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I would really like to catch some late ice northern. I will be setting tip ups. I have heard good things about the boat harbor in Wabasha and hope to try there. I am pretty new to the tip up game, anyone have any tips or other places to try?

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You can also try Frontenac backwater pond off #2 in between Old frontenac & Frontenac.Just turn off of 61 & go just out of town.Can't miss it, by the bridge. There are some good spots out on Lake Pepin too. the wayside rest area used to be good(N.End). Also across the bridge at Wabasha mid river & ask at Shorty's Bait shop for Directions to W. Newton/Half Moon landing area. The Old Red Bridge area can also begood too. Out from Ponderosa campground/Club has been hot in the past.
Hope that might help. I have a buddy from Winona area, if ya want some in that area. I'll get them for ya too!
That backwater pond in Frontenac is the place we go to catch some pretty big Pike!

If I was going out, I'd use Large Sucker minnows (8" long), #4 truturn hook, 18-24"
leader, & some 30# test braided line. ( I lost a fish to new #30 coldweather line a couple of weeks ago. Going back to the old stuff.) Try keeping the bait in the top 1/3 to 1/2 of the depth you fish(I.E.- top 6-8 ft in 18 ft of water) & stay near weedbeds.
Thiese techniques work for me, I modify them to meet the needs of the water I'm fishing & the size fish I am targeting. There's gonna be more to be said here, I just threw in what I do a lot of the time!
Hope Ya catch a bunch!

Good Luck & Watch your bobber!
Proud to be a member in good standing, of the
"Church of the Divine Wilderness"!

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    • Cheers
      What size  holes ?
    • OhioVike
      I don't know, not getting your mail delivered to your door is a very egregious situation.  He also has a great sense of history indicating he has vision.  Letting us know he erected his sign in 2008 provides a vivid example of his powers.  He sees the future well...he gonna be pissed at somethin!  A bit of a Nostradamus.  
    • Cret Jigs
      I will be out on Blue on Saturday morning. ... see you out there 
    • Wanderer
      That’s pretty awesome! I’ve been keeping an eye out around the house but haven’t seen enough activity to coax me out in the temps we’ve been having.  We mainly have fox around the house, and only one good yote.  We had a young wolf do a lap around the house in the spring but haven’t seen him around since.  I know I couldn’t shoot him but I’d sit out just to see him if he started showing up again. Mainly turkey tracks as of late.  
    • Wanderer
      Probably two of the safest bets in the area. I haven’t fished Crooked off Bunker for several years but it always seemed to have plenty of fish. Have you ever been on the Moore lakes near 65 and 694?  Sometimes they get a lot of attention, and I’d have to think for good reason.   Twin Lakes in Robbinsdale used to be a favorite stop for us when we were young.  Did good on pannies and surprisingly well on pike. If you don’t mind traveling further west, Medicine is a pretty good lake.  Lots of memories fishing the crappie hole in front of the beach on the southwest side.
    • PRO-V
      Gulp spray seems to help also.
    • Wanderer
      I prefer ciscoes too.  I just don’t always have access to them.  They leave a better scent trail.  That’s part of the reason for a little kick of salt on the frozen suckers.  Anise could help too.
    • Hawg
      Not that I know of. First time I used one and constantly had to clear the shavings and drill kept cutting out. Drill is a 1200# fuel. 
    • PRO-V
      I always did best with frozen Cisco's suspended on a quick strike rig.
    • PRO-V
      I tried a few times during that 30 below weather. Saw nothing but thousands of wolf tracks. That night while we sat on the hunting shack deck having a cigar a pack of coyotes we're yipping out by our trucks 400 yds away. They were probably tipped off by our generator though and couldn't get them to come in. I did see 2 moose 30yds in front of me going into one calling spot. That was cool.
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