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bugle nose trout and then some.....

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Dan and I slayed the fish tonight. Hook up a crawler and cast for the current break in a nice big eddie.







There were 6 of us fishing at this one eddie and we caught many different kinds of sucker. Included in our catch were white bass, rock bass, the elusive Northern hog sucker, sheepies and "something with teeth" that bit off Dan's rig. Too much fun....

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Looks like you guys had a fun time. I'm anxious to get out and chase some suckers, always a blast on rod and reel!

Good Fishin,

Matt Johnson

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Dan & Murph,

A few questions for you guys. What kind of set do you guys use when fishing those "trout"? Do you guys find that evening fishing is best for suckers or does any time of day work? Was that just what worked out for you guys since you worked during the day? I talked my wife into going tomorrow afternoon, so if either of you guys are heading out I'll probably see you there. First though I'll need directions. That is if it isn't a super secret hot spot. Thanks.


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Thanks Murph,

What a great time! Those fish really put up a battle.

Roasted river dogs for supper and catching some bugle lips. Iceing on the cake.

My big one for the night was a solid 22+ incher. Kind of hard convincing it to come to shore untill it tired a bit.

Some of the fish Murph had stayed in the current and he really had a time steering them back towards shore.

That Red Horse was small but it sure did fight ooo.gif

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I use a slip sinker big enough to hold in the current then a swivel or a spit shot about a foot or two up from your hook. Not sure about the time factor. Like you said, going after work is just the way it worked out.

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The first spot I would recommend is the first wingdam upstream from Hammond. To get to Hammond go north on Hwy.63. Turn right on CR11. That will wind down and around to the mighty metropolis of Hammond. Cross the big bridge and make a left. That's what we refer to as "The River Road". Then just go about a quarter of a mile and you will see the wing dam. If there already is people there just slide up river about 50 yards or so and you will notice a little sandy shoreline. Try it there some.

You will also notice along that road many pull over spots that will allow you to stop and park your vehicle.Try a few out, some of the fun is finding agood spot all on your own.

The spot we were at last night can easily support 10 people to fish without any worries of casting over someone else.

As far as presentation, Dude it's the simplest way I have ever fished. Nothing more tha a crawler gobbed up on a #6 or #8 baitholder hook and a heavy enough split shot a foot or two up. Then just cast out to the edge of the current break. Set your rig in a couple of "Y" sticks and wait. As soon as you see a tap tap on the rod tip put the hurts donut to it and reel it in.

Guaranteed fun for all. I'll keep an eye out for you. I still have an ice fishing picture of you to give you.

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Those suckers sure are purrrdddyyy, eh?? Sorry, been watching too much Blue Collar Comedy tour lately. grin.gif

If you wouldn't mind a tag-a-long, I would love to come down and fish those with you some weekend. It wouldn't be too bad of a drive for me.

You sound like your fishing sort of near Milville. I've been to the Spring Creek MX park a couple times there with a friend but never bothered fishing the area.

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With all our fishing tech. today on everyphase of it those pics. are a sight for sore eyes. Thanks guys for reminding me of what fishing is all about. Now if they just had some good old Grain Belt beer wink.gif

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      What's the flow like on the Rum, Moose?
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      Hi guys and gals,   Does anyone know much about this lake? I don't fish this area of the state. We are looking to stay at Cedar Point Resort for a week. Just want to get to know the lake for what it is.   Is it a bass, northern, pan fish or walleye lake? Or all of the above? The surveys don't look that impressive.   Any good guides in the area?   Thanks.   Avid
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      The bite is on in Trout lake. Remote lake walleye fishing has been good. A leech or crawler has  been producing nice fish. This last week Trout lake has been good for lake trout, walleye and bass. A camper had caught and released a 44 inch pike. Bass fishermen reported 100 fish days.   The Y-store is looking into taking on BWCA permits. Please encourage and support them to do so. 
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      This years West Central Bowhunter 60 will be held on August 12th and 13th with registration from 9am - 3pm Saturday and 9am - 2pm Sunday!   Come to enjoy the rolling hills and grasslands of the Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center. Little Crow Archers of Willmar & Swift County Archers of Benson have teamed up to host this 60-Target 3-D shoot. Shoot it in one day, or make a weekend of it and shoot both days! Our promise is that you will not be disappointed!   Highlights include, Generous sized walking trails, On-site concessions, and seating deck! Stakes for : Adult, Youth, Traditional, and Cubs All on over 100 Acres! 90% Rinehart Targets   Full Course (60-Targets) $23 Adults ~ $15 Youth 16 & under ~ $60 Family Max 1/2 Course (30-Targets) $14 Adults ~ $8 Youth 16 & under ~ $36 Family Max   Shoot Location: Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center 12718 10th St NE Spicer, MN 56288 GPS coordinates: N 45° 14.716 W 95° 1.777 @1.5 Miles West of Hwy 71 on County Road 29
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         Personally I do seem to catch quite a few overs, some days it can be a challenge to find keeper fish ( stupid problem to have, huh?). One thing I notice is that all the fish seem to be very thick through out the classes.   While I was tackling some honey-do's I noticed that the breeze was a bit stiff, I'm sure it was a challenge to maintain a line or consistent  speed.   Over all was it a good day for you?