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Got my boat back today, repowered with a 90HP Evinrude E-Tec. Here are the results of the "get acquainted" ride of about an hour.

Boat: 1997 Smoker 161 ProMag, 16.5-foot aluminum v-hull walleye boat, loaded full of fuel, 3 batteries, PinPoint bow mount, usual "stuff", and driver. Gross weight, probably around 1350-1400 pounds estimate.

Old motor: 1996 Johnson 90HP V4

New motor: 2005 Evinrude 90HP I3 E-Tec

First impression: "Are you sure that's a 90HP? It sure looks awful small." Interestingly it weighs 9-pounds MORE than the old V4 (310# vs 301#). Nice streamlined package. Lower unit looks beefier than the old V4, but otherwise seems much more compact.

Second impression: (Turned the key for just a second.) "Is this thing running? Yep, the tach shows 650 RPMs." At idle the thing is dead quiet. All you here is a slight sound of mechnical "hum", and the splash of the cooling water 'tell-tale'.

Ease away from the dock --- yes, it must be running because we're moving. Still whisper quiet at around 1200 RPMs.

OK, let's cruise.... throttled up to around 3500 RPMs. The boat pops up on plane smoothly/effortlessly and trims out solidly on a moderate chop. "C'mon, are you sure this isn't a four-stroke? Where's the roar?" The sound level is incredibly subdued, a nice solid low pitch throb, but it seems so far away!

OK, lets HIT IT! (Yes, no break-in recommended!).

On the old motor (even when it was new) you scratched and clawed for speed, topping out around 37.5MPH after about 4-5 minutes on a flat-water downwind run, constantly tweaking the trim to avoid porpoising.

As the old guys says on TV "Everyone Loves Raymond" if fond of exclaiming ---- "HOLY CRAP" ---- The E-Tec ramped smoothly from 3500 to 5500 RPMs in seconds, and the GPS clocked at 45 MPH. "But where's that famous Evinrude howl?" Even wound up to 5500+ RPM, the engine is just a solid "thrum" at a db level that you can easily hold a conversation over.

Acceleration from any speed is smooth and strong without even a hint of hesitation or stumble. Prop is a 13-7/8 X 19P Viper stainless steel. It's amazingly insensitive to over trim, holding the bow nicely up until you overtrim to blowout.

All the above on a modestly windy lake with a confused/irregular chop. I can hardly wait for a nice flat lake to put it through its paces.

Suddenly I'm glad I couldn't afford the four-stroke I wanted!

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MT Net

Good to hear you had a great time. Pretty fun breaking in a new motor. Sounds like a sweet motor and pretty impressive. Any photos of cruising?

Man, I miss my old Smokercraft now.

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Hans...have heard a lot about this break-in....winterizes will have to keep us updated on the performance....want to get a 200 next year...tks again for the report

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Sounds like you found a winner cool.gif

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    • Borch
      Looking forward to it.  Here are some more prizes.
    • Wanderer
    • IceHawk
      Nice gill Rick 
    • IceHawk
      HunterFisher Don't rule out trying that lake again. If theres a lot of wood in the water those schools could, be pinned down on other trees than you were fishing. Trust me I have a lake near Glenwood i fish that has a bunch of tress scattered throughout the lake. It took me numerous times fishing it to figure out patterns on that lake. But once i found them well worth it!  I have found lakes with a lot of submerged trees or wood usally hold some real good panfish, . They have plenty of places to hide from predators and anglers through out the seasons. 
    • IceHawk
      See you tomorrow Jeff we'll dial them in 
    • Borch
      Keep checking in here for any updates.  There's a very good chance that the location may change a bit as there have not been a lot of catfish at the methhole area.  Prefishing in the next day or so will help us pin down a location.  I will post any changes here.
    • Borch
      A lake like that with no real hole or structure lends itself to roaming fish.  If there is a defined weededge that will be your structure.  Electronics are not going to show you much until the fish is on your bait.  Drill a lot of holes and move around until you catch fish. 
    • HunterFisher11
      Hay thanks for your input.... Just got home and got skunked!!!!! But that is ok at least now I know to take it off my list of lakes to fish in the winter, but will be back on it come spring and early summer...
    • JerkinLips
      Caught 17 walleyes on Friday, but all were dinks except for two 15".  Caught 6 more Saturday, all small again except for one 16".  Also caught a 12 inch perch, 3 eelpout, and 2 tulibee. Considering the snowstorm prediction for Sunday, I pulled my house off the lake and parked it back in the garage for the season.  LOW next week, then onto lakers the following weekend.
    • JerkinLips
      I think that the 4 I caught this winter were tulibees, including this one yesterday. I think that the 4 I caught this winter were tulibees, including this one yesterday.
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