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Dodge Ram AC question

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So, what are the signs of low refridgerant? My AC seems to work fine for about 20-30 mins then gets warm and muggy. Then I shut it off for about 15 mins and turn it on and it works fine. What gives?

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three questions

1. What year and motor?

2. Does it seem like there is a reduced flow of air out of the vents?

3. When it starts to blow "warm and muggy" have you checked to see if the compressor is still engaged?

3. When was the last time it was serviced?

3. Have you noticed if you temp gauge seems to be hotter than usuall?

3. does it have manuel or automatic climate control (i'm not even sure if they offer auto climate in the ram but if they do and yours does have it I may have the solution.

If it was low on refridgerant it shouldn't get real cold or cool at all. I suspect that the compressor has stopped running when you start to feel it getting warm. Could this be caused by an overcharge of the system (a/c is not my fortay and niether is spelling as you can tell grin.gif)?

Heres something to try instead of turning it off for 15 minutes leave it on and see if it starts to cool again in about 15 minutes. I have a feeling it won't.

Get back to us with the answers to the "3" question and we'll see if we can't get it figured out!!

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