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river rat316

you know your a smallie nut when...

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My foreman thought I was crazy today.... after the rain started ,and the parking lot we were grading started to flood, everyone else was in there trucks wondering what to do, and I'm the only nut outside creating a river in the parking lot complete with rocky rapids, backflows, deepwater current breaks, and slackwater pools (gotta still have that kid in me I guess) after all was complete he wanted to start grading again and I wouldnt let him anywhere near my river!! I think he was mad but I was still fishing (pulling out some real hawgs in my mind too!!)

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I'm a hopeless fishing addict too. I can't drive by a mudpuddle without wondering if ther just might be a fish lurking in it's depths.

Most people when they first meet me think I'm a fairly normal individual. But those who get to know me think I'm "a little bit" crazy when it comes to fishing.

However, the definition of crazy is "doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results". I, on the other hand, continue to fish day after day and always expect the same results (ie to catch fish).


I plan to live far so good!

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LOL. That's great! Glad you could make your own river. I work indoors at a desk for 10 hrs a day just wishing I could retire and go fishing all the time.

When the storm came through about 2pm yesterday I was just hoping that the power would go out and that it wouldn't be up and running again for the rest of the week. I wanted to get out to the lake so bad, no matter how hard the wind was blowing.

There are times when I'll be completely bored at work and I'll be staring at my cup of water. I'll run out to the car and grab one of my small bobbers, a piece of monofilament, and a split shot and size 10 hook. I'll rig up my hook, line, and sinker with a pen as my fishing pole and wait for the bobber to get pulled down by a fish.

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    • monstermoose78
      Good look pup
    • Troy Smutka
      7/24/17     Got my son and one of my daughters out with Grandpa Smutka on Waconia this afternoon (I have football practice every morning this week). We targeted panfish alongside a weedy reef. Small jig spinners (1/8 ounce VMC Mooneye Jig with a #2jig spinner and a 2" Powerbait Minnow) slow rolled over the weed tops caught tons of crappies and a bonus bass. A 1/16 ounce jig with a 1" Power Grub suspended 4 feet below a slip float caught crappies and sunfish, Caught numbers and some nice ones--beautiful weather and great time for the kids spent with Dad and Grandpa. Good luck, take a kid fishing, and I will see you out there somewhere.
    • ANYFISH2
      I know back in the day, late 90's, people camped out along (approaches beside it)the forest road along Birch lake.  The road on the right, right before the dam on hwy 1 south of Ely.   I dont know all the legalities of thr forest there, they may or may not have been legal.
    • JB18
      Lets see if this works.. This is her at round lake.   I am not good at remember to take pics.    
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      72 degrees again in Big Bay at noon today. Cliff
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      The local state parks are also an option. Very modest yearly fee there also. Cliff
    • TNtoMN_HuntFish
      Absolutely. I'd never get mad at a guy squirrel hunting while I'm deer hunting. Thats just public land hunting. Now if he shot at squirrels very close to me that's different. Maybe the guys I talked to had a bad experience but it isn't that frequent. That's what I hope anyway. 
    • delcecchi
      Looks like the forest service campgrounds charge a modest fee.  But the are pretty nice.   Fall lake, fenske lake are a couple to consider
    • Sunset Lodge
      Hello from the NW Angle of Lake of the Woods!

      We have had a great week of fishing with a few showers and strong winds.

      Up in Canada, jigging on reefs and underwater humps are producing the best in 22-28 ft. with gold, pink and orange jigs. Pulling spinners is also an option on reefs in 22-24 ft of water.

      In Minnesota, walleyes and perch have been caught pulling spinners in 18-28 ft. West of Four Blocks, East of Crow Duck and East of Garden Islands, with black and gold being the most effective.

      On both sides, muskies have been aggressive when throwing buck tails and top waters on rock reefs.  The algae bloom has slowly begun to pick up, however, fish are still visible.

      We hope to see you soon!

      Sunset Lodge
    • PSU
      Thanks Del, my son and some friends are coming up this weekend for water sports fun!!