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Big Dave2

Shoot, kill, and season game birds at the same time

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Big Dave2    0
Big Dave2

A blast of flavor: Seasoned bird shot scheduled to hit market next fall

Mollee Francisco

Staff Writer

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

On the spectrum of ideas, there are bad ideas, there are good ideas and then there are million-dollar, why-didn't-I-think-of-that ideas.

One innovative Chaska resident may just have one of the latter on his hands.

The "Season Shot" is a shell filled with spices, designed to "shoot, kill and season" game birds. By next fall, the product could already be on the market.

Brett Holm, a carpenter by trade, came up with the idea after watching a friend struggle to dress a bird he had just shot. His friend had to cut the bird into pieces and then roll it with a rolling pin to find and remove the

BBs before he could prepare and serve it.

"Well, he missed one," recalled Holm. "And I chipped my tooth."

It was shortly thereafter that Holm had his brainstorm.

"I just thought to myself, 'There's got to be a better way,'" he said.

Holm, who himself had not hunted in years, got to work in the kitchen. He envisioned creating a product that would allow for a perfect Thanksgiving Day turkey or a Christmas goose instead of a mutilated bird reduced to usable pieces.

"I came up with a concoction and loaded the shells up," he said. "I knew it would work."

With a couple of birds in hand, Holm tested out his invention. The shells are designed such that, once they enter the bird, fluids dissolve the pellets and the seasoning is distributed throughout.

What did Holm think upon first taste of a Season Shot bird?

"It was amazing," he said.

Tough marketing

While the idea came along with ease, getting people to buy into his product took a little more work.

"When I told people, they'd say, 'It'll never work,'" he said.

Then Holm changed his approach.

"I started asking people, 'Have you heard about Season Shot?'" he recounted. "I told them about it and then they were interested.

"Sometimes an idea's only good when it's not your own."

As a concept alone, Holm said Season Shot is estimated to be worth $70 to $100 million. As a product, Holm and his business partner and longtime friend Dave Feig have been told that they could be looking at a whole lot more.

"The numbers are staggering," said Feig.

"I knew I had a million dollar idea," said Holm. "I didn't know I had a billion dollar idea."

To protect his idea, Holm quickly sought out a patent lawyer.

Now, with a worldwide patent-pending in hand, Holm has the market for seasoned shotgun shells cornered, and is seeking out manufacturers for his product. Remington and Winchester are just two of the names floating around as possibilities.

For a product with this much potential, Holm has to think big.

"By next fall, everyone's going to be clamoring for these shells," he said.

Keeping it fresh

Initially, Holm and Feig plan to start with a few flavor shots ranging from lemon pepper and mesquite shells to Mexican and Creole.

"The chemists are working out the exact spice proportions right now," Holm added.

They'll offer five flavors to start, and then they'll tackle their long list of other flavor possibilities.

"We'll introduce flavors like a new color of M&Ms," said Feig.

But Holm and Feig aren't stopping there. They also have plans for supplemental spices, spice shakers, spice racks, a full line of clothing and perhaps gun cabinets.

"We'll probably have guns, too," said Holm.

There's even a Dick Cheney-brand shot designed to play on the Vice President's well-publicized hunting snafu, in which he accidentally shot one of his hunting partners in the face.

"When you shoot that one, cotton candy comes out of the ears," Holm said, jokingly.

And while he realizes that he probably won't be able to begin the manufacturing process in Chaska, Holm has high hopes that eventually all of Season Shot operations will be able to be located here.

"By 2008, we hope to have everything here in Chaska," said Holm, who added that it could mean hundreds of jobs for the area. "We want to keep as much control of the company as we can."

David Letterman

If the financial predictions are correct for Season Shot, Holm and Feig could be very wealthy men in the near future. But so far, they aren't spending too much time thinking about what they may do with the money.

"I'd like to buy an old plantation in Georgia and fix it up," said Holm.

"I'd buy my wife a new car," said Feig.

Other than that, Feig and Holm only have plans for the charitable dollars they can spend. Both men light up when they think of the people they could help with millions of dollars at their disposal. Their ideas range from an evening amusement park for children with sun allergies to a hall of fame for background singers.

But until the dollars start rolling in, both Holm and Feig have a lot of work to do. They've already begun their publicity campaign, setting up interviews with the Wall Street Journal, Time and Money. And then there's the Late Show with David Letterman.

"His producers saw our patent application and thought it was a joke," said Holm. "Now they want to do a skit with the Dick Cheney shot."

While Holm insists that he won't ever go hunting with Cheney, he did say that he won't turn down an opportunity to visit the White House.

"I know we're going to get invited after they see the skit," he said.

Holm and Feig will also be doing hunting and game fairs this fall to generate a buzz about their product. First up is the Game Fair in Anoka County, the second and third weekends in August.

Then comes the really hard work, completing their vision for an advertising campaign and getting a theme song recorded. But Holm has an idea for that as well.

"I'm going to get Ted Nugent to do it," he said of the renowned game hunter. "I'm sure he will."

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rogrod    0

That shot wouldn't work for me since I just shoot them in the head. It sure will be a nice gimmick buy out there. Can you imagine the decisions to make. Let's see I'll put a cajun in for the first shot and then a little lemon pepper and then add a little garlic. Have the grill fired up out at the truck when you go into the field and your all set.

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JEV    0

I don't know whether to applaud them, or slap them on the head with that crazy idea... tongue.gif

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Ely Lake Expert    0
Ely Lake Expert

Sounds to me like they are going to be in debt to the bank for the rest of their lives. But who knows. I know I am going to stick with regular shells.

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Wade Joseph    0
Wade Joseph

Its only a good idea if you can actually kill birds with it.

Its one thing to blast away at tyson fryer hens propped up on a stick, its another thing entriely to kill ducks at 40 yards in the rain!

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big drift    0
big drift

I am thinking BS...

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bigbucks    6

I'd have to agree, I have a hard time believing many people are going to spend a bunch of money on expensive seasoning shells that work at 15 yards. I've heard of loading shells with salt, but that was to drive away stray dogs or something & the idea was not to kill them. Sounds like a farce to me.

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Big Dave2    0
Big Dave2

I'm not sure what to think of it yet. A co-worker who lives in Chaska is who showed me this article or I would not even know about it. Coincidentally I was at game fair today and saw thier booth so I went over and chatted with them. They think it is a big time idea and will be producing sometime in late '07. They said the first ones produced will be all for upland game and then they will start adding shells made to kill ducks and then even turkey.

I just thought I'd see what you guys thought. If they weren't too expensive I would maybe give them a try or at least would be good for a novelty gift idea.

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JigSnaggin    0

The problem there going to have is there is a guy from emo, ontario who has a patent already for the same thing...their patent is pending and probably will not get approved...they have alot of money invested in a product they can't sell.

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Big Dave2    0
Big Dave2

Thats interesting. I did not know that.

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Gordie    0

it was hard enough to get the lead down using steel now have to readjust for butter and garlic .... shocked.gif

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icehousebob    0

The whole thing sounds like an elaborate put-on to me. It reminds me of a teller of tall tales I knew as a kid. He said he shot ducks so high up that he had to put rock salt in his shells to keep them from spoiling on the way down.

If they're looking to make bucks on that idea, it won't be mine.

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    • mrpike1973
      Same here saw on another site I will be taking off work and letting them know my opinion.
    • Rick
      Through a federal grant from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources’ has awarded more than $450,000 in local grants to protect and enhance inland coastal resources. The annual grant program is managed by the Minnesota’s Lake Superior Coastal Program, which is a voluntary federal-state partnership distributing federal dollars to projects along the inland coast of Lake Superior. This year, grant funding is being awarded to nine projects in the coastal area: Researchers at the University of Minnesota will monitor and analyze measures designed to reduce erosion of bluffs adjacent to North Shore streams. Results will inform guidance on design criteria for future projects. $35,900. The Arrowhead Regional Development Commission will conduct an economic impact assessment of paved trails within the coastal area; determine the number of users of four popular trails (Duluth Lakewalk, Willard Munger State Trail, Gitchi-Gami State Trail, and St. Louis River Trail), and simultaneously conduct large-scale survey of trail-user habits and impacts on coastal economy. $11,500. Laurentian Resource Conservation and Development is planning to host a two-day conference for academia and coastal managers to bridge a gap between research results and practices of watershed assessment, protection and stream restoration. $23,000. Researchers at the University of Minnesota will increase scientific understanding of success rates of coastal forest seeds. Results will inform coastal managers for improved adaptive management and help determination whether coastal trees should be protected and treated as a unique seed collection zone. $98,875. Duluth Children’s Museum in collaboration with Positive Energy Outdoors will create a year round, innovative outdoor science, technology, engineering, and math active learning experience for children, particularly those in low-income households with limited access. $33,100. University of Minnesota Duluth – Natural Resources Research Institute and several partners will develop protocols for assessing the biomass of periphyton (algae attached to rocks) in Duluth area trout streams for use by professional aquatic and citizen scientists. $77,440. City of Duluth will improve public safety and access to the St. Louis River estuary through upgraded wayfinding signage and amenities on the Western Waterfront Trail.  $89,080. Lake County will develop engineering designs and construct trailhead for Lake County Mountain Bike Trail System, a planned 100-plus mile mountain bike trail system. connecting both beginner and advanced cyclists to nature and physical activity in the coastal area. $70,000. City of Carlton will replace an outdoor restroom facility at the Willard Munger trailhead in city of Carlton. The updated structure will meet current sewer requirements and meet compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act. $11,225. For 18 years, the DNR and NOAA have worked together to better Minnesota’s inland coast. Together, the agencies have granted $12.6 million in pass-through funding to more than 550 local projects and provided thousands of hours of technical assistance. Projects are selected for funding through an annual competitive grants process. For more information about Minnesota’s Lake Superior Coastal Program, visit Discuss below - to view set the hook here.
    • delcecchi
      Second the guide.  Fishing a lake in the north is totally different from fishing Mississippi or lake Zumbro or other lakes in the southern half of the state.  Otherwise you should look at the best place to launch your boat to be close to good fishing.  Rainy is a very big lake.. Ask in the rainy lake forum. 
    • leech~~
      Unless they find a way to stop all the kinds of waterfowl from swimming, diving, eating and pooping from lake to lake. It's never going away.
    • RuddyDuck
      I saw this on the Wright County website today:
      There's a link in Blue on the home page.

      Sounds like they are having a meeting about it on AUG 23. From talking to the DNR, I believe they didn't allow the initial dates for this to happen. Mostly because there was really no comment period on it. Sounds like they are gonna have it now. Guess if your against it, now's your chance to speak up. You can also send in written comments. Not sure exactly to who, at least I didn't see that part clearly. Maybe to Alicia O'Hare.

      Like others have said, I believe their ultimate goal is to have this implemented county wide at some point. When you look at the committee info, most groups are lake associations. Hopefully it still can be stopped. Here is the DNR person I called on this, she was helpful: Heidi Wolf - 651-259-5152

      Anyone else have new info on this?
    • guitpic
      Tx all
    • BobT
      I resisted converting to braided lines. I liked my TrileneXL. Then, one day about four years ago I decided to spool up with fireline and at first I didn't think I could really feel much difference. Skeptical me, I always held on to that spool loaded with my trusty Trilene. One day I decided to put that mono back on and immediately could feel the difference. It felt like I was fishing with a rubber band. I went back to braided and haven't looked back. 
    • monstermoose78
      Last night a flock of geese buzzed the house and Finn went nuts! I think he wants to get out hunting as much as I do.
    • Rick
        Anyone with a 2017 Minnesota fishing or hunting license can receive a free St. Paul Saints logo baseball cap and discounted tickets though a special Saints ticket offer online at  The offer is good for the 7:05 p.m. Monday, Aug. 21, game vs. the Wichita Wingnuts. Tickets are $17 and all ticket holders under this partnership will pick up their cap at the game. Instructions for purchasing tickets are at Buy licenses at any Minnesota Department of Natural Resources license agent, online with a mobile or desktop device at, or by phone at 888-665-4236. Mobile buyers receive a text or email that serves as proof of a valid fish or game license to state conservation officers.   Discuss below - to view set the hook here.
    • birdguy
      Having my annual Shoot on Saturday, always a good warm up to fall hunting.....Food - Fun and Guns!