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Well on the midst of a lost season, the youth movement as well as the rest of team seems to finally be coming together.

Nice run since early July, Kepler kid looks to stick around.  Finally been fun to watch recently.

After 7+ months of no chatter, what are your thoughts?

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We still watch or listen to them regularly.  Was painful first month or so but has gradually improved.  It's actually fun watching this young team grow and improve. 

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Definitely funner to watch now, but if we are in a youth movement we all know what needs to happen.  Not to start the the mauer bash again and i know he has hit better the last few weeks but with trevor back today would be nice to see sano at first and plouffe at third w/o mauer at dh. Let vargas dh or bring park back for another chance. As bad as some think park was he did hit 12hr w/ i believe 24 rbi in 60 some games. Mauer  9hr 42rbi in 104 games. I know its impossible to have a 24 million dollar utility player / pinch hitter but at some point gotta think about the future. Im guessing that will be after 2018 season unfortunately.  Either way at least worth watching now. Just a number is seen to think about. If mauer reaches 60 rbi which he probably wont he will make $384k per rbi. Most people bust their ass to make that in 5-10 yrs.

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1 hour ago, snagfinder said:

would be nice to see sano at first

Sano's only asset in the field is a great arm which is meaningless at first. If he cant catch a pop fly at 3b he cant catch it if the twins hide him at 1b either.

I think the Twins needed to work with him better at RF but coming in 20lbs overweight to start the year didnt help and thats on Sano.

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I don't know if Sano will become any kind of reliable fielder, anywhere.

I like his power potential, all other stages of his game leave little to be desired.  Although, he probably won't improve without playing time.  I think he destined to be a DH, with spot duty in the field.

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Easy fix. Dh sano and put park/vargas at 1st

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Well so far 2017 has been much easier to watch!  The twins youth movement seems to be coming together nicely.

First place in the central into June and playing great on the road is a good sign.

What I like so far:


Starting pitching is improved especially Santana and Berrios.


Fielding has been fantastic!  impressed with, Buxton and nice improvement from our corners Maurer and Sano.


Sano is the real deal with a bat in his hands.  Lots of quality major league at bats out of him this year.


Molitor is letting his starts go a little longer.

What I dont like:


Relief pitchers!!  never comfortable.


We have to start winning at home.


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