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Must have colors

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I have been shuffling through my catalogs trying to get ready for this seasons fishing.Now I want one of everything in every color pattern but I just don't think my budget will allow it(or my wife)If you had to pick just three color patterns to do the best to cover most water conditions what would they be?

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Black/black, pink/yellow, white/white.

Those are my minimums...However a little purple in the box helps quite a bit.


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You need to be more specific on type of lures and for which species. For example, in days of yore, I sought northern at every chance I had (I lived in Missouri then, and we didn't have them there). Why, I do not know, but red/white Dardevle would always out fish the same lure in black/white -- yet, today I use black in most other types of lures much more than red -- contemporary exception being steelhead.

The old argument of fish being color blind has long since been refuted -- by on the water experience for guys like us, and by controlled lab experiments by scientists.

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I was intentionally vague to get more responses for all species.And to let this thread go where it may.I also don't want to limit it to just one type of lure becuase we use all types of lure for the same species.
I know that certain species favor certain colors.For example I have never used pink when targeting walleyes but when fishing for crappies I would not be with out it.
I am also looking for the visibility factor.
I understand that in certain water colors,clarities certain colors are more visible.In turbid water(the water I fish most)I stock up on high frequency colors like neon yellow,flo orange,flo red.
When fishing clear water I typically go with natural colors or patterns,(perch shad)Stained water I usually go with golds and and low frequency reds.
Deep water(30ft+)I typically don't fish because of mortality rates but if I did I would use something with light blue on it.Why do I go with these colors?,it just because I have either had luck with these or have read that these are colors to use in these conditions.What have your experiances been?
I have fished certain lakes also where a specific color seems to be the best.Such as on more than one occasion fishing on Leech the only way to get pike was to use a lure that was mostly flo red.It didn't even matter what kind of lure,just that it was flo red.
On Vermillion I have seen where size and action was a key also,but without a specific color pattern those were useless.
I am just trying to get a discussion going on colors/patterns and the best applications for them.
So what are your "go to" patterns/colors for your favorite species in various water conditions?

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Boy oh boy,
Where to start,
Maybe I will shoot by species:
Bass: Jigs, black,black-chartreuse,black-red
Cranks, crawfish,silver,chartreuse
Spinnerbaits, white,yellow,black-orange
Panfish: white,chartreuse,pink

Walleye: spinners, chartreuse,red-white,hammered silver
cranks, silver-black,firetiger,crawfish
hooks, just the bleeding red.

Northerns: red & black, silver, white.
(all lures in this combo)

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Hi Guys,
Color choices, can vary even between anglers on the same body of water. If
only one pattern was catching fish the
number of successful anglers would be
mush less.

Muskytom and I both fish Vermilion and we both have success. I throw alot of the bright colors like firetiger, red, pink, white, and chartruce.

Tom on the other hand, throws alot of
natural colors and is very successful
with them. He has convidence in that
pattern and it works for him.
What I'm getting at is, color is more of a convidence thing for the angler. It you believe in it, use it!

I believe in certain colors and those are the ones that I throw the most. I in turn, catch more fish on those colors, than I do on colors I use less often. smile.gif

So no matter what the reason is, if you believe in a color use it. Convidence in your presentation is a big factor, in becoming a successful angler.

Terry Sjoberg
Ace guide service.
Beautiful Lake Vermilion.

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On a specific lake for patterns on Crappies: Tea colored water;

For three weeks after ice out: white on white

Spawn through June: Pink on Yellow

July through October: pink on chartreus; black.

For clear water on constantly use white/white and black/black, and pink/white.

For dark water: Pink/yellow, Orange.

Winter I consistently use glow jigs and ratfinkie jigs...Colors include purple, pink, black, and graphite.

Some best success for finicky fish comes on a plain hook with a sinker crimped to it. I use this as a "strike" lure. That means that even if I detect no hit from the fish, I automatically set the hook when the signals meet on the locator. Teardrop shaped glow jigs also work excellent for this method.

In the winter I seldom stray from Maggots. They work well and are easier to keep then minnows. They also seem to trigger a quicker bite then to let a fish "take" a minnow.

In the spring/early summer I use Crappie minnows tipped on feather jigs. This is about the only time I use bobbers. Adjust-A-Bubble.

July through October I use plain 1/32 oz. maribue jigs free casting in open water.

I have never used different colors for different depths. I have found on certain lake that different colors trigger different size fish though. Also, at certain times, different jigging techniques bring in different size fish also.

For example: plain hook on minnow suspended under small float = 1/2-10oz Crappies consistantly.

Vertical jigging with feather jigs and wax worms = 1lb and better Crappies consistantly on the same lake at the same time on the same spot.
Different size fish are attracted to different baits and actions at certain times.

Just a few patterns I use on a regualr basis.

thanks much and good fishing!


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My confidence colors that always seem start on the line are;
Walleyes = gold or orange
Crappies = white or pink "glow"
Muskies = Black

Of course all other colors are patiently waiting their turn in the tackle box, but the most battle scars are on the colors mentioned above " my bread and butter colors"


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      my dad grew up in The Pas, my grand parents owned the avenue hotel and they had a place on Clearwater. Summers we would go up and fish and ski and such. Lots of good memories, other than the horseflies (Bulldogs). My experience was always it really didn't matter what you used, for lakers as long as it was shiny it got hit. Our technique was pretty simple, drop it to the bottom and reel is up fast. they hit hard on the way up and its clear like superior so you can see them a long way down if you have good ice. The river right out of town is good for char too.
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      So I just came back from Lake Winnipeg, and the 3 feet of ice they have there and found my auger lacking. I gave up the gas auger years ago to switch to the clam plate and drill. Around here, even Bemidji where I fish the most, I have never had a problem with getting through the ice. Lake Winnipeg is a different story. Anyway, I have a 6 inch bit now, and when with drilling a couple holes side by side to deal with the big fish but thinking back to my old 10 inch strikemaster I was almost willing to deal with all the issues I had with it to have some space to wrangle a fish. Soooo, im looking at going with an 8 inch bit, with the Milwaukee and the clam plate. I know that clam had a gearbox in the past that would help with that but seems they no longer offer it. will I tear up my drill with the bigger auger? I have two 9 amp batteries  and double the torque now too so I'm figuring a few  extra holes compared to the five amps and 650inc pounds I had for the previous drill setup. Suggestions? thoughts? other than getting a gas auger, cuz that isn't happening.
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      That would make a difference now wouldn't it?  Oops my mistake I have a 6 inch just got done fishing today with 5 amp battery I got 27 holes at 19 inches of ice. I noticed the drill seemed warm after drilling 5-6 in a row but no problems. I don't have a gas auger any more but I see what the guys are saying about a power auger.
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      Thank you.
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      If you want to get in there by snow mobile or walking over, Wolf Lake is worth a try.
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      Same.....Even when logged in it tells me I have no permissions.
    • Pat McGraw
      Thanks all. FYI I'm located on Frazer Bay on Vermilion. Give a shout out if/when you may be on the water up there. I may give the Pike River Flowage a try tomorrow or Saturday. I'll provide a report if I go. Thanks again.
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