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High School Hockey

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First it depends on student body size,  then the athletic director with along with coaches principal and the some input from the Hawks bantam etc  remember what ever classification the high school has are what your younger teams play at.  The A.D. will not say why he will not go up..  Maybe with new coaches coming up he wants to go the safe route.  Sure they beat AA teams but who.  If they go up, it is a two year commitment The hawks sure looked like any AA team could have beat them last night    

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They lost to Wayzata (their only loss) but beat Grand Rapids, Minnetonka and White Bear to name a few ,,, You can blame adults/faculty for not upgrading to AA but the players still deserve praise for their achievements

Another dumb question ,,, if they do go to AA will that be for all sports or just hockey??? 

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Just hockey.


Hermantown plays AA in youth hockey now.



Schools can opt up if they wish, examples, St.Thomas Academy, Roseau.

There is alot of discussion if Hermantown should opt up or not.  I think they could compete for sure. Thier program seems to get better every year. I am happy for them.

On the same token some schools can opt down as well?  Not sure how, but Monticello -Annandale -Maple Lake (MAML) is one example.

I just enjoy good hockey.


This tournament is providing just that!

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LoonASea - It is my understanding that enrollment dictates if you MUST play AA but can opt up - see Roseau, St Thomas, etc - should you choose to......


Either way, been a great Tourney so far and heading back down to watch today! Awesome Hockey!!

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Well, class A is down to Hermantown vs. MAML, for the class final.


Again, class A has provided 2 more absolutely fantastic games today!


MAML defeats Northfield with seconds remaining in regulation. 3-2.


Hermantown again had thier hands full with a hot goalie against them.  After falling behind 5-2 the hawks find away to dominate the 2rd period and tie the game up 5-5, sending the game to overtime.  Then getting the winning goal with 21 seconds remaining in OT.



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I dont know?  I think this is the BEST tournament I have ever watched!!


Every game is competitive, and exciting.


Good luck to all tomorrow.


AA- Moorhead vs. Grand Rapids

A- Monticello-Annandale-Maple Lake vs. Hermantown.

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The excitement continues on championship Saturday!


Hermantown needing 2 OT periods and enduring a waved off goal to win with 20 sec left, 4-3.


Thank you class A for a tournament to remember.


Class AA I hope it continues tonight.

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    • ZachD
      Well I ended up picking up the Cabelas zone specialist on sale for $160 plus I had a coupon in the mail for 20 off A $150 purchase
      Picked up a new chair and a power owl call ( Im pretty sure I can call better with no call than that thing) I had a 200 gift card so I walked out of there with 17.00 credit
      Not bad I say I really liked the blind I sat in them all that were set up with my chair and I grabbed a bow from the archery department. I know people will probably disagree but dare I say from what I seen I like it better than the bullpen even.
      It seems to me to be made of a good material too and I can see it lasting awhile as I will take care of it and I am not going to leave it out for days on end. We will see how it is to hunt out of soon.
    • mrpike1973
      I love my 6 inch K Drill however the blades seem to dull faster to me once I figured it out. Happy as a clam. I do regret selling my power auger. I bought a 8 Eskimo power auger for when I go to Mille lacs. the K drill will work just fine but I liked having the 8 inch hole for eyes up there harder to turn there head in a six inch hole. I know you can drill 2 holes together but for me it just worked. Short story Rick G is right on I love my K drill. Would recommend to any one and it's so much lighter when runnin and gunnin.
    • northspear
      tipupsonly it was very hard to just sit and not fish. Yeah it was very very warm up there. I'll walk out if I have to!!!! It'll be my 3rd weekend up in a row.  Love this time of year. 
    • Tony S
        Just wanted to share info on what I know about how those USGS stream gages work.  The stream gaging station will not reflect accurate readings of stage and discharge while ice cover is present.  If you are looking at USGS stream gages you will see a little note in the data table that says "Ice Cover" if this is the case.  They won't be useful until the ice is gone and "Ice Cover" is not showing up next to the readings.  They work on water pressure to estimate the height of water above the gage.  More water flowing under the ice creates more water pressure, so makes the estimated gage height and corresponding estimated discharge go up.  The USGS gage at Manitou should be accurate (no ice cover).  The higher flow will draw the fish in better than low flow.  Another good one to check is the LWCB gages for Rainy Lake and the tailrace below the dam(s).  That will help determine if it's the Forks affecting water levels or just more water coming out of Rainy, which is nice and clear.  Hopefully it won't get muddy!  Maybe see you out there DucksnBucks.  T-Rock-1.
    • Wanderer
      I saw teal for the first time this morning.  I've had 8 drake mergs hanging around the house for at least a week.  Ringnecks have taken their place for about the past week.  The goldeneyes came and went pretty quick.   I heard snows last night.  Other guys reported the same this morning.  One person reported a flock of Ross' geese last night.  Too bad they don't show a hint of setting down around these parts.   Ive heard woodies but can't say I've actually seen one.  And my wood duck house appears to still be empty.  There was a No Vacancy sign on it by this time last year.   In all, I'm seeing the usual suspects but I have to say the numbers are less than last year.  I hope that's just due to there being more open water all around than last year.