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Why "Trailer Tires"???

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Phred52    1

For the tire pros. What precisely is the reason to replace trailer tires WITH "Trailer Tires"? Is a trailer tire any better (or worse) than a regular car or light truck tire or is this just a ploy to price these tires higher? If the trailer tire is a lower quality tire than a car tire, WHY would I pay more and put it on a trailer that I'll be pulling down the highway with cargo. Conversely, If "Trailer tires" are a higher quality tire, then what are we putting on our passenger vehicles? "Sidewalls", you say??? If my truck can hug a curve @ 60mph on the highway with LT (6,8 or 10 ply)tires, Then a trailer being towed by the same truck should be able to do the same with a 'P'or 'LT' rated tire, Sidewall is still gonna flex. If somebody has a logical answer, I'd sure appreciate it. Phred52

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norma    0

Passenger (P) and light truck(LT) are DOT certified to carry people. Trailer tires are not, conversly, trailer tires are certified to carry much more weight at higher inflation pressures than similarly sized P or LT tires.

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LightningBG    0

Here is the best explanation I found. Truck Tires are OK. Car tires aren't.

Special Trailer Tires Vs Passenger Tires

There are distinct differences in the way passenger tires and trailer tires are

designed, engineered, and constructed. There are also differences in the service

requirements between the tires on your car or truck and those on your trailer.

Traction, or grip, is a key element in the design of passenger tires. Traction

moves your car or truck down the road. Traction allows you to stop, turn and

swerve, and traction also gives you the ability to tow your trailer. Another

important consideration in passenger tire design is “ride”. Ride, traction, and

handling are all achieved in passenger tire designs by adding flex in the sidewall.

By making the sidewall more flexible, tire engineers maximize tread contact with

the road, thus increasing traction and allowing the driver to maintain better

control over the vehicle.

Traction is only a factor on trailers equipped with brakes, during braking

operations, because trailers are followers. In fact, sidewall flexing in a trailer

application is a negative. Sidewall flexing on trailers carrying heavy loads;

trailers with high vertical side loads (enclosed/travel trailers); or trailers with light

tongue weights, is a primary cause of trailer sway. Automotive radial tires with

their flexible sidewalls notably accentuate trailer sway problems. The stiffer

sidewalls and higher operating pressures common with Special Trailer (ST) tires

helps control and reduce the occurrence of trailer sway. Bottom line, trailers are

more stable and pull better on tires designed specifically for trailer use.

Also consider that all Light Truck (LT) and Special Trailer (ST) tires are fully rated

for trailer applications. This means the tires can carry their full sidewall weight

rating when used on a trailer. When passenger tires are used on a trailer, the

load capacity of tire must be de-rated by 10%. If the tire has a maximum load

rating of 1900 lb., it may only be used in a trailer application up to 1710 lb. This

means the GAWR rating on the trailer Certification Label must not exceed 3420

lbs. On a single axle trailer, or 2 times 1710 lbs.

For trailer use, it is important to match the tires to the application and payload.

Since Special Trailer (ST) tires are constructed with more and heavier materials,

they are tougher and more bruise resistant than typical passenger tires. This is a

plus because trailer suspension systems are generally stiffer and less

sophisticated than automotive suspension systems. A tire designed to operate in

the more demanding trailer environment will provide end users a longer service

life and withstand the added abuse tires on a trailer experience.

Bias ply Special Trailer tire technology has been moving trailers around America

for nearly 30 years, and more recently, the ST Radial arrived on the scene

providing the same durability and dependability in a radial trailer tire. For many

trailer buyers, tire decisions are purely price based. The allure of an equal price

and the word “radial” for that price draws some customers to the passenger tire.

Taskmaster hopes this explanation of the differences will help you make a more

informed decision on your next trailer tire purchase.

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traveler    1

great info...I wouldn't have guessed there was that much to it.

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Phred52    1

Thank-You, Those explainations make sense. Phred52

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    • delcecchi
      See you next year, we are pulling out this week and it sounds like you were only up for the weekend.   Sorry I didn't quite have the nerve to climb the steps and introduce myself.   I guess I am not big on just showing up at the door. 
    • Surface Tension
      Lester River-McQuade area.   Last time out we found bait and Lake Trout 100-120'  taken off downriggers and stacked lines over 145-175' of water.  That can change day to day so keep an eye on the sonar.   Silver Flasher w/Fly, Water Mellon, Monkey Puke, Silver w/green/blue crushed ice spoons working well for us.  Last 2 times out were during midday and bright skies trolling around 2 MPH.   If you put in at Rice's Point bring rubber boots and watch your step as the beginning of the dock is under water.
    • Surface Tension
      So all 3 banks are blowing fuses with the charger outside the boat hooked to a battery with nothing else connected to it?   Try a different battery.  If your still blowing fuses I wouldn't use the charger.  
    • Surface Tension
      Buy The Boat. 
    • OhioVike
      Labor day will be a busy weekend.  If you are around after the weekend, Maybe we can grab a beer.  I was going to say the landing, but maybe something else....WBL?
    • guitpic
      Tx for the replies
    • papadarv
      Fuses are blowing for a reason most likely an undesirable reason. Much better solution to fix the problem than eliminating the fuse. Eventually the sort or item causing the fuse to blow will eventually make it to the wires. Just a thought, although not recommend, there is enough battery current where you can stick weld 11 gage steel with a 12 volt battery. Continued or prolonged welding (same as a short) could cause to battery to explode. Word of caution, led acid batteries are filled with sulfuric acid. 
    • papadarv
      I agree with del, used boats are more than adequate. I bought a 1990 Crestliner Sport for $5,100 in 2013. Did some floor and live well work, added co-pilot to the trolling motor, Vexilar SonarPhone connected to my iPad, and a tablet with the Navionics Boating App for GPS. Welded verses rivet hull was my desire. Tops out at 43 mph with 115hp merc 2 stroke. Handles the 4' Ottertail waves quite well. Picture of boat on Ottertail which I fish several times yearly along with other Ottertail County lakes and lakes closer to home I frequent often. At 73 its easy to launch / take-out. Look for a family owner, one that uses the boat once or twice a month the boat/motor will have limited hours of use on it. In my opinion the used boat is the only way to go. 
    • h8go4s
      Here's a quote from the MinnKota digital onboard charge manual. "INLINE FUSE The output cord has an inline fuse on the RED end. The fuse serves as protection from surges and short circuits caused by a damaged charger output cable. If a fuse blows, replace it with a 30 amp ATC 32V automotive fuse. Improper battery connections will normally not cause a fuse to blow since this is handled by the internal circuitry of the charger."
    • CigarGuy
      That was my son cooking up my birthday dinner!  I'm older and have more grey hair (a lot more) than dark.  Be sure to say "hello-I'm Del"  if you see me!  Will be back up for a few extra days over Labor Day.