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Southeastern MN Smallmouth Alliance

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On 3/14 the Southeastern Minnesota Smallmouth Alliance (SEMSA) held its monthly meeting for March. Minutes of the meeting are attached immediately below. Recent updates to items within or outside the scope of the 3/14 meeting topics are included as well.
Total Number of Meeting Attendees: 22
First Time Attendees: 6

TSA Slide Presentation

Tim Holschlag of TSA gave a very interesting, informative, and entertaining slide presentation concerning activities that TSA has been involved with over the years including regulations changes, habitat improvement projects, organization social activities, promotional
functions, and special regulations implementations. Examples activities provided in the presentation:

1) Organization of a "Smallmouth Symposium", attended by avid anglers & fisheries management, with emphasis of the symposia placed on information sharing of biological data for greater understanding of parameters that affect smallmouth physiology and habitat.
2) Social activities & need to mix social functions w/ conservation work to maintain organization vitality.
3) Multiple projects including:
- river cleanup days,
- TSA engagement w/ DNR conservation/learning activities including fish count or measurement programs
- Promotion & education efforts including the distribution and placement of "Free the Fighter" voluntary smallmouth release signs
- Education methods surrounding distribution of info. concerning effects of Agriculture on SM habitat
- Low cost habitat improvement projects including addition of 1/2 log structures on candidate small streams
4) Angling Regulations, including:
- General need for special regulations and fast recoveries found on
over fished waters
- Work concerning the fight for special angling regulations, and
- Synopsis of special regulations successes on the upper Mississippi,
the Otter Tail river, Sylvania Lakes wilderness (MI), Pallette Lake (WI), the Maquoteka
river (IA), and the Rock river (IL)

This overall presentation served as a model for ensuing discussions within the meeting agenda concerning ideas for SEMSA projects and work activities.

SEMSA Board Overview

Mark Hoffmeyer provided a brief recap and introduction of SEMSA board of director positions to the meeting assembly. Bill Plantan also petitioned the audience for additional active participation on the board by requesting more volunteer "at large" board members to provide technical assistance with various upcoming projects, administration, and work proposals. At
present we have 5 SEMSA members filling 6 specific board of directors positions (pres, conservation dir, membership dir, treasurer, pronotions dir, & Newsletter dir) and 3 at large board members.

Membership & Treasury Overview

Mark Hoffmeyer gave a brief status concerning both membership interest &
status of the treasury. Dues collections began at this meeting.

Memebership/Treasury UPDATES as of 3/24 :

A PO Box has been setup as the SEMSA address, & both checking & savings accounts for SEMSA are now open. Annual membership dues of $18 may either be submitted to Mark Hoffmeyer in person at the monthly meeting, or checks can written to SE MN Smallmouth Alliance, and mailed to the PO Box address. Send membership dues, queries, or other info. to:

Southeastern Minnesota Smallmouth Alliance
PO Box 8384
Rochester, MN 55903

Note: The SEMSA PO has a restricted size and can only accommodate general
types of letter envelopes. If packages or large business envelopes are
sent, they should be mailed to personal addresses.

SEMSA Projects Discussion

A general group discussion headed by Bill Plantan generated several ideas & potential work topics with inputs, and active participation from the vast majority of attendees. Key topics for work items that will be addressed near term include:

1) STREAM CLEANUP DAY - On the Current C&R Section of the Zumbro River

Details: Would be a good will event. Provide publicity for event. Event would occur post
flooding. Examine cleanup of both special regs section of river & adjacent road
Update/Status to be provided at 4/01 mtng

Details: Look into engaging an FAA chapter in possible stream habitat project or improved
land use project around streams
Update/Status to be provided at 4/01 mtng
Details: Begin identification of content for setup of information booth
Update/Status to be provided at 4/01 mtng
4) FREE THE FIGHTER SIGN CAMPAIGN - for Education on SMB & Voluntary release

Details: Obtain signs, examine ways to convert to read SEMSA, (Randy Vine exploring)
Update/Status: Firm up plans at 4/01 mtng
Newsletter Discussion

Brief update provided. Propose to have a complimentary promotional
newsletter put together that showcases both TSA efforts & SEMSA.

Additional Discussion Topics:

Brief side discussion concerning potential distribution of newsletter at upcoming fishing tournament booth 4/28-29.

Will decide on upcoming mtng frequencies concerning general vs. board meetings.

Next General SEMSA Meeting

April 11th
Sandy Point Supper Club, Oronoco, MN

Hope to see you in April



Fish On!
Big Lew

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Jim W

Big Lew,

Thanks a lot for the VERY informative report! Keep up the wonderful work! Jim W

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Jim W.
I can't take the credit for the report. That must go to Mark Hoffmeyer. He put together a super recap of our last meeting. By posting this report I hope to plant the seed of interest with other like-minded fishermen and women in Southeastern Minnesota. As we are a new organization, we plan to start small with our goals but with the constant aim of preserving our streams as outstanding fisheries for all to enjoy. (And hopefully have a good time doing just that). We welcome everyone to come out to Sandy Point Supper Club on Wednesday, April 11th and check us out for yourselves.

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As Big Lew mentions, our next SE MN Smallmouth Alliance meeting is at Sandy Point on 4/11....time is from 7-9PM. General info: SEMSA is a local independent chapter of The Smallmouth Alliance (TSA)representing SE MN. To learn more about TSA and common global goals & principles that SEMSA shares with TSA and other state Smallmouth Allinace Chapters, visit
Also, if you have any questions pertaining specifically to SEMSA, feel free to drop me an e-mail at, or send us a letter to our PO Box ( Address listed in synopsis that Big Lew posted). Thanks & Good Fishing !

Mark H.


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Hey Gang,
If you like to fish in SE Minnesota please consider strongly, joining this worthwhile group. Thanks Mark for the information.

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Jim W

If you guys have the time, it would be nice to have some info etc. At Trout day on April 28th. I know it's trout day, but it might be a good opportunity to spread your wings so to speak. A lot of trout fisherman in the area fish smallies as well! Jim W

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    • Cheers
      What size  holes ?
    • OhioVike
      I don't know, not getting your mail delivered to your door is a very egregious situation.  He also has a great sense of history indicating he has vision.  Letting us know he erected his sign in 2008 provides a vivid example of his powers.  He sees the future well...he gonna be pissed at somethin!  A bit of a Nostradamus.  
    • Cret Jigs
      I will be out on Blue on Saturday morning. ... see you out there 
    • Wanderer
      That’s pretty awesome! I’ve been keeping an eye out around the house but haven’t seen enough activity to coax me out in the temps we’ve been having.  We mainly have fox around the house, and only one good yote.  We had a young wolf do a lap around the house in the spring but haven’t seen him around since.  I know I couldn’t shoot him but I’d sit out just to see him if he started showing up again. Mainly turkey tracks as of late.  
    • Wanderer
      Probably two of the safest bets in the area. I haven’t fished Crooked off Bunker for several years but it always seemed to have plenty of fish. Have you ever been on the Moore lakes near 65 and 694?  Sometimes they get a lot of attention, and I’d have to think for good reason.   Twin Lakes in Robbinsdale used to be a favorite stop for us when we were young.  Did good on pannies and surprisingly well on pike. If you don’t mind traveling further west, Medicine is a pretty good lake.  Lots of memories fishing the crappie hole in front of the beach on the southwest side.
    • PRO-V
      Gulp spray seems to help also.
    • Wanderer
      I prefer ciscoes too.  I just don’t always have access to them.  They leave a better scent trail.  That’s part of the reason for a little kick of salt on the frozen suckers.  Anise could help too.
    • Hawg
      Not that I know of. First time I used one and constantly had to clear the shavings and drill kept cutting out. Drill is a 1200# fuel. 
    • PRO-V
      I always did best with frozen Cisco's suspended on a quick strike rig.
    • PRO-V
      I tried a few times during that 30 below weather. Saw nothing but thousands of wolf tracks. That night while we sat on the hunting shack deck having a cigar a pack of coyotes we're yipping out by our trucks 400 yds away. They were probably tipped off by our generator though and couldn't get them to come in. I did see 2 moose 30yds in front of me going into one calling spot. That was cool.
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