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Jim W

Hello all,

Made it out ice fishing for the first time in 2 weeks, could barely stand it! Decided to hit pool #3 near Hastings for some sauger and walleye.
Upon arrival, it appeared there would be competition with around 20 vehicles in the parking area, but no one was at the area I wanted to try.

I took a friend who doesn't get out on the ice often, so getting there early helped.
We set up tip-ups with shiners one in 7ft. and one in 5ft. I drilled two parallel lines of holes from shore(around 4ft.) to near the channel in 8 1/2ft.
Most action came from the deeper holes. I ended up catching 2 small walleyes and a keeper sauger. This all occurred between sunset and 20 minutes after sundown.

If all that bit and all that I marked bit, I would have came away with a very large grand total that day. Plus, I missed a fairly decent fish on the "Artic Fisherman"! My friend had his rod doubled over with a fish, but unfortunately slacked him off. Hopefully it won't get too warm before next weekend so I can get out there again! Keep them rods bendin hard boys!!! Jim W

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Jim W

Went back on Friday(23rd) thinking that the bite would be phenomenal, especially with the storm on it's way! However, besides having one bite, we were skunked!

There was however a gentleman who fished with us who had been down there the weekend before(when we had the great action) and reported his buddy landed a 5lb. walldog!!! After looking back, I feel that timing of the front was not in our favor. There was high pressure until late Friday early Saturday morning. This might not have been the total reason for a 0 day, but I truely believe a complete relationship existed between the weather and our bite! Good luck and keep the rods a bendin'!!! Jim W

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    • Wanderer
      I spent 3 hours last Saturday morning working on “the catalog” then went about my weekend, planning to finish at the end of the weekend.  Went to open it up and the new laptop won’t make pictures on the screen.  Tried everything; no dice.  Have to return the piece of Black Friday junk.
    • Rick G
      Here is some more dirty ice armor fish pics..... todays beast, released to fight again 
    • JerkinLips
      Cliff, did you have a lot of vehicle traffic around you on Saturday? Maybe the bad fishing on Saturday was just the weather conditions, although Saturday was beautiful weather-wise.
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      Same here. Thursday was a good bite and the weekend bite was mostly a bust! Cliff
    • leech~~
      I think he's going to not wash it and keep telling everyone at the bait store and on the lake he's a Pro Staff on HSO & Outdoors Minnesota. Until someone sends him a HSO hoody or new hat!
    • JerkinLips
      My advice for ice fishing on Vermilion would be to avoid high traffic areas.  I always believed this before, but this weekend seemed to validate that theory. On Thursday my neighbors in our ice fishing village decided to plow roads, driveways, and parking lots all around, and I only caught 4 little walleyes. Friday I planned to take my portable out to an isolated spot, but none of my village neighbors were out that day, and the fishing was very good.  I caught 14 walleyes that day, including 21" and the pictured 26" and 24" slotters. Saturday I thought that maybe the fishing was just picking up so I fished in my permanent again.  Caught only 2 walleyes while my neighbors proceeded to have a big family gathering with many vehicles going back and forth. Love fishing in my permanent house, but the next time it starts to get busy in the neighborhood, I am moving out with my portable.  
    • Wanderer
      Who’s worried about a jacket showing proof of action when the catching is that good?! 
    • eyeguy 54
      yes indeed, its fun when they fight back. lol .  the cgi's got a workout! I put a jar of the secret bait in my red box as soon as I got home.     BWAAAAA HAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ! ! ! 
    • leech~~
      Nice fish. That jacket Tho!
    • monstermoose78
      Well I did mark enough so I think that is where we will start
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