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just wondering if anyone has one? wondering if what they think about them? Because I might pick one up before the year is over.

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Fish'n guy

I have one and liked it alot until the piece of crap quite working for some odd reason and I am too lazy to get it fixed, but I will have it working by the end of the year. The nice thing about an Aqua view is that it not only shows you how the fish are reacting to your presentation it also helps you to determine the bottom composition when you are searching for fish. When I am looking for perch on the flats I can find the areas where sand meets gravel and then I know that the perch or (Walleye) are near by so that i can start punching whole in that are, it helps me to find where the green weeds or pockets int the green weeds are when I am looking for pike or BULL GILLS!!! I am also able to Identify the species of fish that are down my whole that my vexilar won't tell me. A vexilar is still my favorite tool for searching but having a aqua-view diffinately makes it much easier. It is also fun just to watch the fish come in and chomp on your lure. Every once in a while a pike will hit the camera like a sucker minnow and man that is SWEET to watch!!! anyway I am glad that you brought this up because I am now for sur going to send my camera in to get fixed. GOOD FISHIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I've had an AquaVu for a couple years and it is good for structure identification, fish species identification, helps you understand the fish reaction to your presentation. It can be frustrating watching fish swim up to your lure and just look at it or swim right by especially when it's a nice 'eye or big crappie. One downer with the camera is that it doesn't have much range in the dark, even with the infrared lights on.

If I had too choose between a underwater camera or vexilar I would buy the vexilar first though.

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    • Pat McGraw
      Tulibee? Last February on Frazer Bay
    • fowldreams
      Where else can you go and pull so many big walleyes? Just go in knowingly that you aren't going to keep anything. Sleeper option is better than portable . Limited action during the day anyway. Now sunset to sunrise can be game on all night long. We put back 14 over 22" last weekend. When I say we it was myself, wife and two kids under 7. This lake is a blast. Good Luck
    • Walleychaser
      Was out last Saturday and moved a couple times then into the house for the overnight. No luck on walleyes but did see a lot of small perch on the camera at multiple locations and depths from 15' to 33'. It was still a fun time and that is the allure of Mille Lacs for me more than bringing anything home for a meal. I guess it is all what you are looking to accomplish. Have fun regardless!
    • eyeguy 54
      Last year I grabbed my new license a few days early and hit a lake east of here.  Had my new license in my pocket.  2 people on the lake and I got checked by a young CO that walked out from the access. Nice guy. Showed it to him and he said this is for the new season. I had the old one on shore in the car and told him that. He said no problem and mentioned to carry it till the new season starts.  Checked my bucket and we visited a bit. Then he walked about 1/4 mile to the only other person I saw out to check him. So carry the current one  if you buy early. 
    • eyeguy 54
      better buy your new one on the 24th and carry both so you dont end up in jail...  
    • derbier122x
      Mine says it expires 2/25 this year. Either that or it' too work out to read.
    • mrpike1973
      Fished 4 days this last weekend. 1 tullibee, 1 walleye, sun up to sun down drilled and moved several times. Fun to fish but came home and limited out on sunnies on a small lake near me the allure of the big pond is over for me. Just my 2 cents good luck and have fun if you go.
    • Ron Vroom
      When I purchased them at a sports show, the guy doing the demo recommended the small duckbill pliers he was using sold by Menard’s. I tried using a small needle nose as well as a leather man, and ruined quite a few. I got the duck bills at Menard’s and that was the ticket, just like the guy said! I think the pressure is spread more evenly over the stop.
    • Alex wilhelmi
      That's what I want to hear. Thank you sir
    • monstermoose78
      It’s still a blast to fish
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