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Bowtech Fuel - Good Product?

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Hey folks, first time poster. Just moved from TN and am about to step into the world of archery for the upcoming deer season. I plan to buy a bow in the next few weeks and practice a few times a week if needed until I'm ready. 


I shot a few bows and really liked the Bowtech Fuel. I was at a local shop, not Cabelas. The guy said its capable of taking down any animal and its a great bow quality wise and price wise for someone getting into archery hunting. I'd like to get feedback from you all on it. Thanks in advance. 

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Looks like a good entry level bow and like you said if you shot them and that's the one you like then it is a good match for you. I cant really tell you if the bow will be good for you or not but Bowtech does make good bows. That bow can go up to 70lbs and ibo of 320, yes the guy at the shop is right that will take out any animal in north America.


My advise is if you think you are going to get pretty into archery is get a little nicer sights than the cheap ones out there Black Gold has a 5 pin called the widow maker around the $150 mark.


Other thing that I would get a little better on is get a decent stabilizer 365 archer has a good one called DVS depending on the length 80-100 bucks


  Where did you shoot the bows Average Joes or Archery Country?


When you get the bow there is a archery range off Hanson Blvd in Andover they have an indoor range for winter and an outdoor range, broad head range,  and either 3 or 4 walk through

If you are not a member it is 5 bucks to shoot.                           

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I actually wound up buying it and spent a while with the guys at the shop getting it sighted in and learning to shoot. The crew at Average Joes is great. 


Can't wait for archery season! 

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Nothing better than slinging arrows



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  • Posts

    • Sherman
      I'll be out this wknd and got 3 spots to try out so still debating which one will be the ticket. The past couple weeks I've been getting some while crappie fishing.  Going to be shore fishing so FYI the water level is pretty high right now with all the rain from few weeks ago. A wader would be handy if you have one.  Good luck n be safe out there.
    • Thulie
      Found a half dozen good size crappies on Clear Lake in Waseca Sunday.  Just off the bottom in 8 feet of water, minnows under bobbers.  Water temp was 58 on the east side of the lake, which was a full degree above the rest of the lake.
    • eyeguy 54
      yepper, almost 30 between the 2 of us in the slack water next to fast water. kinda hard to fish in that fast water when it's moving so fast...  
    • Tom Sawyer
      We were using both, but the number of fish caught was definitely based on..... location, location, location - slack water during high flows is where it's at buddy.
    • eyeguy 54
      I remember when I first moved to MN I went down to the dam with a buncha angleworms. Coudnt keep the smallies off. LOL