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    • leech~~
      Bots don't buy!  Lol
    • Blackhawkxp
      Stopped by the lake on Friday and asked a gentleman that was out fishing.  He said 2.5" of ice.  
    • eyes55117
      4+” on 1st lake on forest last night12/10/17. 7 houses out.
    • Chill62
      Figured I would start a fishing report to keep it separate from someone trying to get ice thicknesses.  Fished three different lakes this weekend.  First lake we got to on Saturday had a side by side on it so we felt safe walking.  Hole at access had 7" and we stopped in a few holes along the way fishing and we found an average of 8".  This lake was up on the WE Reservation, long skinny and deep.  Fishing was hit and miss pike were chasing around the gills.  Caught a few big bass which was fun on the UL's and caught a few small gills.  Found a few keeper crappies and kept enough for a meal.  Average was around 11" for crappies and 7" for gills biggest being a 13" crappie.  Second lake is a very known walleye lake around DL.  we had 8" out there also.  Made the hike out to a shoreline break/point and set up with tip ups and jigging spoons.  I suck at walleye fishing and struck out.  Buddies that were 10-15' on either side of me landed 2 EACH and the one tip up 30 feet away also landed one.  Perch were THICK!  I only caught 4-6" perch. Sunday my fishing partner over slept so I went chasing bluegills and crappies on a small lake.  Drilled holes from 42' to 14'.  Fishing was SLOW until the sun came out and then the sunnies were showing up in 38' suspended and aggressive.  Hole hopped because they were all 4-6" but that's all i could find out deep.  As dark came closer my friends started appearing and we could follow the fish up shallower.  Ended up with a few meals for a buddy and his daughter who came out.  A lot of weeding through small ones for keepers.  Very spooky fish.  Aggressive jigging to attract and then they pretty much didn't want it moved.  Wax worms were key last night. Good luck fishing.
    • Chill62
      Yikes!  I haven't fished OT County yet but been on four different lakes in Becker.  Last weekend bigger shallower lake was at 7".  This weekend skinny long deep lake was at 8" and it had a side by side on the lake. Large body of water that when it warmed up reopened had 8".  Went to my honey hole and had 10.25-10.5" on it.  Dang near drove out but figured I'd wait so I drilled about 150 holes yesterday and didn't find any thin ice spots.  My shoulder hurts from drilling holes this weekend and carrying around my big 10" auger lol.   Becker County report.  Fish were SPOOKY!!!  Tried a few lakes for panfish and didn't really get into them but they were spooky.  They prefered smaller jigs tipped with wax worms, tried soft plastics but they wanted real things this weekend was my finding.  Fished a lake Saturday night right before dark had tip ups out and jigging with spoons.  One eye came on a tip up other 4 came on spoons.  Had guys 15 feet from me on both sides both catch 2 and the tip up was another 30 feet the other way and I didn't get a bite or a mark!!!!  That's my luck though.  People catching walleyes what I'm hearing are downsized baits on dead sticks.  Buddy got a 6.5 pounder C&R on a crappie/fathead fishing for perch mid day.  I don't know if weather has them in a funk or what.  Panfish are spooky and smaller jigs worked better 4 mm and 3 mm had better results then 5 mm.  5 mm I was finding was spooking fish when they would get near.  I drilled holes from 42' to 14' and had best luck when sun came out in 38 feet but I could follow the schools shallower as the sun set ultimately ended up in 19-21' for crappies and gills.
    • LoonASea
      You do realize this post is over 6 years old??? Did you try calling the phone number??
    • Mike89
      at a garage sale.....
    • eyeguy 54
      If I had gobs of money I would own a few of those spendy rods.  MAybe I will gift myself one someday since you didnt get my name for Christmas.  16 with shipping. lol
    • trebormorgan
      7 inches on main lake of North Long. Had the ATV out. 12/10/17
    • Bigfatbert
      Thanks for the reply JerkinLips...