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Fished Chester Woods on Saturday, February 9th with good results. Fished from 8:00 AM to noon & managed to catch around 20 gills, 2 crappies, & 1 bass. Didn't keep any fish at all. Caught some larger gills closer to noon including 1 9" gill. I was fishing in 22-24' of water next to timber but most of the fish were suspended at about 16-18. Had best luck using Custom Jigs Ratsos & Shrimpos tipped with waxworms. There is still 6-7" of ice but be careful due to our warm weather! Anyone else care to report about fishing here locally this past weekend? Lets hear from you guys.

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I have been fishing Chester quite a bit lately. I have been doing pretty well with sunfish and a few crappies. The ice was a little thin on Sunday when I was out there about 4 inches and I had to jump onto the lake to avoid open water at the edges. I am wonderign where the crappies are in that lake? For good sunfish I have been in the trees in 20-25ft water with waxy worms.

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Uncle Grump


My boys and I went to Chester for the 1st time on Sunday (3-17). Ice was pretty broken
up around the edges - but w/ a good leap, you
could get on. Out in the open, its still about a foot thick, but turning white - not
clear any more.

We only had 3 hours - so we didn't spend alot
of time wandering around. Fished just past the 2nd fishing dock on the arm that the
launch ramp is in - on the opposite side
from the docks.

We had 22' of water - fish were on the bottom, with the exception of one group that
I marked at 13'. We ended up w/ 6 sunfish
that went the 7" size requirement, had 5-6
more that were to close for comfort (was using a tape measure - not one of the boards
at the launch - didn't see those 'til we
came back in).

Bites weren't hard - your bobber might twitch
a time or two - and if you didn't get them,
your waxie was gone. My boys tryed minnows, but no takers on those. My older son did the
best w/ 4 of the fish - me 1, youngest one.

Older son had a orange jig, I was using green, don't know what youngest had.


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Jim W

Hey Grump, Nut and Big D,

Thanks for the info! Chester woods can be a hard nut to crack. There are nice crappies to be had, at times hard to find. I am looking forward to some open water bassin' there this year!

Keep the rods bendin'!!!

Jim W

[This message has been edited by Jim W (edited 03-19-2002).]

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Get ready Jim a neighbor of mine caught a 6# plus lg mouth just last summer. I can't wait to get out this year.

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I hope that fish was released. That is 1 of only 25 adult fish which are the original stock fish in that lake. It is going to be an awesome bass lake in the next few years as the 9 and 12 inchers grow and get a little bigger. The current regulation is to release all largemouth under 15 inches...which means all fish except the original stock fish (which should also be released in my opinion.) It is a developing fishery and needs time to hit maturity.

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    • grundy
      OK i'm not leech but really? 14"er.. knowing your height Royce you'll probably need a stepladder to start out drilling Sorry bud I had to do it!!
    • LakeofthewoodsMN
      South Shore.  A good bite was reported for last week with the warmer temperatures in 24-32'. In addition to traditional daytime bite, some anglers getting into some good fish after dark on structure which is not typical. Morning evening bite in 15-17' for walleyes continues to be good.  Resorts and outfitters keeping ice roads in good shape as warm weather moving around ice. One two punch of jigging line and dead stick effective as is the use of electronics to mark fish. Jigging spoons in gold, glow, glow red and pink UV.  Small rippin raps in bright and gold colors. Auger extension could be necessary in spots where ice is layered.  Snowmobilers stay on marked trail, big ice chunks off of trail.   Rainy River pushing out some nice walleyes with an occasional sturgeon through the ice.  Fish houses along the snowmobile trail from Wheeler's Point to Baudette Bay.  Morning, evening bite most effective.   The NW Angle has good ice conditions where resorts have ice roads / trails and fishing has remained hot. Good walleyes in 18-28' with saugers and perch in deeper water. Set dead stick a bit higher than jigging line.  Resorts guiding for crappies on the Ontario side of lake, best bite in 30' or deeper, morning best. Crappie mortality rate high when releasing in 25' or deeper thus move on to walleyes or another species when you have your fish.  Snowmobile trails on and around the lake are marked and groomed.  
    • FishinCT
      Jerkin, you are absolutely onto something. Back when I used to put a permanent out in the south metro, I made sure to fish as many weekdays as possible. Weekends were always worthless, no matter the conditions. Luckily vermilion is big enough to get away from it all!
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      Darrell, Nothing in the area that I have been traveling. Cliff
    • IceHawk
      That's a pretty one! Nice fish Rick 
    • Darrell Larson
      Clifford, how is the slush out there? I have slush in front of my home and looking at sled tracks they are turning color also.
    • eyeguy 54
      got a 14 incher on the way to try out next week. should be nice not bending over so far.   no crazy comments leech!  LOL 
    • nofishfisherman
      Used mine for the first time this weekend and I don't think I've ever used a better cutting auger.  Even my wife wanted to take a turn after seeing me use it and she's never used an auger of any type before.  We had maybe 18" of ice (just a guess, didn't measure it ) and I cleared the shavings a couple times with just a quick pull up at it worked slick. 
    • Sunset Lodge
      1.22.18 Sunset Lodge Fishing Report Hello from the NW Angle! Minnesota walleye fishing has been consistent between 18-21 feet. The most effective method is on the dead stick set slightly above the jigging rod. 25-28 feet is also filling buckets with a good walleye and sauger mix, even the occasional jumbo perch. Slender and Tundra spoons have been bringing fish to the house. We have also seen numerous northern pike this week with the largest being over 42.” Canadian walleye fishing remain excellent, especially along points and reefs. Crappie action has been hit or miss. The bite has been better in the morning with anglers limiting out in the first few hours. Fishing deeper than 28 feet is important to get good action. Until next week, Sunset Lodge
    • Chill62
      Moved house on Friday night in the dark.  Got holes drilled and let aired out.  Came back out after supper to fish for crappies.  Only small ones but had some action.  Got up early on Saturday and tried chasing tuilibee's and struck out.  Graphed a few but not a bite.  Switched back to the house around 8:30/9.  Buddies were near the house and had one crappie in the bucket.  Five of us fished till 11:30 without a crappie being bigger than 9".  Went back out after lunch fished till supper and nothing.  Came out again after supper got a 14" and 12.5" in 5 minutes and not a fish after that.  Sunday fished from 7 am till 11 nothing bigger than a 8" crappie.  Fished 3 hours Friday, 12 hours Saturday, 4.5 hours Sunday with only 2 crappies over 10".  Pretty sad but heard a ton of poor reports all over the area.
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