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Juan Grande

LMS 332C questions.


Juan Grande

I got a new boat last April and got it rigged withe a 332C. I like the unit, but it seems to lose its GPS location too often.

Regardless of the lake/river, I'll be driving along and the GPS connection will be lost. The boat icon just sits there with a question mark on it. If I turn the unit off and then on it re-establishes the connection. Since I can pick up the signal after turning the unit off then on, that leads me to believe it's not do to too few satellites or anything.

My sonar also looses the bottom when I travel any faster than a slower troll. Shouldn't it give a reading when I'm cruising too? I've moved the ping speed all the way up, but it doesn't seem to help. If I'm moving fast it will say it's 3 ft and then when I slow down it starts reading the true bottom.

I've had it out over a dozen times and I can only remember seeing actual fish archs one time. When moving slowly, it does pick up the bottom and weedlines nicely.

I checked and the transducer angle seems to be fine. It is mounted right next to my motor. Could the transducer be getting interference from the bubbles when I'm driving faster? Shouldn't the guys that installed it know better?

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I have almost the same unit, 337c df, try turning the WAAS off, it will still use the WAAS signal just not require it for a true lock.

the transducer should be at least 12" from the lower unit to avoid turbulence and bubbles, I have also changed the angle of my ducer so the rear of the ducer is lower then the front, seems to help at high speed, and seems a little better at displaying arches at faster speeds. You'll not see arches at trolling speeds often fish appear as a straight line when drifting or trolling.

Did they mount the transducer to a board or screw it into the hull?

You can move the ducer just put silicone on the old screws and screw them in tight and get new stainless screws to remount the transducer further away from the motor.

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How close is the antenna mounted to the 332? If it is close, try moving it at least a foot away and see if that solves the problem.

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Juan Grande

Hey guys, I've had my LMS 332C for a year in March. As of my last trip out last fall I was still having problems losing my GPS signal and not being able to read the bottom when traveling at higher speeds.

Just wondering if I should send the unit in to Lowrance while it's still under warranty? Do you think turning the WAAS off and moving my transducer away from the motor (and maybe adjusting the angle) will resolve my problem?

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Hey Juan,

I've had my LMS 332 on my boat for almost a year (and an LMS 330 before that)with no problems. When you see the icon blinking, go to the 'sattelite data' page and check the status of the sattelites eg. number of sattelites, signal strength and EPE value. These will let you know how well the receiver is working. You will lose compass when going too slow as compass is a calculated function.

The placement of the transducer is crucial to high speed performance. I am able to travel in excess of 55 mph with constant contact with the bottom. Air bubbles passing the surface of the ducer will kill it. If you have a rivited hull, move the ducer away from the center line and set it slightly deeper.

Lowrance has an excellent technical staff and they respond well to their E-mail troubleshooting. Try that and if it still fails their warranty has been extremely flexible, especially if you have been working with their techs.

Good Luck,


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