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Long Lake Update?

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Just wondering if anyone has an update for Long Lake in Park Rapids?

We normally catch a few walleye on cranks in 15 feet of water or with leeches on jigs. Any idea what depth the majority of the action is at? Any info would be helpful. Thanks in advance!


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We were on Long 2 weeks ago for our annual trip to the resort. This year was slow for us compared to previous years as far as the walleyes go. Only 6 were boated for the week using cranks. A few years ago we gave up on live bait rigs due to the frustration of the rock bass & sunnies stripping the rigs clean every time the rig was sent down.

Anyway, the walleyes we caught were found in around 13' of water moving at 2 to 2.3 mph just as full darkness was setting in. They seemed to love shad shaped cranks anything from perch to glass purpledescent. I think only one fish was caught on the good old #11 black/gold floater. The doggone rock bass were out performing the walleyes unfortunately..... They were really nailing the cranks and getting the back treble caught in their backs. They would then twirl around as one would crank them in leaving you to believe you had a good fish on..... One thing that I noticed this year was a lack of fish returns on the sonar in the 20-30' range where we normally see them. Not sure why they were not there. Usually I would see them there in the day, and they would be caught shallow in those areas at night.

We caught 2 northerns in the 20-25" range on cranks over the weeds just after dark , and lots of largemouths on cranks as well.

Overall, the weather was outstanding, a few fish were caught, and a wonderful time on Long was had by all!!! If you have any more questions I can try to help you out!!

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • lawman
      OK, I may not be the most nimble guy in the outdoor world but for the life of me i can't apply those little yellow plastic bobber stops I bought at the Sports Show this past weekend. I ruined a dozen of them just practicing. Anybody else have the same problem? I know you have to be gently and not crush the little buggers. What am I doing wrong?
    • mrpike1973
      As you know I have the 6 inch K Drill after loosing 3 of the biggest pike iv'e seen this weekend not being able to get them up the hole. I need a bigger auger for pike. I have a 7 inch mora hand auger and ordered a plate. Will this work OK or should I get the 8 inch K-drill the width is 7 1/2 inches. I'm willing to spend the $230 for the 8 inch if recommended. My wrists just can't take the 8 inch K drill or Mora drill only was able to use someone else's for a short bit. Worried the Mora will ruin the drill long term. Thanks
    • Borch
      I've always just used electrical tape.  It stretches and forms to the reel foot and rod handle.  Usually stays secure and sheds water.  I don't switch teelsnoften so taking the tape off is not a big issue for me.
    • AlwaysFishing23
      Agreed a buddy of mine uses the little green bands from bait shops for minnow bags very stiff but hold reels on very secure. Personally I don’t like rods that have to have reels taped on just because I like trying new reels with rods and I’m always switching things around.
    • busse3775
      You can get around anywhere on Ottertail. I have been out there the past couple weekends and we currently have 20"+ of ice. It is a little rough and some deeper snow drifts but you shouldn't have a problem. A lot of houses and traffic on the lake. 
    • Wanderer
      Ditto this. ^^^^.  Plus they eventually crack and break.
    • AlwaysFishing23
      Mike, the clam bar is going to be your best bet. But I run the troo shine strip lights in my one man flip. There great super bright and have sticky tape on them to connect to a pole. The clam light bar is about same in price maybe a bit more but extremely bright and can be mounted in your poles. I also have the clam sled lights on mine to not as bright but helps light up the ice in front for fishing or the sled or both. Hope that helps 
    • MikeG3Boat
      I am looking for a LED Rope lights to hang in my clam ice house for fishing at night.  I know you can purchase a light bar from clam, but I am thinking there must be a cheaper way.  I am looking for suggestions.  Please provide the brand.  Thanks, Mike
    • Rick G
      The white hockey tape, then black electric tape over.  The hockey tape by itself gets too wet for me. The black electric tape sheds water better than the hockey tape.  After a few yrs of use the black will leave a gunky residue on the rod if used by itself Have also tried the reel bands, not a big fan of them when fighting a big fish.
    • AlwaysFishing23
      Masking tape on rod handle then electrical tape reel to rod. Works good!
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