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Sea Trials successful

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Got my boat back today, repowered with a 90HP Evinrude E-Tec. Here are the results of the "get acquainted" ride of about an hour.

Boat: 1997 Smoker 161 ProMag, 16.5-foot aluminum v-hull walleye boat, loaded full of fuel, 3 batteries, PinPoint bow mount, usual "stuff", and driver. Gross weight, probably around 1350-1400 pounds estimate.

Old motor: 1996 Johnson 90HP V4

New motor: 2005 Evinrude 90HP I3 E-Tec

First impression: "Are you sure that's a 90HP? It sure looks awful small." Interestingly it weighs 9-pounds MORE than the old V4 (310# vs 301#). Nice streamlined package. Lower unit looks beefier than the old V4, but otherwise seems much more compact.

Second impression: (Turned the key for just a second.) "Is this thing running? Yep, the tach shows 650 RPMs." At idle the thing is dead quiet. All you here is a slight sound of mechnical "hum", and the splash of the cooling water 'tell-tale'.

Ease away from the dock --- yes, it must be running because we're moving. Still whisper quiet at around 1200 RPMs.

OK, let's cruise.... throttled up to around 3500 RPMs. The boat pops up on plane smoothly/effortlessly and trims out solidly on a moderate chop. "C'mon, are you sure this isn't a four-stroke? Where's the roar?" The sound level is incredibly subdued, a nice solid low pitch throb, but it seems so far away!

OK, lets HIT IT! (Yes, no break-in recommended!).

On the old motor (even when it was new) you scratched and clawed for speed, topping out around 37.5MPH after about 4-5 minutes on a flat-water downwind run, constantly tweaking the trim to avoid porpoising.

As the old guys says on TV "Everyone Loves Raymond" if fond of exclaiming ---- "HOLY CRAP" ---- The E-Tec ramped smoothly from 3500 to 5500 RPMs in seconds, and the GPS clocked at 45 MPH. "But where's that famous Evinrude howl?" Even wound up to 5500+ RPM, the engine is just a solid "thrum" at a db level that you can easily hold a conversation over.

Acceleration from any speed is smooth and strong without even a hint of hesitation or stumble. Prop is a 13-7/8 X 19P Viper stainless steel. It's amazingly insensitive to over trim, holding the bow nicely up until you overtrim to blowout.

All the above on a modestly windy lake with a confused/irregular chop. I can hardly wait for a nice flat lake to put it through its paces.

Suddenly I'm glad I couldn't afford the four-stroke I wanted!

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Good to hear you had a great time. Pretty fun breaking in a new motor. Sounds like a sweet motor and pretty impressive. Any photos of cruising?

Man, I miss my old Smokercraft now.

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Hans...have heard a lot about this break-in....winterizes will have to keep us updated on the performance....want to get a 200 next year...tks again for the report

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Sounds like you found a winner cool.gif

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    • h8go4s
      This one?   Everything you need to know, paid for by your tax dollars.
    • Juan Grande
      What's the flow like on the Rum, Moose?
    • Avid Angler
      Hi guys and gals,   Does anyone know much about this lake? I don't fish this area of the state. We are looking to stay at Cedar Point Resort for a week. Just want to get to know the lake for what it is.   Is it a bass, northern, pan fish or walleye lake? Or all of the above? The surveys don't look that impressive.   Any good guides in the area?   Thanks.   Avid
    • portageguy
      The bite is on in Trout lake. Remote lake walleye fishing has been good. A leech or crawler has  been producing nice fish. This last week Trout lake has been good for lake trout, walleye and bass. A camper had caught and released a 44 inch pike. Bass fishermen reported 100 fish days.   The Y-store is looking into taking on BWCA permits. Please encourage and support them to do so. 
    • delcecchi
      On many lakes it is possible to rent a boat for a reasonable price.  Or to hire a guide who knows the area and the lakes. 
    • Sunset Lodge
      Hello from the NW Angle of Lake of the Woods!

      Here in Minnesota, water temps are in the low to mid 60’s and the Walleyes keep rollin’ in! Wind blown shorelines are giving up walleyes via leeches and crank-baits right along the weed line. Crawlers on a gold and/or orange spinner are producing fish out of the mud between 22 and 26 feet. Jigging has been tough this week with the strong winds, but the Mayflies have finally tapered off!!
      Up on the Canadian side, bottom bouncing has been filling the live wells outside of monument bay between 24-28 feet.  Jigging near Skeet and Kennedy Islands have seen nice sized walleye and numerous perch. Great smallmouth action can currently be had in Tranquil channel and the mouth of Johnston passage. Muskie fishing is still sporadic with high 40” class fish being caught from shallow bottom bays or just outside of them. 

      Fish of the Week:
      49" and 46" Muskie
      40" Pike
      At least 10 Walleye over 25" 

      We hope to see you soon! Sunset Lodge
    • monstermoose78
      This is close to home for me. I love the dunes, but the refuge is messed up. The refuge told me they were brining native game birds back, so I was excited and said sharptailed grouse and the guy looked and me and said no ringnecked pheasants. I laughed at him and said really he said yes really. I told him ringnecked pheasants are invasive species he argued they are native and I walked out shaking my head.    The refuge could be a strong hold for sharptailed grouse, prairie chickens, and water fowl if they managed for them. The dune could extend this area. 
    • CaptainSeabass
      G'day guys, I've started up this post as I will be visiting Minnesota (to be specific the Stuart Lake in the Ottertail Lake area) and I would love to hook into some fish! I'm originally from the Netherlands, have lived in Australia for the last 8 years working as a fishing guide, I have moved to Dallas TX with my wife and now we will be visiting my in-laws in Minnesota. I would love to catch Musky, which I know West Battle Lake holds, and of course Walleye. I have been trying to look for areas that hold smallmouth but was unable to find any. I don't have a boat up there or anything so I know I will be in a massive disadvantage for musky but I will give it a try with waders. I would love to get as many tips as possible! Cheers!
    • thelars5
      This years West Central Bowhunter 60 will be held on August 12th and 13th with registration from 9am - 3pm Saturday and 9am - 2pm Sunday!   Come to enjoy the rolling hills and grasslands of the Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center. Little Crow Archers of Willmar & Swift County Archers of Benson have teamed up to host this 60-Target 3-D shoot. Shoot it in one day, or make a weekend of it and shoot both days! Our promise is that you will not be disappointed!   Highlights include, Generous sized walking trails, On-site concessions, and seating deck! Stakes for : Adult, Youth, Traditional, and Cubs All on over 100 Acres! 90% Rinehart Targets   Full Course (60-Targets) $23 Adults ~ $15 Youth 16 & under ~ $60 Family Max 1/2 Course (30-Targets) $14 Adults ~ $8 Youth 16 & under ~ $36 Family Max   Shoot Location: Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center 12718 10th St NE Spicer, MN 56288 GPS coordinates: N 45° 14.716 W 95° 1.777 @1.5 Miles West of Hwy 71 on County Road 29
    • osok
         Personally I do seem to catch quite a few overs, some days it can be a challenge to find keeper fish ( stupid problem to have, huh?). One thing I notice is that all the fish seem to be very thick through out the classes.   While I was tackling some honey-do's I noticed that the breeze was a bit stiff, I'm sure it was a challenge to maintain a line or consistent  speed.   Over all was it a good day for you?