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I found this at another site and thought it would be a good idea to post over here, not sure if anyone has brought it up yet, but maybe with more of us knowing about it, more can help some how.,
Its basically a response from this comment below.

," right now a condominium complex is being proposed on the shore of Dead Lake near Dent, MN. They are proposing to build it on the shorelines of some critical waterfowl habitat on the lake and it will be detrimental to many species of game and fish that depend on it :eyeroll: . When I surf the web, why can't I find a website by forward thinking Minnesota sportsmen trying to fight such idiotic proposals? "

Because you werent looking in the right place.
Type in and you will see the site.

Its not a condo complex. It is a "cluster development" which has been sold as being environmentally friendly.
Its basically a city of about 700 plopped down on a peninsula in the middle of an 8000 acre, shallow lake which is classified as an environmentally sensitive lake.
The development would consist of 130some housing units, restaraunt, gas station, 3 marinas with dockside gas self contained water and a sewer system for the whole thing.
The 260 acre peninsula is surrounded by water that probably averages 3 feet but much of it is less and consists of wild rice, hard stem bull rushes, cattails and loon nests. There is also a bald eagle nest on the peninsula.
The lake is a traditional resting area for diver ducks.
The propery is bordered by two WMAs, some private hunting land and a parcel given to Moorhead State as a wildlife study area.
No brainer you say? That is what we thought. Tell that to the county commissioners, judges and other politicians in this state. (Believe me, many of them will be gone after the next election.

The idea behind a cluster development is that you can get away with packing more people into less area (and make more money).
The alternative would be to lot it off but that would mean that they could only sell 30 -50 lots which cuts into their greed.
They say that one giant septic has less impact than 40 small ones.
The giant one only has to fail once and you destroy the lake. Smaller ones would be new and have to meet code.

My fear (and that of most others with half a brain) is what happens when you increase the population by 700 complete with speed boats and jerk skis on a lake that is mostly less than 15 feet deep?

I just so happen to live on that lake and have been very active in fighting that development. If you think that hundreds of people havent put in hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars doing what they can to keep zillionaires from selling out that lake, you are sadly mistaken. Our lake association is into our lawyers to the tune of over a hundred grand.

You dont see much about this on sportsmens forums. Normally, it is read and written by the same handful of people day in and day out and the opinions and attitudes of those people will not be changed by what goes on here.

The trouble is that the locals in this area are being overtaken by people from the cities who hear about how wonderful it would be to have a "boat up" restaraunt etc... and dont realize A. what that development would mean to the waterfowl and water quality (80 some % is less than 15 feet deep) and that to get to the "boat up"restaraunt, you would have to "boat up" for about 300 yards through 2-3 feet of water and weeds. These people have deep pockets and all that many of them know about waterfowl is that geese sh*t on their golf courses.

Money talks to 80 year old retired farmers who spent their entire lives not making as much from farming as they would off the interest generated by what they are offered for their property from developers.
Pretty tough for sportsmen's interests to shut things like that down.

You figure it out... when this went before the county planning commision, there was time for public input. 116 letters came in asking for and EIS to be done against the development. 1 letter came in in favor of the development. The USFWs sent a letter asking for an EIS. The DNR sent a representitive requesting an EIS. The board deliberated about 10 minutes and granted the go ahead. Same thing happened when it went before the county judge.
Now it looks as though it may end up in the Supreme Court. I hope it does because the county seems to be ready to sell their own mothers for the sake of tax base.

Property values have been increasing as have taxes to the point where the common man cannot own lakeshore anymore. It is only more valuable if you plan to sell and move somewhere else.
DU...the USFWS...MWA...MDNR are all against this thing as well as all other rediculous uncontrolled degradation of what brings people to Mn in the first place. Lack of County experience, planning and forethought is why this development is even a pipe dream.
Try to fight it at the township level and people say "I dont want government telling me what I can and cant do with my land".
They say that until a hog confinement building pops up in their backyard or they cant hunt ducks on the lake anymore.

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island guy

You are so Right!! Hard to believe anyone with any common sense at all would ever approve a project such as this. Unreal. Iwould challenge anyone to take a walk along the beach of this area and envision the destruction this project would do. It's really sad!

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Mark Christianson

I have talked to people in the Fergus Falls USFWS office about this. They can only do so much.

Bottom line, growth and development reigns more powerful than saving some of natures parcels.

What a frickin joke(IMO).
This is going to continue. I spend a lot of time in Ottertail county, and just look at some of the lakes(small mudholes) that are getting developed. I just hate to see it.

Although, how do you stop progress and population increases?
A double-edged sword indeed.

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Mark Christianson


I will also say that I agree with you on most(if not all) of your points.
Thanks for taking the time to put this out here.

I just hope that this can be stopped.
People with deep pockets need to be stopped(or slowed) at some point.

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Naaah, I couldn't ever write that good.
I found this post in another outdoors forum, but deleted some of the guys personal stuff incase he minded

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It is very sad if this development is granted. Dead Lake should be natural FOREVER, IMO.

It is unfortunate that there are people like this who's greed blinds them from reality and the consequences of what this may do.

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I first read about this about a year ago and was disgusted to see that something like this could happen. I don't know if shorline management has gotten involved but when this will generate so much in property taxes for the area it's a hard sell to stop the project. Small farming in the area is shrinking and land prices are skyhigh so it is easy to see how the lure of big money helps along the sell off of property. My parents live in OTC just south of Fergus and 10 years ago theirs was one of 5 homes on the lake now it is pretty much surrounded and backlots are now being offered. Mind you this is a 400 acre lake (WOW). It's easy to see why there are fewer ducks left in the area.


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B. Amish

First off, Dead Lake is a specail lake in my opinion because of all of the shallow water and waterfowl habitat! There aren't a lot of lakes like this in the state, of Dead's size, amount of shoreline, bays, islands, etc. This lake should be protected, not developed! Personally i would rather see the whole thing turned into a national wildlife refuge. When will developers see these places as unique wildlife habitat and leave them alone?! If this were happening on another lake, it might not be that big of a deal, but Dead Lake is special, Let's work to keep it that way!,
How can I help?

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Just a couple points, and I apologize if I seem a bit rude...

First, from the perspective of the County or other local government...they hear, on a regular basis, about the need (desire) of their citizens to keep property taxes from increasing. The way to keep rates down is to increase tax base. When they allow a development of this nature to move forward, it is largely in response to demands of their constituency.

Next, it is time for the groups...lake associations, DU, etc. to step up - be proactive - and buy some of this land before it is purchased by developers. If you want it preserved, take some responsibility, and buy it. And yes, I understand that resources in those organizations are tight...but by the time you spend the money fighting these battles in court, you could just as well buy the land...

Again, sorry if I seem a bit rude...I don't mean to be.

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Remember this year is an election year, so this summer when your local polititian is out pounding the pavement at the local parade ask them how they stand, and tell them what your thoughts are.

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The larger developments will continue....last fall, I heard about another large plot of land purchased on a small, ecologically sensitive lake within 10 miles of Dead Lake. This practice started in the larger cities several years ago. By buying the large land tracts in advance, the developer has control of everything and maximizes the amount of money made.
Hopefully, Fergus Falls has anticipated this and will allow limited, smart growth so we avoid becoming another Brainerd (too crowded!)
Sportsman's clubs can help by seeking out land purchases or land donations.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • MN BassFisher
      Thanks guys. It's always fun checking out a new lake and having it pan out!
    • cookie129
      It was a little bit of a chore cutting the trail over to Buddy Hillmen's highway . I sware the way our landing is and the shape of the shore line all the snow that blows ends up on our landing. Its just amazing how the wind just packs it in there. It did not take long to get stuck as the snow was up to the red barons door handle. Once I could not go any further I went back around to Hillmens and was able to come from the other direction and get through . But I again got stuck going through Buddies berm. Man did we pile up snow there through out the season.
       Once that was open I headed out to start bringing the fleet home. Just taking my time I was able to bring north Carolina, north Dakota and florida home . Since the heat was still on I spent the extra time to go ahead and get them vacuumed and cleaned up from the past weekend.
       Jonny boy stayed out there in montana. While Darrin showed up for California with his buddie Mike. Big Tony showed up with his daughter Katrina. Tony was my helper years ago.
       Darrin was up to 4 or 5 last night. Jonny boy has picked up just a couple over the last couple nights, Tony and Katrina were also up to 4 or 5 with a couple bonus perch. katrina did catch a elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie and has kept her streak alive, she is 9 as has caught at least one every time she has came fishing with her dad. I'm thinking she is Tonys lucky charm as one year they set up in the middle of no where and landed on a few.
       The lake has been pretty darn quiet, all though a couple young guys we met during our crappie hunt were out there. Jonny boy had invited them over to fish by us as they had only caught one that weekend. They showed up that sunday eve and after talking to them they may of landed on the mother load that sunday night before they left.
       I drove over to talk to them yesterday as they were just south of us . They had a different trailer so I did not know it was them. They have been testing some new gadgets from Garmin all winter . Turns out they have been fishing up here since they were young. Over 20 years . Two super nice guys. The equipment they are using can pick up fish in any direction from 100 feet away. It will show you if they are 10 feet away or 27 feet away. It also shows bait fish . Its all most not fair? But you still have to get them to bite? You can drill right over where you spot them. Then turn it  looking down with another setting.  If you had 8 holes you could see all you jigs . Turns out just as I had pulled up  they had landed on the mother load not 300 feet from the houses. they figured they caught over 20 . They kept 4 .  Then just like that they were gone. With there gadget they spotted them 75 feet away to the sw and moved there Yettie over there for the evening bite .
       Coming off the lake last night I'm thinking one more move should be in order. There's plenty of snow to bank Minnesota and montana. I do not have any more fishermen coming up so its time to get California home. Then I need to decide if I want to fish in old Minnesota one more night at least. I know Jonny boy will have no problem staying in montana as many nights as he can. I see it s time to check the fluids and head out to check on the guys and say good bye. Who knows maybe tonight will be the night the mother load swims underneath old minnesota  
    • DonBo
      Busy season for me.  Taking a youth for the early Wisconsin season, then another for the Minnesota opener.  My dad (94 years old this year) has season B, I'm gonna try hard to get him on another bird.   I also do a women's mentored hunt later in May.  Have an archery tag in MN, so going to try to fit that in sometime.  Also hoping to hunt Wisconsin's D season if I get my leftover tag this morning. Sure hope there'll be time for some spring crappie fishing.
    • gimruis
      Yes, I agree with Dragfoot.  The reason Mille lacs gets hit harder with pressure is its proximity to more people.  You can go there and back in a day if you live in the cities or st cloud, etc whereas you can't do that with some of these other big lakes up north. Also, hooking mortality in Mille Lacs is a bigger issue than others because its further south and its generally shallower.  For such a large lake, its not very deep and it warms up quicker.  Warmer water = higher hooking mortality.
    • gimruis
      I agree with Moose.  The eating machine in that lake is the large population of big walleyes in mid-20s inch range.  They over harvested the small eating size ones for too long.  Combined with additional predators in the lake such as expanding pike population, smallmouth bass, muskies, etc and a changing environment, all of this is working against the walleye population.  The water is much clearer out there than it used to be only 15 years ago and that does not favor walleyes, who prefer darker water over sunlight.
      The reason MIlle Lacs gets hit so hard is its so close to the metro, can go fishing for the day real easy. With lower gas prices, people are willing to drive to LOW to fish and spend the additional resources for a room. Once gas prices go back up to $4 per gallon, watch the fishing pressure change on the lakes further away. When I got my place 10 years ago, the resort I am at was super quiet in the summer to the point I was nervous they would close...not the case anymore!
    • grundy
      got mine on ebay. Do a search on ebay for tire covers.
    • ANYFISH2
      1 more year I bet, then we part ways.  We lost to many players this year for various reasons. If we dont make some noise next season I think he is gone.
    • ANYFISH2
      I think we should go 7-3 here the last 10 games, then again we have lost a bunch of games against teams we should have beat. Will it be enough to make the playoffs?
    • monstermoose78
      There are to many 20-28 inch eyes they eat everything.  Allow anglers two fish size don’t matter you get two you are done. Bring in extra dnr and fine people who keep fishing. Just like on the rainy river.