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a done deed

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The zumbro has successfully gotten the deed done this year. The crappies caught today were , for the most part, males off nests. A few crappies were found hanging on some deep wood not too far down and many of those were quite large. More than likely the females are relating to the wood now to take a rest after spawning.

I tried the sunfish in a couple of "generally" productive areas and found them to be away. The sunfish that were taken today all came from over deep water, suspended at seven feet over 19 feet. Got a couple real nice ones too.

The fishing this morning was basically much slower than it has been and its time to begin looking at other tactics now to ice the crappies. On the overall, this spring season has been pretty darned generous with the crappies and especially the huge sunnies.

The water temp was over the 70 degree mark today and I would imagine that the rapid rise in it was the reason for the abbreviated spawning period. It really is amazing how quickly that many fish can get this trick done in such a short time frame.

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Tom et al -

Found a mediocre crappie bite last evening, much to what Tom described... Fish were a bit scattered between shallow and intermediate depths. Two of us nickeled and dimed them until we had ten nice prisoners in the box. Tried a number of plastics, and it didn't seem to matter what type of plastic. But purple/chartruese was the ticket. Never ran into any sunfish, but found several smallies that were willing to play. As Tom mentioned, seems like the spawn bite is tappering down.

Being it was essentially one of the first nice 80+ degree days, water ski/pleasure boat traffic was a little on the crazy side. The ski team was also practicing. I do have to mention that a gentleman from the ski club helped me get my boat on the trailer, as I didn't back in quite far enough.

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I did a early morning multi-species trip this morning and didn't find much of anything cooperative much like everyone else. Though the fish weren't cooperative the wildlife didn't dissappoint. Saw 2 deer wading in a bay as I was boating past. Had a beaver swim around the boat while I was fishing, and of all things even had a snake swim past me.

Even got my good deed in for the day, as I was about to trailer my boat another poor individual who shall remain nameless had just backed his trailer in only to find his boat drifted out a bit out of reach. Figured he didn't want to go for a swim so I backed my boat back off and helped him out.


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Thanks for the lift Andy!

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    • Surface Tension
      Thanks All.   No big plans this weekend and and the weather has been putting a damper on outdoor projects and choirs.    Still I might sneak out for a few hours this weekend.      
    • Barefoot
      In and around narrows is where most people were fishing.  Lots of fish under 14 though.  
    • ZachD
      I guess I will have to call the dnr about the couple spots I am in question of. Ones a darn and you can easily pick them off all day almost year round
    • Stick in Mud
      Thanks for the great report.  We fished up there all last week, and we found shiners to be the only bait we *couldn't* get bites on. Very, very strange, but by far our best bite was on crawlers.  I think our total was something like 8 fish on shiners and 80 or 90 on crawlers (between two boats).  We didn't start fishing with crawlers until Thursday, either, so all those fish came on our last two days, with the windier Thursday being best.
    • Dale S
      Thanks guys for the informative replies. Can you also comment on the walleye limits?
    • noska
      Hey Barefoot on the main lake or current areas? 
    • jkrash
      a tournament-record 10-pound, 2-ounce beauty was big fish and A record 110 boats fished this year’s tourney, held out of the marina at Fortune Bay Resort Casino. 492 walleye, another tournament record, were weighed and released at this catch-and-release event.
    • Bowfin
      My daughter is shooting my 12 gauge 870 Wingmaster really good. Im looking for a nice looking, nice shooting and dependable pump shotgun for her at a decent price. I'm not liking the newer 870 Wingmasters as much as I did when I bought mine 30 years ago. I recently saw some Weatherby PA08s. Very nice looking gun which rival the looks of old Wingmasters with walnut stock, deep checkering, fairly light for $350 new. Reviews I see from 2011-2014 have me concerned a bit about hard trigger pull and shells sometimes not ejecting. Anyone have any experience or knowledge about these Weatherby pumps? If there were issues, you would think Weatherby would have fixed them by now.
    • jb426
      I did this a while back.  If you have basic carpentry skills you can do it for under $200. Here's what I did.   Get 2x8 treated board.  Cut to length of back bench.  Attach a swivel seat to board then attach board to back bench using screws and glue.   Buy two sheets of 4x8 3/4" sheeting that's rated for exterior and a gallon of deck stain.  Stain said sheets.  Cut out one for floor and one for casting deck up front (i used the front bench with a little bracing in between).  Use left over 2x8 for bracing casting deck.  You will also need one 2x4 treated board for bracing of the floor.  Install casting seat up front.  Looks good and is cheap and easy.  I used cedar stain and bought cedar colored treated lumber.  If I remember correctly I cut out the middle bench.   Only problem was it added a lot of weight so had to upgrade to 15 horse.  Sold it  a couple of years later for a $100 profit.  Just an idea.  
    • Walleye #1
        Walleyes on Leech Lake found themselves spread out but actively feeding on shiners.  A Jig and shiner or a plastic and lindy rigs with shiners and leeches were the go to presentations during the course of the week.  Somedays walleyes were wanting it dragged along which is where lindy rigs worked well and other days snapping or twitching a jig and minnow was the ticket.  So being diverse in your presentations, changing up colors and cadences, and getting away from the crowds is the ticket.     West End - Fish were found on West Goose Flats, Star Point, Grand Vu Flats, Duck Point, Pine Point, Stoney, and on some of the breaklines in Traders Bay.  Depending on the day depths changed, but it seemed the best bite was in 8-14 feet of water.  Find the shiners and you found walleyes closeby!     East End/Main Lake - Main Lake Rocks are still producing a large quantity of fish in the 20-26” protected slot, with some keepers mixed in.  Annex, Submarine, Five Mile, Pelican Island, and Rogers Point all had decent bites. Fish were typically found in that 8-12ft range on this part of the lake and finding areas with sand and boulders was the key.  Portage Bay also reported a good bite up near Federal Dam.  Look for emergent cabbage in Portage, especially on those bright and sunny days where those walleyes will look to find cover.  Pitching a jig and minnow or jig and plastic for these Leech Lake Walleyes in the cabbage is fun way to catch them.     Jumbo Perch are also showing up with the walleyes, but often times will be shallower.  Found some of our best perch bites in 6-10ft of water, with some really nice jumbos mixed in.     Jason Freed Leisure Outdoor Adventures Fishing Guide Service