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Lake Zumbro Ice

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Ok, got a question for you guys that hit the lake alot ice fishing. I am getting married on January 27, 2007. We are planning on getting married on the ice and having a fishing social hour after the ceremony before dinner...yeah, you can see why I am getting married smile.gif But, anyways, the fiance left me in charge of finding the spot. I am looking for a real good spot near Rochester. We have looked at Foster's and it would be ok if the city gave us permission to open the gate to drive down there. Silver lake sucks & Willow creek doesnt have a great parking lot. Chester we plan on looking at this week, I am thinking maybe near the beach--Are they open in the winter?

But, onto the Zumbro question...I am looking for a spot that would have good ice(so out of the current), be easy access, a close walk from the road/parking lot, has a good sized parking lot and might have some good fishing right by it. I am thinking the access by Fisherman's Inn or possibly off the pier right there also. Does that access get used a lot in the winter? Is there a better spot on the lake?

Thanks for any help guys.


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Dan Thiem

Fisherman's Inn is a good spot for what you got goin on. But, the last two years there has been some dangerous springs. They make open water holes that don't freeze. Right out in the middle of nowhere. Something to keep in mind.

That time of year the fishing at Fishermans Inn is just startting to get good too.

This should be interesting. I really hope it all goes well for you.

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Down to Earth

I think access to the beach parking lot at Chester is closed off during the winter. I'm with Dan in that Zumbro would probably be the best choice.


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Tyler Holm

You might be able to check with the city to see if the CC Manor Pits / Cascade Lake project will be done by winter. I think it was suppose to be complete this year sometime, but that may not happen. I see they are working on it most everyday, so its possible. When that's complete, it should have plenty of parking and the fishing is usually pretty decent, if you plan to do that.

The ponderosa access on the Zumbro would be another option if the ice conditions near Fishermans are faulty.

Hopefully it works out for ya. Let us know as things progress and how it all turns out. Good Luck and Congrats!

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    • Wanderer
      We found our better pike in 20 fow this weekend.  Same weekend last year they were in 7.  That might be the reason you haven’t been seeing much while spearing? Thicker ice and more snow.  And they’ve been grabbing small minnows after staring at em for a long time.  They marked a heavy line on the sonar for up to half hour before slurping in the crappie minnow. Small shiners have been getting small pike.  Large shiners haven’t been getting hit at all.
    • Spss
      I've been out there a few times. Where are the deadheads?
    • Alex wilhelmi
      Fished shields lake yesterday from 900 am to 6. 12 fow caught 25 real nice gills 10 perch ,all dinks. And 2 crappie about 9 inches. Pretty steady fishing all day. We were about 50 yds from all the sleepers. Lots of traffic. At least 2 ft of ice. Used a little ant , orange and bright green with some white dressing tied to it. Got em from Nagel's. He said they were good, and he was right. Tipped with wax worm. Crappie came in at 530 caught the biggest on a glow blue angel eye with a minnow head. Snowing really hard so we packed up. Tent is froze. But we're going back out here in a bit. Gonna try roberds lake. I'll post later on that. Good luck all!
    • Tom Sawyer
      You two are sure putting the smack down on some super sized Pike! Those walleye text you just sent were nice too. Your killing me man; I'm off todo more snowblowing. Though to take it when the wife's schoolin' ya', been there lots of times with Patty. Join my club, LOL!
    • Bigfatbert
      Slobslayer99 , Echo can be a fun lake to fish for Walleye and Crappie. As for being there on the opener , like most lakes , it's all going to come down to when the ice goes out , and the type of springtime weather that prevails up there this year as to how the opener bite might be . The lake is shallow and has quite stained water . Early ice out , and a warmer spring can have the lake good to go on the opener for you  for both species. As for where to fish , that also depends on the spring also , as the water starts to warm there , very shallow muck with deadheads around the lake , or the shallow rock pile with reeds on the far eastern  end are usually safe bets for Crappie . As for the walleye , they can be caught on the rocky shorelines throughout the lake . Early fishing there is best with minnows...  ahhh the opener , you gotta love it .
    • Slobslayer99
      Going up the echo for the first time this opener any tips or info would be appreciated
    • JBMasterAngler
      Tried South Lindstrom today. Was able to mark some fish, but they were tight to the bottom, and would not move! Got 1 tiny perch. Was only out for a little bit, then the snow really started coming down. Talked to someone else, and they had the exact same results.
    • monstermoose78
      I have two boss toms at my dads and I think a strutter might be the ticket
    • IceHawk
      I'm really leaning to buying a mojo scoot and shoot amd trying that this year talk about a adrenaline rush. 
    • IceHawk
      I've used a full body full strut before can be good or bad depending on a birds mood at the time. In certain situations they can be a killer, 
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