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I fish around the Franklin, Morton area. Been catching a few walleyes here and there but have yet to develop a consistent pattern. Any tips or areas you guys like to look for fishing around this area? 

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I never really get that far upstream, but I can say from what I've seen on the MN river in my experience fishing for cats, the eyes seem to be active in some of the same spots as catfish (current seams/eddys/creek inlets, etc) during the spring, stealing bait -- even large catfish baits like 8 inch long bullheads.  They sort of come in like a wet sock on that heavy gear though.  Then they sort of disappear (or become very rare at least) mid summer, and show up in the fall again in those same locations again.  

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I agree with aanderud and will add a couple of things. The first thing is to stay mobile, pick off a couple and if or when the bite shuts down just move. You don't have to move far or not revisit spots, actually it's good to return a bit later and try again. Second thing is to change baits and/or the angle in which you present them. Switch colors, sizes, action, and speed. Mess around a bunch and throw different lures in the same area you catch one. Changing angles could also help and it's what I choose first. When I'm chucking something I have confidence in my angle is always changing until one bites. Then I try to repeat that angle with the same speed and hope for that smack again.

There's a lot of ways to pick apart a spot and usually that's what it takes.....for me anyway. :)

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Thanks for sharing these tips.

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    • Net_Man
      I read that they are going to close the walleye season on 9-5-17 regardless of whether the state's quota is met. Fall fishing gone again........    With these highly restrictive regulations that favor ones desire over another's desire will start to pit fisherman against each other.   If we need to have less fishing pressure on the lake then maybe we should close down all of the public launches. Then some would fish other lakes but the balance would be forced to pay to launch at a resort since we are worried about them. Then that extra business could cover their losses if we eliminate live bait which would hurt their fishing launch business. Maybe we should just ban all paid launch fishing and ban all paid guide service on the lake which just brings additional undesired fishing pressure. Maybe restrict the number of hours any one person is allowed to fish the lake throughout the year.   Heck, I would even favor closing walleye fishing for 3 or 4 years straight if that would get us back to some normal regulations.   Yes, these outbursts are why I do not text any more after 10:00 at night. Time to give up the keyboard also.......
    • Borch
      I would look in holes and flats near them.  Deep depends on how shallow the section that you're fishing is.
    • eyeguy 54
      monster quest.  
    • Whiskerbent
      Yeah pike I agree.  Am hoping to head down towards the lake and get to a couple holes
    • monstermoose78
      Going on the hunt tomorrow