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Croix hot bite!

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What a great few days on the water, where to start...

Walleyes, though I haven't been hammering big ones the the croix is starting to "get with it" and the bite is up. I talked to a fisherman that I've seen many times before and this time since we were the only two "fools" on the water, we shared a common bond and jigged and chatted for about a half hour, it was great! It felt like old times when everybody was friendly (that's a two way street I know, but...), He informed me of some massive hogs caught on the Croix two 30" ers in the same day!!!!!! ya baby! and he also indicated that he had never caught a 30 on the Croix before, and I believed him, he wasn't, and was kind enough to tip me off to the location. To those of you new to the croix 30" ers or larger are very rare, much rarer than say on Mille or the Miss. A trophy no doubt!

saugers- have been on a tear! they just have been devoring my minnows, suckers have been working great, since nice fats have been hard to come by! When they are hitting it makes the cold a little bit warmer, If ya know what I mean!

Sturgeon- Nearly every angler I've been talking to and myself has been messing with the venerable kings of the deep!!!! I fought a massive 5 footer today, yes 5 feet, for 45 minutes on 6lb. test (vertical jigging 3/8 ouncers)and the line finally broke. I horsed it, I got impatient after all that time. She jumped two times within 10 feet of the boat within the first five minutes - ToTAL AIR!!! Let party! is what I thought, but she left me alone at the dance crying in the corner!!! I landed a 50" last year and this one dwarfed her. It was the best.

Vertical jigging large minnows or ripping sonars IS the ticket in water from 28-38 as reported on this website.
Can't wait to get back- weather permitting.

Keep Cathin'

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Sounds good Turk!

Man that sturgon must have been a hooT! We have 3 footers on the Red that were newly restocked a few years back. Some day I hope my kid's will see 5 footers again on the Red.

You checking on any flatheads in the pools? They should be holed up now and a prime target for 6" sassy's or Pogo's, that sounds like a blast too. FFO has 6" POGO's on special this week, 50 ct. bags for 18 bucks, good deal!

Keep warm, fish'n is good!

BE.........><, ,>

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    • HugeHogChaser
      Good afternoon guys, I live in Burnsville and I was wondering if anyone has had much luck on Crystal Lake for bass and Pike? I've fished it a few times and only caught 2 bass in a total of 8 hours.  Not looking for any specific locations, but any tips would be much appreciated!!!   Live bait? Plastics? Troll cranks for pike? thanks guys, have a great day. Gabe   
    • smurfy
      i hope soo!!!!!! but being it MEA weekend 'm guessing it will be a zoo till sunday!!!!!!!
    • gunner55
      There were 5 maybe 6 boats over at the resort Thursday - Sunday. Heard they were doing some hunting too. Pretty quiet on the bay, most of the docks & lifts are out. Probably going to get real quiet after you show up.
    • jayway
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    • Smoker
      I will check it out a little latter. It looks like a good idea. I do a small diamond wrap on a lot of my ice rods.
    • gimruis
      I'm gonna go but not before some of these crops get harvested.  It may not be until Thanksgiving but at least I'll increase my odds if I wait for a better chance of success.
    • monstermoose78
      I have not seen a bird during season yet but I will get one or two I hope
    • monstermoose78
      Looks like you got one woodcock and a snipe but I could be wrong but great job shooting.
    • walleye29us
      This is the insulated model. 8x8. If anyone wants it this week I'll let it go for 240.00. Won't  find a better deal!   
    • JB18
      Saw over 10 birds on opener....all before legal shooting hour....Only 1 after before the rain started.