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spent a week on rainy, novice report.

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I just came home from rainy and here is my report, I'm pretty much a Mississippi river fisherman so lakes are pretty new to me.

We fished black bay and the reefs.

In black bay on the north shore near the mouth of the rat root we destroyed the northerns, they were up near the reeds and were bonkers over a large beetle spin lure.

my girlfriend was using a zebco closed reel that didnt retrieve as fast as my spinning reels so her beetle spin lure was deeper and slower moving so she really toor up some big ring perch which made up the majority of keeper fish for our trip.

we could go into any area that had reeds or weeds and repeat catching northerns and ring perch this way.

There was a wind storm Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon that after it stopped we immediately hit the rocky shorelines in black bay that produced 4 keeper walleye and quite a few northerns.

I was using an olive x rap the girlfriend was using a beetle spin lure still, she caught 3 of the keeper walleye.

we went out to the reefs every day and caught big walleyes, the biggest was 26 inches, not 1 keeper fish.

we caught them in 10-15 foot of water a few different ways.

I mainly cast a olive x rap over the edge of the reef and gave a couple tugs and let it sit then repeat, I also used husky jerks with limited success. it was really exiting when the sun was at our back wearing polarized glasses, you could see the walleye home in on the lure and go after it, they made big arcs in the water when they went after it, that was the high lite of my trip.

My girlfriend who still was using a beetle spin lure must have caught 200 smallies out there, they went after her lure in droves, most were small but she did catch several in the 15-20 inch range, we didn't keep any.

She also caught the biggest northern of the trip out there, it measured 38 inches.

She caught quite a few big walleye out there just casting a minnow out on a Lindy rig, it was kind of a pain in the butt considering the snags trying to fish on the bottom.

we also caught a few walleye using slip bobbers on top of the reefs in 10 foot of water, we used minnows and leeches.

all in all we probably caught 50-60 walleyes out there and not 1 keeper fish which I'm not complaining about, we had a blast out there catching those fish.

The fishing was best from 11-4, we literally caught nothing from sun up till 9am.

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never heard the term "ring perch"--yellow perch?full-34915-34864-001.jpg

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never heard the term "ring perch"--yellow perch?full-34915-34864-001.jpg

yep yellow perch.

I've always referred to them as ringed perch because of the vertical bars .

Must be a geographical thing.

That's a nice one in your pic.

I was kinda amazed that the perch were real plump on rainy but the walleye were really skinny. Down here in iowa the river walleye are fat like those perch are. Must be because of the long winters up there .

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Chris Granrud

The Walleyes are actually normally pretty fat. The main basin fish are the last to fatten up as the eating isn't quite as good out there yet. The weed Walleyes are fat as bowling balls!! LOL!!

Nice Perch and Nice Pike!!

Glad you had a great time.

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    • Hoey
      OK - we made it back!!!  Every trip is different with it's own potential perils.   I finally got into my house on Friday around 11am.  My guests were rookies, so i spent time with each of them, getting setup, heaters started, Vexilars set, houses banked, lines prep'd and set, bait, etc...  The bite was somewhat slow and many small ones.  The day got better 3 to 430pm.  Ended up with 6 nice eyes (19, 18x3, 17x2), 13 jumbos (most ever for a day), 12 small sauger which we ate for dinner.   On Saturday we headed up to the south shore of the Angle, longer ride, so again did not get started too early.  Ended up with our 6 eyes for our limit, these ranged from 15 to 16 inches and a 4-pack of sauger.  Again the bite seemed to pickup at 3 or so and was done by 430pm.   Ice as 3 foot or so.  Snow depth varied a lot, depending on the condition of the ice.  Smooth areas were blown off to crusty 6 inches or so.  Rough ice surely held a lot of snow.   The drive back on Sunday was somewhat tough from Baudette to Emily, winter storm warning.  Slow go, low visibility, and icy roads, sometimes down to 15 mph.   Next scheduled trip is with my wife, son, and three of his Gopher swim teammates for spring break in three weeks.  
    • Naturboy
      Those were caught from a shallow lake (17’) in 9 feet of water at the bottom of the first shoreline break. I was using a UV buckshot and minnow head since the water was murky. The crappie is still swimming the walleye not so much. I didn’t get the exact location. Sorry  
    • Sunset Lodge
      Hello from the NW Angle!

      Minnesota fishing has been most productive in 20-24 feet of water.  Guests are bringing home their limits of Walleye and Sauger with the occasional Perch and Northern mixed in. Fish have been most active early and late in the day and the bite has been terrific. The use of electronics continues to be very beneficial with fish taking jigging spoons, jigg’n raps or rattle baits.  Snowmobile ttrails on the Minnesota side continue to be maintained and are in great shape. We are still making ice, with most spots at over 30 inches. 

      North and East of us in Canada, big Crappies are coming in on light tackle setups out of 30 feet. If you are looking for walleye, they are everywhere!

      Until next week, 

      Sunset Lodge
    • JBMasterAngler
      On the Bayfield side of the bay, the target depth is typically 10 to 40 ft. The basswood island area is where they go after lakers. There’s a plowed road that goes out there. As of last week the ice was about 20 inches in that area, might be thicker now. Check out the Bayfield webcam, you can see what kind of activity is going on.
    • Jarrid Houston
      Wanderer, stop in at the River Rock bait shop in Ashland and they will get you pointed in the right direction.  They are always pretty cool about that.  Fishing near Ashland off of 2nd landing can be good.  Don't need nothing more than regular walleye gear, and some tip-ups and really there is no rhyme or reason where a guy should set up shop. Its a pretty wide open water and the fish that live there are always on the move. For us, most often, the sit and wait pays off.  It has been slower as of late, but still some fish..  Good luck, JH
    • cat44
      Anybody know if there is a pressure ridge/ice heave out in front of the Warroad Access? I know ice conditions will change throughout the coming weeks. Looking forward to getting after some pike.  The last few years there has been a pressure ridge there, last year it went from Springsteel over to Swift. And we've been up there plenty of times when there hasn't been one at all. Just curious to find out what conditions are like in that bay. Thanks!
    • Hoyt4
      Most likely our last trip up this year unless we go up for crappies but i'm running out of weekends. We had another great trip this weekend the fish are so fat this year more than I remember in the past.  Got my old man out for a good walleye bite he had a blast and caught a ton of fish. One day they just attached the bait as it was coming down they would come up and smash. Next day you put in the bottom and not even see the lure on the vex bring up a tad and they would smack it. Fun and a lot of snow hitting yesterday when we left.
    • PRO-V
    • SaintPaulPaul
      Switch to regular Budweiser and they seem to just jump out of the hole. No, seriously the way I improved my landing success through the ice was to go to small treble hooks. One small one on a 6' leader, a weight and Colorado blade above the leader seems to work for me. If you are on the flag right away, you don't risk gut-hooking them. I also recycle my Power Pro musky line and put it on tip ups. Also, I should add that I always  have a jaw-spreader and 8" forceps for quick and easy hook removal.
    • Iowabrewcrew
      Funny...seems like when the Emerald run slowed down up there 4-5 years ago, the fishing followed suit!
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