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MN Conservation Officer Tales - August

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Conservation Officer (CO) Jeremy Woinarowicz (Thief River Falls) answered a call of a mother mallard and her eight ducklings taking up temporary residency in a garage. With a little coaxing, mom led the family across the lawn to the river.


CO Tim Collette (Longville) reported a landowner was running the motor of his boat about half throttle, with the boat still in the lift, while he was in the water raking aquatic weeds from the bottom.


A lone mallard duckling was observed trying to cross a busy divided highway, so CO Don Bozovsky (Hibbing) tried to capture the duck to keep it from being run over and to prevent a crash. Before he got turned around, the duckling caused a motor vehicle accident. None of the drivers was injured. The duck was released to a foster mallard and brood on a nearby lake.


CO Randy Hanzal (Brookston) reported enforcement action was taken on a couple of nonresidents who drove their motorboat through a gaggle of geese and their babies, killing several of them. The driver of the boat said he didn't know it was illegal to drive through the geese and asked, "What am I supposed to do, wait until the geese move?"


Lake Superior Marine Unit CO's Chris Johnson, Keith Olson and Mike Scott report an intoxicated boater got on the radio to ask the Coast Guard to turn on the lights at the Superior Light House; however, it was not dark yet. The voice on the radio sounded a bit slurred and confused. Officers later stopped a boat without lights after sunset and found an impaired operator. The Coast Guard took the operator to their station for testing. The vessel was towed to Barker's Island.


While fueling at a local gas station, CO Bruce Lawrence (Pine City) watched an adult female throw an empty beer can from her parked vehicle. When asked why she did it, she responded, "I didn't want to get an open bottle ticket." The woman was issued a citation for littering.


CO Eric Schettler (Fairmont) came across a boat carrying four people who learned that a fishing license is needed to angle and that PFDs, are needed in the boat when on the water. When asked why they didn't have any PFDs they said, "We thought we didn't need any if we knew how to swim." When asked why they didn't have any angling licenses, they said the store they stopped at was all out.


CO Tony Anderson (Morris) assisted local police with a possible "old dynamite stick found" call at the Salvation Army shop in Morris. The item was determined to be an old road flare.


CO Greg Verkuilen (Garrison) observed a California resident attempting to drive a new Jeep Wrangler down an ATV trail in the ditch of a state highway. When Verkuilen asked to see some sort of registration, the operator pointed to a factory installed "Off-Road Ready" decal on the Jeep. The driver was provided an education on Minnesota's off-road vehicle laws.


CO Joe Frear (Waseca) reported a nonresident angler was issued a citation for angling without a license. The angler tried to tell the officer that he was fishing on a private lake and did not need a license. The man was on Clear Lake near Waseca.


CO Mike Shelden (Alexandria) investigated a call in which a 13-year-old thought there were too many Canada geese in the family's back yard, so he threw rocks until one of the geese was injured and then killed it with a baseball bat. The next-door neighbors were understandably very upset.

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I heard the call and was at Barkers Island with Viking when the guy called asking for the lights to the Wi.Entry to be turned on. He did indead sound scmidtfaced. We watched as they towed his boat in. Funny thing is the name of the boat was Seagull wich is the same as Outdoorrans dads boat. No it wasnt his dad though. grin.gif

The funny thing was once the Coast Guard asked for the boats position he quit calling back. smirk.gif The DNR later found the boat and turned him over to the Coast Guard I think.

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    • HugeHogChaser
      Much appreciated JBMasterAngler! I saw a couple of your comments on another DevilsTrack lake post, but that was from 2007 so this updated information is AWESOME !! LOL! Thank you! I am looking forward to giving it a go.    I have a bunch of chartreuse  and fire tiger rapalas too. Got a couple that dive to 16 feet, and couple to around 7. Hopefully i can locate a couple eater walleye. thanks again man.
    • Gimp
      Beanies is a privately held beach and company. There is no way they would become a free public launch site--unless they sold to the DNR. I know nothing of that happening. However, if you're patient, the DNR is building one under the new HWY 36 bridge with 35 trailer parking spots to be completed in late fall 2019/early spring 2020. Here's the article: As for fishing, right now with the hot weather and the recent mayfly hatch, it's been a tough bite. Fish drop-offs or channels and try everything.  
    • JBMasterAngler
      Those islands are a good starting point. The mouth of the junco creek  (which is right at the campground) is a popular spot also. Gold is the go to color. Lake is full of cigars, but you should be able to find a few big enough to eat. Shorefishing at the access at night can be productive with leeches, but it's always those pesky cigars again. You might want to take a day and go over to nearby Two Island Lake. Has a much better population of eaters in my opinion. 
    • JBMasterAngler
      Wondering if there are any free campsites in the Ely area, preferably off of fernberg trail or hwy 1 within reasonable distance of town. I know there are a thousand sites on islands or lake shores that are "boat to", but I'm looking for drive to sites. Being on or near a lake would be nice, but I'm not too picky. Just looking to make a trip a little more affordable, as well as getting a chance to explore the area a little better 
    • JBMasterAngler
      City launch in Hudson.
    • BringAnExtension
      Somebody needs to find out where it happened and start throwing some big baits in that area.
    • Hoey
      No problems today with Chrome, so it must be fixed.
    • Hoey
      Without seeing the bottom of the foot, I have the same thoughts.   Sure could be a propeller hit though.  
    • Captain Acorn
      Was up for the weekend with the family and got out a little bit. Fished for about 2 hours in the morning and evening each day started out great on Friday nailing a 24" first fish but but over all fishing was slow for me. Saturday I zeroed but switched to spinner rigs w crawlers  Sunday and got into some nicer walleyes all 16 to 22" fish 1 mph perch colored spinners with the hammered looked to them with orange and green beads on a sand to rock transition. Sure was marking a ton of bait fish on the screen it looks like the lake is loaded right now.  How did everyone else do? 
    • Hoey
      We usually go with 3/8 or 1/2 ounce jigs on the US side due to depth and current.  I do not know if these sizes help avoid snags.