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Jim W


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Jim W

IN response to not getting out to wade for some smallmouth last night, I find myself pondering the limitless possibilities that await me this September, fishing on Kabetogama!

This will be my first venture to this beautiful Canada shield Northwoods lake! I have spent quite a few days on Lake Vermilion, but never "Kabby"!

I am planning on making this the second annual "family" fishing adventure! My father and mother, two of my elder brothers, my wife and my wonderful 7 month old boy will be setting foot on the shore of Lake Kabetogama! SHould be a blast.

I am very confident that we will catch fish! However, since I have been deemed the "fisherman" of the family, not only the title brings on a certain level of expectation!

One of my brothers, who is battling with a severe health problem(not to divulge more than needed) constantly reminds me that he wants to catch a nice walleye! We caught plenty in the 17-18 inch range on our First annual trip on Vermilion, but nothing worth "bragging about"!

Oh, to see him sheepishly grin after catching a fish! Oh to see his expression "if"/when he hauls in that very respectable fish!

I guess a lot of factors come to mind when hunting for that fish of a lifetime. Weather, temperature, wind/no wind, depth, supply of baitfish and oh yes the right presentation at the right depth!

Years of successful fishing has come at the hands of no depth finder, no Lund Pro-V, no Trolling motor with splash guards, no drift sock and not owning a boat at all!!! Of course I do bring my trusty Vexilar along now, but I still have to rent or hop on someone elses boat!

I'm not asking for sympathy, just a moment of realization coming from a very large percentage of fisherman in this wonderful state who do not own or have access to a boat! All who can pick up and go with their boat at anytime, this fishing fool is envious! Just a simple reminder, to not take this wonderful yet short life for granted! Oh so much water to fish that I will never get to!! But I will keep trying!
Let's hope I can get my big brother on a good fish! That would in itself out weigh any state record walleye, smallmouth or trout!

Good luck out there, be safe, keep only what you'll eat and keep the rods bendin'!!! Jim W

PS. If any of you KABBY fisherman have any hot spots or tips for Sept on Kab let us know or if it is TOP SECRET, you can e-mail me!!!

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    • Harry Goodliffe
      I am from out of state and have been trying to research this issue, from a anglers point of view what do you think is causing the issue? we had a issue in Missouri where the state shocked up walleyes to strip them for eggs and the boats disrupted the spawn and once disturbed the walleyes aborted spawning. now this was our native river spawn fish that spawned earlier than the northern strains that they ended up mass stocking, those fish do not seem to get as large as our native strain our state record weight: 21 lbs. 1 oz.  any insights would be welcomed  
    • Tom Sawyer
      Some more dandies Royce. Yes, I do miss seeing that Red Pine stand in his photos leech, it definitely adds to the north woods feel of the shot....
    • ANYFISH2
      Just remember guys, only one lake in the state has a harvest quota!  It is the one in the "worst" shape. all our big lakes lakes including LOW track harvest but dont employ a quota.  The biologists in these areas seem to have a nice grasp of the conditions of these lakes.
    • eyeguy 54
      Eat some smaller fish and let the beasts grow.
    • anyfishwilldo
      The loose handle issue was the very reason I went out and got the mud mixer.  Now the drill can just stay in the shop.  I did find the handle worked much better on the right side of the drill than the left.
    • anyfishwilldo
      I am looking for wheel skirts for my wheel house.  Does anyone have/use them, and where did you get them? thanks
    • leech~~
      You need to hold them up. The best pictures are with some nice scenery in the back ground!
    • Sculpin
      Someone made mention of hooking mortality earlier, and sad to say, that is going to be one of the most significant issues going forward in terms of determining harvest on many of the premier walleye lakes in the state. Lake of the Woods,? perhaps not,  given its sheer size, but once hooking mortality comes into play, and a DNR imposed "quota" has theoretically been met, the lake is shut down. Mille Lacs is the poster child for this methodology, and one of the primary reasons the lake has been shut down the last couple summers.  There has been no actual summer harvest, except by the Bands, and then "hooking mortality". Lakes like Winnie, Leech, Vermilion, and all the high pressure walleye lake could be prime candidates for hooking mortality, and given the amount of angler pressure both winter and summer, worst case scenario closures could occur very easily. There is no question liberal limits need to be changed on many lakes, and I think that that is something that needs to take place quickly, before there are other Mille Lacs scenarios being played out.  Mille Lacs is not in fact rebounding nicely, there is optimism, but if the vaunted 2013 year class does not have a successful spawn  this spring, the DNR will once again scratch their collective heads, and go back to their funny drawing boards. Its a make or break year...    
    • eyeguy 54
      Go get em Chris!  Hopefully you find a beast or 2  
    • IceHawk
      Good Job Nice Fish good luck out there tomorrow.  Would of joined you guys but tomorrow is a true Trophy hunt shooting for a 10 1/2 or better.  Got plenty of 9-10 inchers lately so let the hunt begin.   Might be setting the bar high as I normally do  but the lake I'm heading to has a restricted limit and has some real brutes. Ive done it before  here so I know its doable. Hope my day goes as well as yours did