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Good multi species fishing line for ice?

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Hey all, I am planning on doing a lot of multi species fishing this winter and am trying to decide on what lb line I should have and what type, It seems fluorocarbon line is the best choice for most ice anglers so I am leaning towards that. I was thinking a fluorocarbon leader with my main line being mono but I want something strong enough that can hang onto a larger pike if I happen to hook into one and play it right but also something low profile so that shy perch and crappie are not hesitant to bite. I just don't know what pound strength of a fluorocarbon leader I should use because it seems like people say use 40-80lb for the pike but I feel that is way too thick for smaller fish to want to bite. any thoughts on a setup? I only have one rod and at the moment don't plan on having a noodle for panfish and a medium heavy for pike. I have a firm medium rod that is a good balance for smaller and larger fish and just need advice on the line, thanks -jim

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Cliff Wagenbach

I would spool the rod with a 8# to 10#  test braided line. I like Power Pro, Slick 832, and Fire Line in that order of preference. Moss green is my preferred color.

Then tie on a small swivel, tie about 2' to 3' of Fluorocarbon of the pound test that matches the fish you will be targeting. 

I like 4# for pan fish, 8# for walleyes, and 10# or heavier for pike. (or you can also tie direct to the braid for pike) they usually are not very line shy!



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Thanks for your input, I got myself setup with braid and a fluoro leader and its working great!

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    • leech~~
      @Rick G, it's about the questionable link they left. Either something hard is going to popup. Or someone may end up with a virus. Or both!
    • Poseidon
      MrPike, you using the 6" or 8" k-drill?
    • Knowknot
      I sure would like to see your video Curt, but can't seem to get past the error code myself. Hope it was a good one, and always look forward to seeing them..
    • AlwaysFishing23
      Thanks Rick G that will be this springs project one thin spray on the top and bottom should be just right. Seems they all have this issue you’d think they’d do somthing about it.
    • Borch
      I've got a 9 ah battery ordered in addition to my 5 ah batteries.   I'm thinking I should be in better shape.  But with the ice getting pretty thick I'll be switching to my gas auger soon.
    • mrpike1973
      Thanks for the replies I will be getting one today. Poseidon one thing to check is your blade sharpness Last year I thought my drill was getting weak I put new blades on and away I went.  With this open winter they tend to dull faster just an idea. I'm getting about 15 -18 holes per battery in 20 inches of ice also with same set up.
    • leech~~
      Teach them up in the way they should go. And they will never part from it! Great video!   Mom probably loved the day off too!
    • leech~~
      @eyeguy 54, @Rick G Someone want to check this last poster out. 
    • lungdeflator
      Planning a trip up to Clearwater towards the end of March.  Hoping to get into some big Lakers up there and possibly some big Pike if the Lakers are slow.   Anybody fish up there?  I've been scouring the webs but there isn't a lot of useful information out there.  Uncut Angling videos have probably been the most helpful.   Thanks!  
    • Slab_Supper
      Where's it at? What depth? What are you using? Don't care about what lake as I  know we don't want the masses destroying our precious spots...
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