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Polar Bear

Cold, Wet, Tired and Happy

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Polar Bear

Just got back today after a week of wind, rain, cold and (believe it or not) walleyes!

Strangely, even the 2 seperate cold fronts that blew through didn't completely shut down the fish. Our best action came from slow trolling with a hammered gold spinner blade in front of one or two red beads and either a red or chartruese hook tipped with only one third of a crawler. If you use a whole crawler you won't get all the short strikers. I don't use a harness or stinger but that might work too.

The crawlers caught roughly 10 fish for every one caught on a leech. The walleyes didn't seem to mind only a 1.5 or 2 inch piece of crawler instead of a whole one. We never tried minnows.

The depth was a little surprising too. Although we marked fish in the 30 to 35 foot range they weren't biters. Many of our fish came from rocky bottoms in 9 - 11 feet with some out as deep as 18 feet. They bit from around 4:30 till we quit just before dark but you will throw back 3 or 4 small fish for every slot fish. In the whole week we never caught a fish above the 17 inch slot.

The other wierd thing is how you're always told to work the windy side of the islands, reefs etc. This year was the opposite, while most everybody we saw was fighting the waves we got all our fish on the calm, protected side of the bays.

One other thing, I found using a larger slip sinker closer to the boat results in fewer hangups than a light one farther back. An ounce and a half is about right for me. Also, I really like the 8 pound Vanish line for tying my 6 foot long snells. The stuff really seems invisible in the water.

Also surprising, we got very few bass and northerns this trip. But we did see a guy bring in a 38 inch northern to the Sandy Point Resort Friday night.

The only downside of this trip was how blasted cold and windy it was for camping. Actually, we didn't even fish on Wednesday. We spent the whole day getting acquainted with a liter of McMasters and a box of Dominican cigars on the sheltered side of the island. It was fun to watch the housboats get spun around as they caught the 35+ mph wind coming around the corner.

By the way MJGrose, I've still got a couple years to go before 50 and can still perform longer than you ever could wink.gif

Polar Bear

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Polar Bear, thanks for the ******** report, the info should alert readers of the forum that you have to deviate from what the norm might be considered now and then. guts

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    • bluewater2
      Thanks for the up dates, we were going to come up today to find a different spot to park but have to work. Weather is supposed to be good. Hope to get on the board too.
    • Cheers
      What size  holes ?
    • OhioVike
      I don't know, not getting your mail delivered to your door is a very egregious situation.  He also has a great sense of history indicating he has vision.  Letting us know he erected his sign in 2008 provides a vivid example of his powers.  He sees the future well...he gonna be pissed at somethin!  A bit of a Nostradamus.  
    • Cret Jigs
      I will be out on Blue on Saturday morning. ... see you out there 
    • Wanderer
      That’s pretty awesome! I’ve been keeping an eye out around the house but haven’t seen enough activity to coax me out in the temps we’ve been having.  We mainly have fox around the house, and only one good yote.  We had a young wolf do a lap around the house in the spring but haven’t seen him around since.  I know I couldn’t shoot him but I’d sit out just to see him if he started showing up again. Mainly turkey tracks as of late.  
    • Wanderer
      Probably two of the safest bets in the area. I haven’t fished Crooked off Bunker for several years but it always seemed to have plenty of fish. Have you ever been on the Moore lakes near 65 and 694?  Sometimes they get a lot of attention, and I’d have to think for good reason.   Twin Lakes in Robbinsdale used to be a favorite stop for us when we were young.  Did good on pannies and surprisingly well on pike. If you don’t mind traveling further west, Medicine is a pretty good lake.  Lots of memories fishing the crappie hole in front of the beach on the southwest side.
    • PRO-V
      Gulp spray seems to help also.
    • Wanderer
      I prefer ciscoes too.  I just don’t always have access to them.  They leave a better scent trail.  That’s part of the reason for a little kick of salt on the frozen suckers.  Anise could help too.
    • Hawg
      Not that I know of. First time I used one and constantly had to clear the shavings and drill kept cutting out. Drill is a 1200# fuel. 
    • PRO-V
      I always did best with frozen Cisco's suspended on a quick strike rig.
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