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Alternative resorts/ guides maintained ice roads

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My friend and neighbor asked me the other day for alternative (NOT Red, LOW,  or Mille Lacs)  places to bring his wheel house. He likes having a plowed maintained road and usually a resort with bar/restaurant type of amenities nearby .  Other than Leech and Winnie I really didn't have much for suggestions.  






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Jim Almquist

I think your friend should invest in a plow and some chains because there are very few lakes that have plowed roads that could handle a wheel house other than the ones you listed. If a resort has plowed roads they don't want a wheel house on them. Might be able to get the resort to plow out a spot  for a couple of bucks. I know Fish lake north of Duluth has plowed roads and the resort owner would help if paid.

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There used to be a guy in the Pelican Rapids area that would plow a trail out to fishhouses late in the year. It may be worth it for him to call around to some guys who plow or even small landscaping companies. I would bet he could find someone to make a path out to his fishhouse for some extra cash. The downside to having a plowed road to his house would be all the extra traffic and fishhouses that path would bring. 

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head of the lakes resort on Lake Osakis...

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Cass Lake or Lake Bemidji, possibly Bowstring. Rainy or Vermillion might be about the only other options.

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Thanks for the info guys.   He decided on leech .   I did find some guides on Kab and Bemidji that were willing to help him out as well.  

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • AlwaysFishing23
      Masking tape on rod handle then electrical tape reel to rod. Works good!
    • BriGuy88
      Hockey tape for me.  Bought a roll 10 years ago and probably have another 10 years left in it, unless I go on a shopping spree for rods/reels! 
    • EricO
      Finally got out there Saturday after wanting to for almost 10 years! After reading all the pointers on here and looking at maps we gave it a try. Ended up catching around 15 between the 2 of us in about 4 hrs biggest being about 6lbs. Had a blast and will definitely do it again!  Oh and you're not kidding about a lite bite I think only one actually pulled the bobber  under!
    • tca12
      I was on Turtle Lake.  I've always found the clarity good there although I also haven't seen a boatload of pike.  Centerville was awful a couple of weeks ago as was Peltier although they both can change in a few weeks.  Sorry I didn't reply sooner but I was up north seeing almost 50 fish in two days on a small lake west of Bemidji.  Nice clear water there and pike from 10 to 38 inches long. 
    • MitchRapp
      Just fished Potato for the first time this winter. Found walleyes in 15 feet of water off the mid lake humps during the day/late afternoon. Had the camera down and saw plenty of eyes but couldn't get them to bite. Was wondering if this lake is more of a night bite.
    • smurfy
      Any clue how it started? Really a bummer. Just remembering some of the fun times there.
    • SDS
      Gents, Anyone been to OT lately that could comment on ease of ice travel. Snow depth, drifts and ice.  Would traveling nearly anywhere be acceptable with exception to rivers/creeks?
    • PRO-V
      Went by yesterday. Just a pile of steel sheeting and ashes. Sad.
    • Wanderer
      White hockey tape for this guy too.
    • eyeguy 54
      sure do but I had 3 rolls of colored duct tape in garage.  
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