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Wayne Ek

X-15 GPS- New Lowrance chip

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Maybe someone can explain this one to me... I have 2 Lowrance x-15's on the boat. One on the console and one on the bow. Both with gps. The console x-15 has a Navionics Classic MMC chip and a MMC chip created with the Map Create series 6, which comes with most Lowrance GPS's. One the console unit you can switch back and forth between the two chips. One the bow mounted x-15 I again have a MMC chip made with the Map Create soft-ware and the new Lowrance LakeMaster Pro-Map series ($99.99) that has just come out. On the bow unit you can not switch back and forth, as the unit only recognizes one chip, the new Lowrance LakeMaster chip... odd. But the good news is that the new chip works fantastically on the x-15, I was a little worried after reading some of the past posts.

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Have you tried switching the chips from one unit to the other to see if the problem moves to the console? If the console unit always works properly, then maybe the X15 on the bow has an older software version. Just a guess.

Today was the first time with my X15 that I purchased this winter. So far so good. I haven't bought a map chip yet as I was waiting to see what the new Navioncs Hotmaps+SE had to offer for lakes. After reading the lake listing for the SE the other day, the Lowrance chip looks much better.

I like the X15, but it was losing the depth reading at medium speed and higher. I saw that the transducer isn't parallel to the ground and if I click it one notch either way it's too far front or too far back. I think you are supposed to change the index using the star washers that wedge in the transducer bracket. The only problem is that I can't see the letters molded on the cogs anymore. I suppose it'll be the old trial and error method.

I mostly just played around with the different settings today while on the water. How does "Ping Speed" affect the sonar? Obviously I noticed the graph moving much faster across the screen, but I'm not sure how it relates to finding fish, etc. It's not in the manual.

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    • CaptJohnWis
      Berserker Bass.   This is probably the most exciting hit I have ever had from a bass.   Had to slow it down to get the full effect .Berzerker bass video
    • ZachD
    • ZachD
      Have not fished down there but up river a little way in the Ramsey area I have been doing well on smallies Either trolling raps up river bouncing of the bottom or drifting down pounding the shorelines with meps spinners.   Meps are one of my favorite lures for the river that and buzz baits.   The Mississippi is fun because you have a chance at catching anything.
    • ZachD
      Go to the fields off hwy 10 where diamonds used to be and where the boat launch is in Ramsey. I plant feathers and stuff there sometimes there is a variety of tall grass around there.   the best pre buy program I have found is at golden meadows. if you put money on an account before aug 26 the prices are  depending on when you go Aug. 20 - Sept. 4
      Sept. 5 - Oct. 2
      Oct. 3 - Nov. 6
      Nov. 7 - Dec. 4
      Dec. 5 - Jan. 1, 2017 COST PER BIRD

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      Hmmm...getting a prosthetic foot and attaching hooks now
    • fishingtime13
      Im wanting to go and fish the missisippi river by my place, there is a little inlet with some down trees, a drop off  and a little bridge that goes over the inlet. Its off of east river road at the end of 79th.  I believe its called riverview heights park. My questions is, has anyone gone fishing there? I see people there quite often and have chatted with them a little bit, but haven't gotten much out of them. It looks promising for some largemouth and catfish. if you have fished there what works good? and are they biting now? I will be there at about 5 am tomorrow morning.
    • monstermoose78
      This rain is keeping the rum muddy.
    • redlabguy
      Nuts, I had to leave Fraser on Monday for some business and a trip, but I think your MO is the right one. However, there are a lot of small (10-12") fish on the reef tops as of Sunday. You might try deeper water just off the tops. I'm not a fan of bobber fishing (like to feel the bite) but it's been a consistent winning method. Dick
    • monstermoose78
      He is huge 
    • fisherjmb
      Thanks for the info guys. We did end up going and launching at Beanies. Ten bucks to launch. Not too bad. There is a for sale by owner sign posted there but it's obviously private for now. As for the fishing, it was slow. Pulled the plug at noon and headed for the Mississippi. Did much better there.