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Hjalmer Tordenskjold

Vere is Dat ChuckN Guy, Den?

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Cripes, I been looking for dat guy for a couple of veeks, den. I neet some of dem ret tailt chups for bait, I do.

I took and checked the Unnerwoot Legion, he has not even beed der for a Petervich. I took and checked the Sportsman's in Cliderall, and da karoake machine vas covert in dust - so i know he aint benn der, den.

It's like he took and went undergrount! Looks like I'll haf to vire my cousin, Fiske Sverdrup, in Norvay to see if Chuck ven on a nudder lutefisk run to da olt country.

Lord know I cant take and fint goot lutefisk in dis place in da summer.

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Oh yah, Hjalmer, I took and vent to da northvoods for avile der, yah. vhat in da vorld do you neet dos red tail chups for der? I took and tought abouut catching some, i did.

I hear der tat other Chuck feller may be coming home der and hes sure been vorking too hard. I stop in to da Legion some time ago and the old grandad bottle looked perty full so he hadnt been der eeder.

I took and fount some goot luktifisk in da northvoods but i vas so hungry i didn't bring any back for yous. my apologies ole man. But, oh, dat lutifisk sure did me in and I'm sure lookingk for dat der Petervich. Ven are yous going..

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ChuckN -

Hjalmer would rather you catch the chubs for him while he drinks beer and watches.

Yes, I need to get after that bottle of Old Grandad. Perhaps tomorrow.

Hjalmer - YOU CANNOT FISH IN MY BOAT IF YOU EAT LUTEFISK. I dont wanna have to bleach my livewells again. BTW, you can order lutefisk by mail from that Mike's place in Glenwood.

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    • JBMasterAngler
      Boat traffic isn't all that bad, there's a million places to escape it on that lake anyway. Bugs are usually pretty bad that time of year, and we've had a pretty wet spring so far also. But they're not an issue out on the water. You can launch at a different access each day, and it'll be like being on a completely different lake.
    • JeremyCampbell
      Thats a great view
    • Wanderer
      This time of year inside weedlines with sand have been good historically.  Find some cabbage and you should be golden.   Those walleyes could show up here and there on cranks in that 10 foot range too.
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      I do not fish bass very often but have had good luck using straight braided line for bass and walleye. Very few bugs out on the water! Shore bugs usually only out in the late evenings. Very few jet skis and water skiers on most of Vermilion most of the time. Weekend Holidays can see a lot of traffic. Some one else will surely answer your bass bait questions ! Tons of rusty crayfish in the East end that the bass love! Cliff
    • Mr. Basskisser
      Hey guys. My wife and I are coming up June 10th for a week of bass and pike fishing. Staying in Niles Bay area. Had a few more questions, hoping for some insight from some locals/regulars.  I was wondering ab ou how bad the bugs usually are in mid June, mosquitos,  biting flies and no see ums. Hoping when are are out in the boat fishing they will pretty much leave us alone.         I mentioned going to Vermilion on a thread on our local Ohio fishing forum. A few guys commented that it was a very busy lake with lots of jet ski and tubers. I was thinking if I wanted a more remote feel for a day maybe renting a boat and taking the portage to Trout Lake. I know our 40 hp is too big. I was also thinking of trying the river below the dam launching on 8 mile creek. Saw that on an episode of Ultimate Fishing Adventures. I was wondering if that area is limited to 25 hp motors. What would be the pros and cons of each spot?     I know V is tannic stained. We use pretty much braid on all our poles. Do you braid users feel you need a flouro leader when  bass fishing. Here in Ohio our water is rarely clear enough to worry about that.   One last thing what are the go to colors for tubes and senkos for bass?        Thanks for any help info you can give.                    Mr. Basskisser      
    • eyeguy 54
      Cathedral     brown with black specks senko style has been really good. 
    • Tom Sawyer
      Did you access that stretch from Wilson Park, or below Cathedral High School @eyeguy 54?  
    • phishnerd
      I guess a crayfish pattern might work up there eh?
    • eyeguy 54
      Nice area to get the yak out in.  One of the smallies wanted to share lunch with me. 
    • nmitchell17
      Fished spring park today, tried walleye early with no luck.  Switched to bass and managed to find a few in about 10 feet over weeds.  Caught most of them on a chatterbait