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Miltona and Ida update

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I have had better days on these lakes but this weekend wasn' all that bad.

Miltona - We were on the West end on Saturday morning and evening and again on Sunday morning. The best bite was on Saturday evening. We caught about 18 cigar 'eyes (no keepers) and a 4 lb snoot. The two mornings were much slowere. We only caught 8 smalleyes and perch. But man was it beautiful out there on Sat. night. It was nice to finally catch my first walleye with my Fl-18!!!

Ida - we did a little spearing out here on Betsy Ross in between angling. We ended up with 4 in 2 days all from 4 lb - 7.5 lbs. I did see a Northern that had to have weighed at least 10 lbs but chose to let it go and then the pike took my sucker minnow. Nice fish!!!! I did some checking with some other houses to see if they were catching any crappies but it appeared no one was really doing much.

Disappointing event of the weekend. We went driving around on Miltona and ended up going out past the Northeast Outfitters rental. In the next group of houses there was a house that had about 25 perch laying outside their house. In the pile was a walleye that had to weigh at least 8 lbs. I am curious why anyone would keep something like that and not photo and release. Oh well...

I'll be back this next weekend to find some more 'eyes. Has anyone found any yet?


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Jason...sound like an adventurous weekend!...Glad you found success with the FL-18....flashers are becoming indespensible for ice fishing!

The area where we put the rental house has put up some nice perch...and as dissapointing evidence occasional lunker walleye as well!...There's a good 9 days of walleye angling left...let's go get 'em! *(but be sure to save some for the spring opener!)

good luck!

Northeast Outfitters
915 Hwy 29 N NE
Alexandria, MN 56308
(320) 763-9598

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Hey there!
Another weekend update on Ida.

I saw the largest Bass I have ever seen spearing. It even bit my wooden decoy. The look on his face of disappointment was hilarious.

As for spearing we did pretty good. Took 5 Northerns on Sat. All 4-6 lbs. Then we got one more on Sund about 5 lbs. Should make some good pickling! smile.gif

Didn't get a chance to do any jigging. Father-in-law said it was too cold. We planned to go to Smith. Heard the crappies were biting.

The boat show at Stubs got the summer heart pumping. What I wouldn't do to get a new Alumicraft Tournament Pro 175 with a 75 4-stroke Yamaha! Man, if only the wife liked fishing as much as me! frown.gif

Well, my winter fishing is coming to an end. One last trip to LOW for some crappies in late March. Otherwise, let's bring on some warm weather!

Hope everyone finishes the season well.

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Southernminny: My dad had a lake home on Ida for over 30 years. I can't even begin to count the bass that we caught and released in that lake. I have one that I mounted back in 1983 that went 5-13oz. My sister now owns the lake home, but I haven't been back there for awhile. It is a great body of water. Glad you had a good weekend. I'm headed to LOW two weeks from today and again on Mar 20th. You must be fishing north for the crappies eh? Bill

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • leech~~
    • smurfy
      Everyone must of been at corkies for the meat raffle Saturday. yea those landing looked a bit scary. Thought it was a bit funny, seen several holes augered in the river Saturday when I drove by.
    • eyeguy 54
      fun day for sure moose. always a good time when we hit the ice.  
    • Poutwhacker
      I am setting up a fishing trip this summer, out of Wheelers Point. It'll be one of those guided, 3 nights/2 days fishing scenarios. Have not decided on a resort yet. Having been there before, I know the fishing is usually very good, but just wondering if there is a better time of the year for a trip like this. Leaning towards mid July - August. Thanks in advance.
    • IceHawk
      Was out there fishing today and it looked a lot different then yesterday. At least 15 vehicles and at least 5 wheelers. looked like small citys. There was a lot of ice getting shredded out there! The bite was sporadic but things r on the upside. Found some crappies today rideing right under the ice and they were aggressive! Access is just about toast heading out on Horseshoe pretty open.  Cedar island was looking tough when I left couple more warm days and its wheeler city for this cat. 
    • monstermoose78
      Went out today to get the father in law out and meet Eyeguy for some fishing fun! What a great day to be alive and fishing. I was using my pug bug like always and Eyeguy was putting the hurt to the gills with 3 mm jig. I grabbed my gander mountain special with a fribil titanium spring bobber and put a jig just like eyeguy’s on and it was game on. I am not sure how many fish were caught, but it was a good number. I released all my fish which I normally do and just enjoyed catching them. I did watch Eyeguy to see how he jigs for them gills. I tried to match Eyeguy’s style. It is important to watch how people work a jig. gills ranged from 4-9.25 inches and crappies 5-10.75 inches. Plenty of eater sized gills and crappies were caught. 
    • pikeandchester
      Spent some time on Jefferson (east) and Francis. Ice is holding up well. Accesses are a bit beat up but manageable. still a bit of crusty snow on top and the ice is thick, didn't measure. Still trucks driving out. Fishing was very tough, was trying for sunnies  caught one small bass. Lots of lookers. Drove by Madison yesterday and saw trucks with wheel houses out.
    • smurfy
      drove by the chain yesterday about 3;30 ish. sure was quiet out there. i didn't see a soul on horsehoe, a few on becker, and a couple on cedar island in the bay just south of the road access.
    • CigarGuy
      My neighbor at my cabin recently bought several acres adjoining his property and another neighbor had posted part of it-thinking he owned it.  My neighbor was planning on having it surveyed, so for the heck of it, I downloaded the trial OnX hunt map.  Only one pin on my property is visible in the winter, it was right on the pin.  We went and checked his property lines out and the neighbor that posted it, didn't own as much property as he thought he did. The OnX map property lines were fairly close to the actual lines, which were verified when surveyed.  If there are indeed pins or some kind of stakes in the ground, this should get you close enough to use a metal detector. 
    • Wanderer
      None of the GPS mapping or GIS can be used as legal documents.  The best thing would’ve been to spend the $350 or so for Title Insurance when the land was purchased.  With the insurance the lines are checked and any discrepancies are corrected. After that, yup, it’s up to getting a new survey. best of luck to ya.