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hey kelly, ya miss me? feels kinda strange. i'm getting alot of things done around here though. i figured i'd have to drive up there one day just to have a beer and a sandwich. when do you flood them rice paddys? is there enough water? wait you run big pumps for that don't you. water level probably don't matter much. if you need the six point lodge moved, just let me know. i'll buz up there. can ya tell i'm bored? i feel like a junky that hasn't had his fix for a week.maybe i'll replace a few things on the auger. like every thing below the rewind!!
keep your toes in the sand and a drink in your hand----------jigglestick------------
oh yeah, say hi to littleitaly for me------

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LABS4ME shortage of water for Kelly, We left the ATV in the ditch and I heard the Polaris dike is holding back plenty of water for Kelly wink.gif See you in the cities...Ken

p.s. will we get un trouble in the bars down here if we drink our beers sitting on 5 gal. buckets?

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the buckets we could explain, double as bar stools/ puke buckets. it's that constant repetitive setting the hook motion that i can'tseem to shake that will raise a few eyebrows. try explaining that one in a bar full of strangers smile.gif
there is a place on the south side, i'm trying to remember the name of. great steaks, beer in buckets. come as you are. a great place to sit and have a few. ah i remember now, but i better not say. i might get spanked by the administrator.i hate that.
drop me a mail.

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Looking back on the winter it was all one big bbbblllluuuurrrr. Like,,did all that really happen?
It was real strange to go from being on the lake to burning the grass off the dikes in one day. Looking around I can see that I am the usuall 1 month behind. I have been catching up on the mail,,, I now have everything through January opened. smile.gif
There is not much water flowing to flood the fields with so I'm hoping for some rain. There are about 1,000 swans on the south fields where we have some water, awesome sight to see that many at one time. The Wood Ducks are here big time again. I have 14 duck houses in my yard so it is a good show.
This area is DRY!!!!! It would be a good time to sell swampland in this area as the swamps all look like high ground.
I've been doing a lot of my black Lab imitation. You know how it works, eat/sleep, eat/sleep,and on and on.
Moving the lodge looks to me like an excuse to head back to URL. grin.gif
Why are you interested in smelt? I saw the pictures of what just a little shiner did to Duck-O-Holic last winter. ISH!!!! shocked.gif
If I did not have some work to do on the field by your house that ditch would have had about 7 feet of water in it. It could have been the first submarine ATV. grin.gif
I did get the old dead grass burned around your house. It burned so good I even got the grass under your house burned.

Waskish Minnow Station

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    • Knowknot
      Great video Curt, for as much of it that I could see. Keep up the good work, and one question, Are there any live emerald shiners around the Baudette area to be had, or just frozen ones?
    • eyeguy 54
      Its a little stiffer than my titanium spring boober and much more sensitive.  I like it  better than the 27 inch ul ticklestick. Only used 3 and 4 mm jigs so far. Thumbs up from me. 
    • Troy Smutka
      2/18/18     Got out on an area lake an hour before sunrise Saturday. Got a bunch of crappies until they slowed about 9 am. Most between 9.5 and 11 inches. Sunfish started biting about sunrise and bit all morning. Half of them were 8 to 8.5 inches. Most of the rest were 7 to 7.5 inches. Kept two meals of fish--released the rest. 1/32 ounce VMC Tungsten Tubbies tipped with a single wax worm or two red Eurolarvae fished just above some weeds in thirteen feet of water caught fish after fish. Lots of good ice on area lakes. Even though walleyes and pike close in just over a week and wheel houses can't stay out unattended soon, still a lot of good ice fishing for panfish to come. Will have plenty of ice for a while, so get out and enjoy the peace and quiet and fast crappie and sunfish action that March will bring. Good luck, and I will see you out there somewhere.
    • IceHawk
      Had a chance to rub shoulders and fish with some of the ice team guys today. Great bunch of guys we had some good laughs and of course discussed plenty about fishing. Even shared a few hotspots. The hands on they give the people that sign up for this event is absolutely amazeing! From hands on to tips on everything to do to make your day on the ice way more productive. From what I witnessed it would be well worth the investment to sign up for one of there events , if you are new to fishing or heck even a seasoned angler.  Fished with one guy from Nebraska said he has done 5 of these events and has enjoyed everyone of them.  Fun day for sure 
    • AlwaysFishing23
      Royce, how’s the sensitivity Is the tip soft like a tickle stick and how’s quality seem? About same price as a tickle stick I see may have to try one for next season. If It passes with flying colors do you it must be good! Tough day for me not much happening went from about 8-29 FOW and just nothing. Found perch in about 19 but even they seemed finicky and would only hit the dead stick. A bit windy on the lake today to!
    • The Chemist
      Yes that would be the one. A friend of mine sent it to me. The guy who got it is a friend of his nephew. 
    • The Chemist
      So that explains the traffic and also the one where they were shooting video of what appeared to be about a drill type auger. Did drive by an ice team truck on the way out also.
    • The Chemist
      The warmer weather has brought alot of people out to the area. We are waiting for the later bite. Most are setup in shallowet water. Haven't marked fish yet but tendto see them at sunset.    Be careful with all the holes being drilled! I found one that was covered back in, got my shin, luckily not my ankle.
    • eyeguy 54
      Started out in 26 feet this morning and had 5 dandy crappies in 15 minutes then it was over. moved a mile and found a few dandy gills in 16 feet. And a couple bass.  Day 2 with the new rods and liking them more. 
    • monstermoose78
      I would fish them trees
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