling around here. Did some pan fishing in 8-10 fow but got very slow.
    • Alex wilhelmi
      Hey Justin, if you see a 2004 burgundy 1500 Silverado with Iowa plates on shields, Yukon tent. That's the girlfriend and I. Stop by for a Busch latte, or a white Russian. I can't wait to get out of Iowa for the weekend. 4 am on the road!!!!!!!! yeah baby!!!!!! Good luck!!  
    • fowldreams
      There was a couple mixed in the bucket. They were big shiners 5 to 6 inch range. The shiners would be down for 6 hours or so each time and we never waited that long for a sucker to be taken. Just our experience. If a guy could have both I say try and see.
    • Wanderer
      Call ahead for shiners.  I’ve heard there aren’t any left in the state.  At Mille Lacs 2 weeks ago I asked for some and the guy looked at me like I was stupid. Of course I blame that on the question... 
    • Jplante
      Fowldreams, did you have shiners? Just curious if preferred them over shiners, or thats just what you had.
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