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Whatever Happened To Safety and Common Sense Courtesy?

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I've been to several 3D shoots this summer and have been appalled by the lack of safety by a large percentage of shooters. Mostly people walking around with arrows knocked. That got me to thinking about last years winter leagues. When I was young, (yes, a long time ago) we were taught safety and common sense courtesy at the range just as gun clubs do today.

You NEVER knocked an arrow till it was your turn to shoot and you were safely standing at the shooting line. While shooting indoors you never left the line till the shooters next to you were done with all their arrows, and you certainly never left the line while someone next to you was at full draw.

Does anyone know of a "10 Commandment" list, if you will, of rules of archery safety? I would like to post them around our range to try to get people thinking about safety there as well as their own home ranges. I would think the many NASP programs use something like that. Anyone have any other thoughts on archery safety in general?

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eyeguy 54


•NEVER point a bow and arrow at another person.

•NEVER shoot an arrow straight up into the air. You can end up hitting another person or yourself.

•NEVER shoot an arrow off into the distance where you cannot see where it will land.

Again, you could end up hitting another person.

•Only use archery equipment in places that are especially set up for target practice - such as indoor and outdoor target ranges. Targets should be set up to insure that no one can be accidentally hit by a stray arrow. Allow at least 20 yards behind the targets and a 30 degree 'cone of safety' on each side of the shooting lane. Try to place targets against a hill or rising terrain as a safety measure.

•If you are looking for a lost arrow behind a target, always leave your bow leaning against the target face so that it will be seen by other archers coming up. If possible, have one archer from your group stand in front of the target to prevent anyone from shooting.

•On Field Archery or 3-D courses, be sure to stay on the marked path and travel only in the direction in which the targets are laid out while shooting is in progress. Going backwards on the trail or across an unmarked area could place you in the path of a flying arrow, resulting in serious injury.

•DO NOT shoot arrows with broadheads at standard targets. Set up broadhead pits for such practice.

•If you are shooting wooden arrows, check them regularly for cracks. If one is found cracked, break it immediately to insure that it will not be accidently used. Shooting a cracked arrow can result in its breaking and causing painful injury to the shooter.

•Always use a bowstringer for longbows and recurve bows. This will reduce the possibility of damage to the bow and injury to the person.

•Check your bow regularly for cracks or twisting. If in doubt, have it checked by a professional before shooting it any more.

•Check the condition of your bowstring regularly. It's cheaper to install a new string than to replace the bow.

•Don't draw a bowstring back further than the length of the arrow for which it is intended.

Overdrawing can break the bow and injure the shooter in the process. There is an old saying that a fully drawn bow is 7/8 broken!

•Don't draw the string back except with an arrow on it and, especially, don't release the bowstring with no arrow on it. Doing so is called dry firing and can damage the bow.

•At practice ranges, the only safe place is behind the shooting line.

Never shoot an arrow until you are positive that no one is in front of you or behind the targets.

Conversly, don't stand in front of a bow while it is being shot, even if you are to one side of the shooter.

•Wait for a verbal approval from the Range Captain or his designee if present before starting to shoot.

•Arrows should only be nocked on the shooting line and pointed in the direction of the targets.

. Stay on the line if person nex to you is shooting, better yet till all are done with all arrows.

•After you are done shooting, wait for the word: CLEAR from the Range Captain or his designee before going toward the targets to retrieve your arrows.

•WALK, don't run toward the targets. Remember that the arrows are sticking out and can injure you.

•When pulling arrows out of a target, stand to one side and insure that no one is directly behind you.

•If archers will be shooting concurrently at varying distances, stagger the targets, not the people. This goes back to the previous rule about having one shooting line and staying behind it.

•If you are using broadheads, be sure that they are adequately covered when not in use.

Treat a broadhead with the same caution that you would a razor blade.

•Carefully follow the instructions given by the Range Captain.

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The thing about common sense it it's not all that common. People should be told when they are breaking safety rules and asked to leave if they continue.

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Don why are they walking around the range with a arrow knocked, it's not like it's going to run away. Like frosty said common sense isn't so common.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • bluewater2
      Thanks for the up dates, we were going to come up today to find a different spot to park but have to work. Weather is supposed to be good. Hope to get on the board too.
    • Cheers
      What size  holes ?
    • OhioVike
      I don't know, not getting your mail delivered to your door is a very egregious situation.  He also has a great sense of history indicating he has vision.  Letting us know he erected his sign in 2008 provides a vivid example of his powers.  He sees the future well...he gonna be pissed at somethin!  A bit of a Nostradamus.  
    • Cret Jigs
      I will be out on Blue on Saturday morning. ... see you out there 
    • Wanderer
      That’s pretty awesome! I’ve been keeping an eye out around the house but haven’t seen enough activity to coax me out in the temps we’ve been having.  We mainly have fox around the house, and only one good yote.  We had a young wolf do a lap around the house in the spring but haven’t seen him around since.  I know I couldn’t shoot him but I’d sit out just to see him if he started showing up again. Mainly turkey tracks as of late.  
    • Wanderer
      Probably two of the safest bets in the area. I haven’t fished Crooked off Bunker for several years but it always seemed to have plenty of fish. Have you ever been on the Moore lakes near 65 and 694?  Sometimes they get a lot of attention, and I’d have to think for good reason.   Twin Lakes in Robbinsdale used to be a favorite stop for us when we were young.  Did good on pannies and surprisingly well on pike. If you don’t mind traveling further west, Medicine is a pretty good lake.  Lots of memories fishing the crappie hole in front of the beach on the southwest side.
    • PRO-V
      Gulp spray seems to help also.
    • Wanderer
      I prefer ciscoes too.  I just don’t always have access to them.  They leave a better scent trail.  That’s part of the reason for a little kick of salt on the frozen suckers.  Anise could help too.
    • Hawg
      Not that I know of. First time I used one and constantly had to clear the shavings and drill kept cutting out. Drill is a 1200# fuel. 
    • PRO-V
      I always did best with frozen Cisco's suspended on a quick strike rig.
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