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Does anyone/has anyone ever fished the Cannon River near Cannon Falls before? I was fishing there this spring and was wondering what species of fish are present there? Any help would be appreciated.

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Mr Special

The Cannon has some great fishing in it. I've caught walleye's, northerns, LM,Smallmouth and white Bass crappies, sunnies, catfish, bullheads, suckers, carp, buffalo, sheepheads, dogfish and Trout. There's many shore spots right near town at Cannon Falls. Below the Dam is a popular spot, "but I don't recommend it if you have small children with". Above the dam would be better. In town there's a few park areas that has tons of shore fishing available.

Good luck

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Cake, funny you should ask. My son and 3 buddies just floated the Cannon this past weekend. Every time they came to a deep hole they would toss in their slip sink rigs with a crawler and pick up some nice 15 - 18 inch walleye. With 3 over 23 inches, these went back the rest went in the pan.

Otherwise he was using a white and black spotted "shister" spinner and caught pretty much what Mr. Special caught except for trout. Northern, smallmouth, largemouth, white bass, crappie, sucker, catfish, a creek chub that was 13" long (probably a world record), sheephead and carp.

When I talked to him last night he was still pretty excited about the trip. The crappie were small and the LM/SM were 2 lbs and under but the SM were very acrobatic. Catfish were a couple of pounds along with the sheephead. The northern were up to 5 lbs. The biggest was a 20 lb carp that pulled the other canoe down stream.

They kept only the eyes and they got together with their wives/girlfriends that evening for a cook out. I can only imagine how fresh caught grilled walleye tasted with corn on the cob and washed down with a barley pop or 2.

So, it's definately worth a trip. Good luck.

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Awesome guys! Thanks for the info, I thought it seemed like like a good area to fish! I'm pleasently surprised how there are walleyes in there...I'll have to go and check that out! Thanx again

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    • Alex wilhelmi
      That's what I want to hear. Thank you sir
    • monstermoose78
      It’s still a blast to fish
    • Alex wilhelmi
      thank you tom sawyer good to know,
    • Tom Sawyer
      Walleye numbers are strong. Unfortunate for the fisherman, the perch forage base on the lake has exploded. Lots of 3" - 5" food for the walleye = a tough bite....  
    • Alex wilhelmi
      Ok guys just a question not looking for places to go or tips. Just a question about the fish numbers. I've read multiple reviews that are good and bad, some say the Indians are over fishing it, others say all the sleeper houses are over fishing it. That and when the DNR does their number count. Walleye numbers are really low. Others say it's awesome fishing. But the bass and big walleye and Pike are eating all the young eyes. It's a huge lake it has to be good! Friend of mine went up with a portable Last weekend for the tournament and a 2.5 lb tullibee won the whole thing. And he didn't catch a thing. Long trip from Iowa to get beat down like that. I want to fish this lake so bad, with a portable or sleeper. But is it worth it? Fish numbers good or not? Thanks guys
    • Wanderer
      Yah, that lake is going to be crazy busier than normal this weekend. Another poster asked about rental wheelhouses a week or so ago and they were pointed toward C l I s t.  You could try that as well since they’re dealer based.
    • Sculpin
      Not sure who you have tried,  but it can be difficult as a result of the Perch Extravaganza. I have to believe somebody has a shack yet. I'll throw out some name's: Jerry Brandts,  Eddy Lybacks, Kevin McQuoids (Macs Twin Bay), Hunter Winfields, Dickies, Castaways, Agate Bay, Hunters Point, Barnacles, Red Door, Twin Pines, Garrison Sports, Rocky Reef, Appledorns, KJ's Ice fishing, Randys Rentals. Good Luck, hope you find a shack
    • Jim Almquist
      Tried to buy it last Friday and they were not available. System was down/messed up
    • eyeguy 54
      great reminder!  
    • LoonASea
      I fished out there last wednesday ,,, Launched out of Washburn and headed towards Houghton Pt ,,, Lots of current on the brakes to deeper water ,,, Ended up getting 2 splake and one whitefish ,, Marked lots of interested fish just didnt get hooked ,,, Hope to get back out there soon but now that we got snow Im gonna hit the snowmobile trails while it lasts   
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